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I had a birth date of March 25, 1801 for this John, but no source. Ronny Bodine sent me the date March 23, 1801. I will go with that for now.

I'm only guessing, but this could be the John Bodine who is found in the 1850 Census of Mt. Morris, Livingston Co., NY. He is 49 years old and born in Pennsylvania. His wife is Mary. Their kids are also listed. Here is that census data:

John Bodine, 49, m, $150, PA
Mary Bodine, 44, NJ
George Bodine, 23, NY
Awly I. Bodine, 17, f, NY
John H. Bodine, 12, m, NY

After getting the information below. I am going to assume that the John Bodine from Mt. Morris is this John Bodine. More proof is needed to be sure. I will now add the census info above to this family.

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I did find this today: I went through and looked at John Bodine's papers again:
John Bodine d 1826. He died without a will.

Interested parties are John G Bodine (oldest son, of Mt. Morris); Anna, wife of William Sutphen of Lyons; Elisabeth, wife of Lewis Tallman of Owasco; Gilbert (B) Bodine of Owasco; Mariah Bodine of Owasco; Abraham (B) Bodine of Owasco; Hannah Bodine of Owasco; Henry and David Bodine of Sempronius. The "last three [are] udner the age of 21...Garret Pearsol of Sempronius is their guardian....[all] children of said deceased [John Bodine]."

The account wasn't settled until 1832.

...I included the middle initials in () because they aren't in the actual letters, but rather in the signatures at the bottom of the petition to have the account settled.



I have no idea if this relates to this John Bodine, but there are a couple of obituaries in "The Democratic Sentinal" of Bloomsburg, Columbia Co., PA for a John and Mary E. Bodine. They could relate to this family. The dates of the papers are Feb. 2, 1872 (p. 3, col. 2) for John and Aug. 9, 1872 (p. 2, col. 5) for Mary.