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From: Gene Smock [gsmock at]
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005
Subject: Abraham Bodine's daughter Jane

Hello Dave,

I first want to thank you for the great website you have on the Bodine/Bodyn family.

For the past five years I have been looking for a Jane Berdine (Elizabeth Jane), a ggg grandmother of mine who first married Peter Wene and had three daughters Anna, Sarah & Jane. She married 2nd Barnet/Barnes/Barent/ Barnett Smock and had Elizabeth, Abraham, Henry & Mary. After checking for her Berdine parents and nothing matched, a clue came about to check the Bodine surname and I finally am 99.9% sure that Jane (Elizabeth Jane) is the daughter of Abraham Bodine and Mary Low.

If you are not tired of adding to your information, I would be happy to send what I have on the descendents of Barnet "Barnes Smock and Jane Bodine.

Best Wishes,
Gene Smock

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From: Gene Smock [gsmock at]
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005
Subject: Re: Abraham Bodine's daughter Jane

Hi Dave,

First of all, I know Barnet Smock's father Leonard Smock was in Bedminister Twp. Somerset Co. NJ between 1755 & 1761 Barnet was in Bridgewater Twp. Somerset Co. NJ Bet. 1779 & 1885 according to tax records.

Abaham Bodyn/Bodine was also in Bridgewater Twp., Somerset Co. NJ according to a gedcom posted by Doris Ross Johnston. She gives his children as John, Mary, Judith, Catherine, Jane abt. 1750, Sarah and Cornelius. A second gedcom by Marianne Senecal using the Bodyn surname matches the first except the dates of baptism for Abraham's children are given. I have written both submitters with no reply thus far, In the title part of Doris Johnston's pages, she says don't ask as she has no other information.

In my notes are the sources & comments about Jane/Elizabeth Jane and her first husband Peter Wene and also about her second husband Barnet Smock. Jane's and Barnet's first son was named Abraham, I believe after her father.

In any respect, please check what I have and see if you might agree or disagree with it. I am open to any comments or corrections.


Here is a response from me:

Hi Gene,

Thanks for the information. You've put a lot of hard work into that. I haven't gone through it with a fine-toothed comb yet, but I did have some comments about a couple of things.

You say that "Elizabeth Jane Bodine" was born on Sept. 18, 1753. I have that particular Elizabeth Bodine as the daughter of Peter and Mary Bodine. However, I only have a source for Elizabeth's baptism date (Oct. 7, 1753), not her birth date. Her parents are listed in that baptism info. Do you have any source for her birth date? That Elizabeth was married to someone else.

I do not see anywhere that you have an original source for Jane Bodine/Berdine (Barnet's wife) being the daughter of Abraham and Mary Bodine. At this point, it is only speculation. They did name two of their children Abraham and Mary, but those are common names and they do look like names from Barnet's family, too. They did not name a child after Barnet's father, Leonard; so I'm not sure how closely they followed Dutch naming patterns. Their daughter Mary Smock, in the 1880 Census, said her parents were from Germany. She was 90 by then and maybe a little senile, but that is some interesting info. I think the name "Berdine" is often associated with some of the German Bodines, but not always.

Of course you can do as you want, but personally, I would not list Jane Bodine/Berdine's parents as being Abraham and Mary until you had solid proof. As soon as such a thing is in print, people take it as gospel when really it is only speculation. It's always nice to go back one more generation, but not at the expense of accuracy. I would make a note for Jane Bodine saying who you think her parents are, and giving your evidence, but I would not enter the names of her parents yet in your program.

Best regards,
Dave Bodine

And here is some older information I have on this Jane Bodine, but I don't know if it really applies to this Jane Bodine:

2. ELIZABETH JANE3 BODYN (ABRAHAM2, ISAAC1) was born 18 Sep 1753 in Readington, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey. She married (1) PETER WEEN/WENE Abt. 1770 in Somerset Co., New Jersey. He died 1781 in New Jersey. She married (2) BARNET AKA "BARNES" SMOCK (Source: Monongahela Valley Biographies, Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Fayette County by Gresham and Wiley, 1889, page 390.) Abt. 1782 in Somerset Co., New Jersey, son of LEONARD SMOCK and ANN FOLKERSON. He was born Bef. 27 Oct 1749 in Somerset Co., New Jersey, and died Bet. 1828 to 1830 in Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Jane Bodyn daughter of Abraham Bodyn and Maryjte Low, became known as Jane Bodine and Elizabeth Jane Berdine

Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol VI
By the Pastor, Rev B. V. D. Wycoff
Page 304 14 July 1771 - Wene Peter and Jannete -- Antje
Page 305 23 May 1773 - Wene Peter and Jannetje -- Sara
Baptism record for Jannetje (Jane), third daughter, b. 1774? 1775? has not been found.

