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The Susan Case Bible gives Peter's birth date as April 28, 1797. This appears to clash with information from LDS film #953716 (Cemeteries of Columbia Co., PA). Info on that film says that there is a Peter Bodine (probably this one) buried in Union Cemetery in Catawissa, PA. There are several Bodines buried in this cemetery, including this Peter's wife and some of his children. See her Notes for more on her dates. I think the transcription of this cemetery may have been a little careless. Both Peter and Anna's dates seem to have been copied incorrectly. Peter's dates say he died on Dec. 8, 1804 at age "67 y, 10 m, and 7 d." That would make his birth date be about Feb. 1, 1737! That would have to be Peter's grandfather - and I doubt his grandfather is buried in Catawissa. On top of that, as Joan Best pointed out, the cemetery probably wasn't even there in 1804.

I would think the date from the Bible is correct. Therefore the transcription of the tombstone must be bad. First of all, the year of death on the stone (Dec. 8, 1804) has to be wrong. It is probably 1864. This would look like 1804 since the tail on the number 6 has often been hard for me to read on tombstones. If we say that the death date is really December 8, 1864, then we would also need to adjust the age at death from 67-10-7 to 67-7-7. That would then give us a birth date of about April 28, 1797 for Peter. I think this solution would be pretty close to the truth. (Or we could assume that the month of his death is incorrect and adjust that, but months are usually easier to read than numbers on tombstones.)

There does appear to be an obituary for Peter in the Columbia Co., PA Democrat dated Dec. 24, 1864 and that he died at the age of 68-?-?.

Peter Bodine is mentioned in the 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860 Censuses of Catawissa Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania.

The 1850 Census gives the following:

Peter Bodine..........53...farmer.....NJ
Anna M. ...................41.....................NJ
Hannah R. ..............14....................PA
Jno ..............................8....................PA
Wm .............................6....................PA
James D. ...............8/12.................PA

*Sarah's age could be 10, but it was not clear on the image I saw.

The 1860 Census gives the following:

Peter Bodine............65....farmer....NJ
A.M. Bodine..............50.....................NJ
H.G. Bodine..............24.....................NJ
Jno. Bodine..............17....student...PA
Wm. Bodine.............16....student...PA
J.D. Bodine..............11....student...PA
Jerry Grefis (sp?)...44.....farmer....PA

Also buried in the Union Cemetery with Peter are the following (this transcription may have errors):

Brittian Bodine: d. Nov. 7, 1854 at age 23 y, 1 m, and 25 d.
David C. Bodine: d. Sept. 16, 1853 at age 27 y, 8 m, and 18 d.
Charles Bodine: d. Oct. 16, 1855 at age 25 y, 8 m, and 29 d.
Sabbalah Bodine: d. Nov. 21, 1855 at age 17 y, 8 m, and 11 d.
Frank Vanhart Bodine: d. Feb. 9, 1859 at age 11 m and 19 d.
Ambrose Sharpless Bodine: d. April 16, 1856 at age 8 y and 20 d.
Anna M. Bodine: d. Jan. 22, 1892 at age 87 y, 5 m, and 7 d.

Here is the is information from "A Genealogist's Guide to Burials in Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania," v. 1, by Joseph A. Meiser and Sarah Roadarmel Meiser, published by the authors in 1987.

Peter Bodine: 12/8/1804 - 10/15/1871.
Anna M. Bodine: 8/15/1804 - 1/22/1892.
David C. Bodine: 12/28/1825 - 9/16/1853.
Charles Bodine: 1/17/1830 - 10/16/1855.
Brittian Bodine: 9/12/1831 - 11/7/1854.
Sabbalah Bodine: 5/10/1838 - 11/21/1855.
Ambrose S. Bodine: 3/26/1848 - 4/16/1856
Frank V. Bodine: 2/20/1858 - Feb. 9, 1859.

This Sabbalah (sic) Bodine is somewhat of a mystery (her name on the tombstone is clearly Sabillah). The 1830 Census information does seem to show that Peter and Rebecca probably had another girl who is unknown to us at this time. She would have been born around 1821-1825 since Peter and Rebecca have two girls aged 5-9 in 1830. One of those girls was Elizabeth and the other we have no name for (Elizabeth seems to have been born about 1823). This unknown girl is not named in some court papers on January 7, 1833 as one of Peter's minor children. She was either not a minor or she had passed away. My feeling is that she was not a minor and that she was still alive. Different transcriptions of ther stone say she died in 1855, but both Ronny Bodine and I think the stone says she died on November 2? in 1833 or 1835. And 1835 seems more likely than 1833. She does seem to have died at age 15 or 17 years and something. One transcription says 17 yrs, 8 mo, 14 dys. Just looking at the picture of the stone I have, it looks more like 15 yrs. I can't see the rest. For me, 15 years is possible. This unknown daughter could have been as old as 9 in the 1830 Census, so she could have been born about 1820. If she died in 1835, then she would have been about 15 years old at that time. One last bit of information is that James Dallas Bodine's biography says that he was the youngest of ten children. We know of nine children, so this Sabillah could be the missing number 10. See more on this in her Notes file.

