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This Jacob may well be the father of the Jacob Bodine who married Catherine Fauss. If so, then there are several other children mentioned in that Jacob's file who could be this Jacob's sons.

From: Pete and Linda Mahler [mahler at]
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010
Subject: Jacob Bodine 1781-1871

I went to Catawissa, Pa. because the records indicate that this Jacob died in Columbia Co. Pa and an apparent brother, Peter, is buried in this town. No luck. Looking over your records, it appears that there is no proof of this man's life. Am I missing anything? We thought we could try for a death certificate in Columbia County, but I have not tried to do that before.


I guess Jacob may continue to be our missing link to peter Bodine. Can you help in any way?

As for the Bible I have, it belonged to Sarah Catherine Bloom Bodine who married John M. Bodine and does not go back beyond her parents. I have not figured out what the M. stood for. If you want copies for your site, I will have to get someone to help me make them and get them to you.


For reference, here is a list of Bodines in Hunterdon Co.,, NJ which Ronny Bodine sent me:

By Act approved 30 Nov 1792, "every free and able-bodied white male citizen between the ages of eighteen and forty-five." Thus born 1747-1774.

Alexandria Township: Formed 5 March 1765 from Bethlehem Townshp.
JACOB BODINE (c1767-1801) parents unknown; h/o Mary Pickel. Tax 1789, 1790 (Bordine); Militia 1792.
JOHN BODINE (1754-1806) s/o Frederick Bodine + Elsie Bogart; h/o Mary. Tax 1785, 1786, 1789 \ 1790 (Bordine), 1803 (Bodeyn) 100 acres; Militia 1792.
GARRETT BODINE (1781- ?) s/o John Bodine + Mary. Tax 1803 (Bodeyn) 100 acres.
MARY BODINE. [d/o John Bodine + Mary?] Tax 1803 (Bodeyn) 38 acres.

Amwell Township: Formed 1708.
DAVID BODINE. Tax 1789; Militia 1792.
JOHN BODINE. Tax 1780, 1784, 1786, 1789: 105 acres, 1802; Militia 1792.
JOHN BODINE. Tax 1789: 16 acres.
PETER BODINE (1756-1810) parents unknown; h/o Isabella Ent. Tax 1780, 1784, 1786, 1790, 1802: 16 acres, 1803: 16 acres; Militia 1792.
PETER BODINE (1774-fl. 1850) parents unknown. Militia 1792, 1803; Tax 1802, 1803.
WILLIAM BODINE (?Married 1801 to Catherine Groonindyke). Tax 1802.
JACOB BODINE (1781-?), single man, living with PETER BODINE SR. 1802.
GAB[RIEL] BODINE, single man, living with PETER BODINE JR. 1802. [Brothers?]

Kingwood Township: Formed 1746 from Bethlehem Township.
JOHN BODINE. Father of Jacob Bodine 1806-1867. Tax 1797, 1802, 1803.
JOHN BODINE (1801/10-?): 1830 Census male 1(20-29).
WILLIAM BODINE: 1830 census males 1(20-29), 1(60-69), 1(80-89), 1(90-99); females 1(40-49), 1(70-79).

Lebanon Township: Formed c1731 from Amwell Township.
GILBERT BODINE (1763-1838) s/o Frederick Bodine + Elsie Bogart; h/o Catherine Dean. Tax 1790: 12 acres, 1803: 115 acres; Militia 1792.

Reading Township: Formed 15 July 1730 from Anwell Township.
JOHN BODINE. Militia 1792.
PETER BODINE (d. 1796). h/o Esther (d. 1800). Tax 1778: 310 acres, 1779: 310 acres, 1780: 310 acres, 1781: 310 acres, 1785: 285 acres, 1789: 284 acres, 1790: 284 acres (next 1802-no).