Barnet " Barnes" Smock is the second husband of Elizabeth Jane (Berdine) Bodine who had 3 daughters by Peter Ween/Wene.
Her surname was Bodyn or anglicized to Bodine rather than Berdine as given in " Genealogies of Long Island
Families, Volume II, The Van Kouwenhoven-Conover Family" page 617 ( Barent Smock, husband of Neeltje
Covenhoven, was probably the Barnet Smock who moved from New Jersy to Westmoreland County, Penn-
sylvania, in 1789 and died there in 1810. He married Jane Berdine, widow of Peter Wene (by whom
she had three children), and had a daughter Mary Smock b. 1791, who marr. Morris Corwin ( Old & New
Monongahela, 1893, pg 118) )
It is now known that Barent and Barnet as written about in the above are not the same person. Barent "Barnes" Smock who married Neeltje Covenhoven (Conover) was born 05 Oct 1738 in Monmouth Co., NJ. Barnet "Barent" "Barnes" Smock who married Elizabeth Jane Berrdine/Bodine/Bodyn was born 1749 in Somerset Co. NJ and the son of Leonard Smock and Ann Folkerson.

Peter Wene's last name has been refered to also as Ween by some sources. In the baptismal records of the Readington Dutch Reformed church, Peter Wene and wife Jannetje baptised their first two daugthers Anna and Sarah in 1771 and 1773.

Marriage: Abt. 1770, Somerset Co., New Jersey


In the New Jersey Tax records of 1772 - 1890, Bridgewater Twp., Somerset Co., Barnet aka "Barnes" Smock was listed in 1779 as B. Smack, in 1784 as Barnight Smock. His brothers Abraham was listed in 1785 and John in 1786. An (unknown) Leonard Smock was listed in the 1786 Tax list. This Leonard could not be Barnet's father or his brother Leonard who was born in PA.

Barnet's father Leonard Smock was listed as an inhabitant of Bedminster Twp., Somerset Co., New Jersey in records of between 1755-1760 before he moved to PA in 1761. Only Barnet's brother Folkert remained in Bridgewater Twp. New Jersey.

Barnet Smock was a Revolutionary soldier. He and his wife came on foot from New Jersey to Westmoreland county in 1793 (this date info is questionable??, Came from biography of his grandson Samuel dated 1889), other references show the year as 1789. He was a common laborer and farmer and his children were: Elizabeth Smock, Abraham Smock, Henry Smock and Mary Smock.

Note by Gene Smock: Barnet's third child Henry is referenced as having been born in New Jersey in 1790 and Barnet and family were listed in the 1790 Fayette Co. Federal Census taken in November of that year. Most likely The 1790 immigration date from New Jersey to Fayette Co. PA is the correct one, Mary was born in Rostraver Twp. January 04, 1791 and the reference to Barnet and family having moved to Westmoreland Co. from New Jersey in 1793 is incorrect.

Notes: by Edwin K Smock (5 Feb 2003)
It is interesting that in this early census (1790), there was no effort to designate the age of females. This section of the census was documented as having been completed and subsctibed on the 5th Day of May 1791. (This would help explain the reason some census ages do not match other documents depicting age of an individual, or the number of children in a household etc. (i.e. if a son was born April 10, 1791, he could very well appear in the 1790 census as being in the age bracket 16 and under. The census was a counting of people as of the day of the census visit.)

Census: 1790 Washington Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Name of
head of family: Smock, Barnet, Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of
families: 1 (Barnet), Free white males under 16 years; 2 (Abraham & Henry), Free white females, including heads of
families; 3 (Elizabeth, Elizabeth & Mary)

He was also known as "Barnes" / "Barent" and "Barnett" Smock.

