Notes for: Phoebe (Femmetje, Ufemy) Cozine

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All the following info was sent to me by Sherron Westerfield (

This is the widow's dower of Phebe:

[see copy in file; there is a drawing of the land in the upper right
hand corner]

"We the undersigned Commissioners appointed by the Worshipful the
County Court of Mercer to lay off to Mrs. Phebe Westerfield widow and
relict of James Westerfield deceased her third part of Decedant's
lands whereon he lived and died have this 24th day of July 1826
convened on the lands aforesaid and viewed and laid off the same as
followeth, viz. Fifty six acres including the mansion house, orchard,
barn & which is bounded a followeth viz,: Beginning at A the N.E.
corner of the Decedents land and extending from thence with a line
thereof S88 W134 poles to a corner thereof a hackberry near a road at
B, thence S2 E51 poles to a stake in corner of the fence at C, thence
N88 E9-1/2 poles to a stake at D; thence S2 E17-1/2 poles to a stake
at E, thence N88 E124 poles to a Buckeye in the E line at F, thence
with said line N2 West 68-1/3 po. to the Beginning.

[signed] Wm. Nourse, Saml. Eccles, Tho. Allin - Commissioners"

The copy of the page was made a little too short, but I believe this
is from p.366, Will Book 8.