From: Ronny Bodine
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2013
Subject: Re: Sabillah Bodine in Union Cemetery, Columbia Co., PA

Hey Dave,

I enlarged the picture of her gravestone and it seems the date of her death was 1833 or 1835. That third digit for the year seems pretty clear to be a 3 and the one after that could also be a three. I can make out daughter of...but not the initials afterwards. Something along the way was miscopied as Peter and Anna could not have had a 17 year old who died then.


The book by Battle says that Peter and Anna had removed with their parents from New Jersey to Columbia County, Pennsylvania (p. 506). My guess is that they moved from Hunterdon or Warren County, New Jersey.

Joan Best sent the following:

According to the Grantee Index of Deeds, Peter bought land 21 Apr 1831 in Catawissa from Beaber 8 Apr 1839 in Roaring Creek from the estate of James Hibbs, Sr. (This could have been an inheritance.)
And on 1 Apr 1864 in Catawissa from Hollinshead.

Peter and Anna M. granted property on 29 Aug 1849 in Catawissa to Uran
And on 1 Apr 1864 in Roaring Creek to Erwin.

Note that Peter bought and sold land on the same day, April 1, in 1864. [Peter's sister, Anna (Bodine) Case, died in Roaring Creek in 1818 and her husband in 1848. Maybe this property had some connection to them.]

The other Bodines granting land in Columbia County are Henry F. and Lucinda in the 1880's (Lucinda got land in 1865). And Eliza and JD buying in the 1880's and selling in the 1890's and beyond. There are others after that.

End of info from Joan Best.

Bodine, Elizabeth John (H) Danville 26-?-? Star of the North 1851-01-16
Bodine, Levi Howard Henry F. (F) Bloomsburg 1-6-27 Star of the North 1863-10-28 diphtheria
Bodine, Levi Howard Henry F. (F) Bloomsburg 1-6-27 Columbia Democrat 1863-10-31 diphtheria
Bodine, Peter Catawissa 68-?-? Columbia Democrat 1864-12-24
Bodine, Ambrose Sharpless John V. (F) Catawissa Twp. 0-8-20 Columbia Democrat 1866-04-25

I think the following "maternal grandfather" applies to this Peter Bodine. If this refers to Peter's father (the maternal great-grandfather of Peter Ervin?), then it might mean this Peter's father came from "the old country." I guess that means Germany.

PETER B. ERVIN, harness-maker, Catawissa, was born August 21, 1864, in Catawissa, a son of John and Henrietta (BODINE) ERVIN, natives of this county, and of German and English descent. His great-grandfathers came from the old country and settled in this county, near Catawissa, and Jonas METZ, a brother to his great-grandmother, was the first farmer in the vicinity of Catawissa, and lived and died here. The great-grandfather lived to be ninety-four years of age, and was a soldier in the Revolution. Our subject's maternal grandfather was a cabinet-maker but during the latter part of his life followed farming. His paternal grandfather, Isaac ERVIN, is yet living at the age of eighty years; is stout and strong, and does a good deal of his farming. He owns a farm, a part of which lies in Locust Township and a part in Catawissa. He learned the mason's trade and worked at it in his younger days. He helped to build the furnace at Danville, and, while so engaged, he had three ribs broken and was otherwise injured. Our subject's father was born on the homestead in Locust Township, and learned the carpenter's trade. He served in the war of the Rebellion, and after marriage moved to Catawissa, where he since worked at his trade. He is now employed by the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad, as car builder. Our subject was reared in Catawissa, attended school until seventeen years in the confectionery business. In October, 1885, he commenced to learn the harness-making trade, and has since been engaged in making and selling harness. He is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church; is also a member of the P. O. S. of A. In politics he is a Republican.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887 Catawissa Township pg. 399)

Here are some photographs of what could be this Peter's stone from Union Cemetery. My thanks to Brian Bodine for sending these in. You can see that the stone is in pretty bad shape. Since this stone is so worn, I wonder if it could even be the grave of this Peter's possible son, Peter Bodine, who may have died young. I'm surprised his stone would be so worn when stones from earlier are not this bad. My thanks to Brian Bodine for these photos.

Peter Bodine

Peter Bodine

Peter Bodine

From Ronny Bodine:

On 7 Jan 1833, Peter Bodine filed a petition with the court stating he has four minor children under the age of 14--Elizabeth, David C., Charly and Brittain and that they are entitled to a share of the estate of their grandfather David Cleaver, deceased, and requests he appointed their guardian to pursue this claim. The petition was approved. (Columbia County Orphans Court Dockets, vol. 1, p. 306)

In Nov 1836, he again appeared before the court as guardian of Elizabeth, David C., Charles and Brittain, minor children of Rebecca Bodine, who was a daughter of David Cleaver, decd, and petitioned to sell land of David Cleaver, their grandfather, so as to distribute the money among his four minor children towards their education and welfare. The petition was approved. [Columbia County Orphans Court Dockets, vol. 2, p. 30]

Burials in Union Cemetery, Catawissa, Columbia County.
Peter Bodine Died Dec. 8, 1864 Aged 67 Yr. 10 Mo. 7 Da.
Anna M. Bodine Died Jan. 22, 1892 Aged 87 Yr. 5 Mo. 7 Da.

From Pennsylvania Federal Census Records:
1830 Catawissa Twp., Columbia Co.: Peter BODINE males 2(0-4), 1(5-9), 1(30-39); females 2(5-9), 2(20-29).

1840 Catawissa Twp., Columbia Co.: Peter BODINE males 1(5-9), 2(10-14), 1(40-49); females 2(0-4), 1(15-19), 2(30-39).

1850 (4 Nov) Catawissa Twp., Columbia Co.: Peter BODINE 53 NJ Farmer, Anna M. 41 NJ, Chas. 21 PA, Britain 15 PA, Hannah R. 14 PA, Sarah 10 PA, Jno. 8 PA, Wm. 6 PA, James D. 0 PA

1860 (15 Aug) Catawissa Twp., Columbia Co.: Peter BODINE 65 NJ Farmer, A.M. 50 NJ, H. E. 24 NJ, Jno. 17 PA, Wm. 16 PA, J. D. 11 PA.

1870 (29 June) Catawissa Twp., Columbia Co.: John ERVIN 32 PA Carpenter, Henrietta 34 PA, Peter B. 5 PA, Isaac G. 9/12 (Sept.) PA, Hannah WOLFLAN 12 PA, Hannah M. BODINE 60 PA, James D. BODINE 20 PA Tobacco Merchant.

1880 (18 June) Catawissa Twp., Columbia Co.: Anna M. BODINE 70 NJ widowed, John ERVINE 42 PA son-in-law Carpenter, Hannah H. 43 PA dau, Rose 22 PA gdau, Peter B. 15 PA gson, Isaac G. 10 PA gson.

Death Notice, Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser (Bloomsburg, Pa.) of 24 Dec 1864.
In Catawissa, on Saturday, the 10th of December, Mr. Peter Bodine,--a very worthy citizen, aged about 68 years.

Obituary, The Columbian (Bloomsburg, Pa.) of 29 Jan 1892.
Mrs. Anna M. Bodine died on Thursday morning of last week, at the ripe old age of 82 years, 5 months and 25 days, after a short illness. For some years past she had been quite feeble, and her death was due to the effects of a heavy cold. The funeral took place on Monday last, at 10 o'clock, from the residence of John Ervin, where deceased had made her home, since the death of her husband, twenty-seven years ago. Services were held in St. Matthew's E. L. church which was filled to the doors with relatives and friends. Rev. Myers preached the funeral sermon, which was an unusually fine discourse, and was assisted in the services by Rev. P. A. Heilman, Bloomsburg, and Revs. Moses and Neiman, of this place. The interment took place in the Union cemetery beside her husband. Deceased was a noble woman, possessed of a kindly, loving disposition she made friends of all, and though ripe for the harvest her death is deeply mourned by the entire community, by whom she was loved and respected. For sixty-seven years she had been an earnest and consistent member of the Lutheran church, and with her husband was a charter member of St. Matthew's E. L. church. Five children survive her--Rev. J. V. Bodine, Tallmans, N.Y.; William F. and J. Dallas, Bloomsburg; Mrs. Jacob Ervin, Milton; and Mrs. John Erwin, of this place.