Crawford Co., PA Deed Book M1, pg 138, Sept 16 1828 : Leonord Smock & Jane sold to Barnett Smock of Washington PA 200 acres in Fairfield Twp., Crawford Co. Posted by P. J. Smock at 28 Jan 2002

Baptism: 27 Oct 1749, New Brunswick, Middlesex Co. New Jersey
Census: 1790, Bullskin Twp. Fayette Co. Pennsylvania
Immigration: Bet. 1789 to 1790, From New Jersey to Pennsylvania

Marriage: Abt. 1782, Somerset Co., New Jersey

i. ANNA4 WEEN/WENE, b. Bef. 14 Jul 1771, Readington, New Jersey.

Anna is step-dughter of Barnet Smock.

ii. SARAH WEEN/WENE, b. Bef. 23 May 1773, Readington, New Jersey.

Sarah is the step-daughter of Barnet Smock.

iii. JANE WEEN/WENE, b. 1774, New Jersey; d. Bet. 1850 to 1860, Greenwood Twp. Crawford Co. PA.; m. LEONARD SMOCK, Bef. 1794; b. 15 Apr 1762, Redstone, Fayette County, PA; d. 10 Apr 1834, Greenwood Twp. Crawford Co. PA..

Jane is the step-daughter of Barnet Smock.

Date born 2: 1774

Leonard Married Jane (Ween) Wayne. Information from George R. Clark Jr. published 31 Jan 1993 for Richard B. Smock states that Leonard Smock (Baptized on 4/15/1762 and lived until 1835) was married to Jane Wene. If so Jane Wene not Ween (anglicized Wayne) probably was the daughter of of Elizabeth Jane Berdine that married Barnet Smock, Leonard's brother. Leonard's will dated 29 Apr 1833, proved 1834, Crawford Co. PA., to sons Peter, Cornelius, John, Leonard and daugher Anne Loper. (Source: Dr. Tuttle.) Leonard Smock and Jane Ween moved from New Jersey to Fayette Co., PA, then to Westmoreland Co., PA where they lived at Redstone. Finally, between 1796 and 1800, they went to Crawford Co.,PA. there they settled at Dutch Hill, south of Meadville,and a son of theirs is said to have been the first white child born in the township. (Source: Harold Smock from May Willey Pond.) A deed recorded at Meadville, Crawford Co., PA states: Leonard & Jane Smock of Fairfield Twp., Crawford Co, PA to Barnett Smock of Washington Co., PA 200 acres...." His will also references wife Jane (not given by Dr. Tuttle). He was listed in the 1800 census in Crawford Co., in the 1810 & 1820 census he was listed in Fairfield Twp., Crawford Co., and in 1830 in Greenwood Twp., Crawford Co.

Baptism: 15 Apr 1762, Fayette, Pennsylvania

Marriage: Bef. 1794

iv. ELIZABETH4 SMOCK, b. 1784, New Jersey; d. Somersett Twp., Washington Co. PA; m. JAMES BURGAN; b. Abt. 1782.

Elizabeth Smock married James Burgan in Westmoreland Co. who was also a native of Westmoreland County, Penn. Eleven children were
the result of this union. James Burgan followed farming all of his life, and died at the age of sixty-five years on the place where now occupied by his grandson, Theodore. His widow passed away on the same farm in her eighty-fourth year. ( from Beers, J, h. and Co.,
Commemorative Biographical Record of Washiington County, Pennsylvania, J.H. Beers & Co., 1893: Chicago )

1850 Census, Somersett Twp., Washington Co., PA. lists Elizabeth and some of the eleven children:
Head of Household
Elizabeth Burgan, F, 69, born New Jersey
Matthias, M, 27, Farmer, born PA
Joseph, M, 25, Farmer, born PA
Elizabeth, F, 18, born PA
Sinden S., M, 1, born PA (probable grandson)

Elizabeth's son John is listed on same census page:
Head of Household
John Burgan, M, 42, Farmer, born PA
Elizabeth, F, 37, born PA
Eliza N., F, 14, born PA
Mary J., F, 11, born PA
James W., M, 9, born PA
Catura, F, 8, born PA
Theodore, M, 5, born PA
Elizabeth, F, 3, born PA
John, M, 1, born Pa

v. ABRAHAM SMOCK, b. 1787, New Jersey; d. 08 Jun 1831, Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; m. (2) SARAH (ISABELLE) SHEPLER; b. 1790, Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

He married Sarah (Isabelle) Shepler.

1810 Census: Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa

Names of Heads of Families

Abraham Smock Males 26 to 44 (1), Males 10 or less (1), Females 16 to 25 (1), Females 10 or less (1)

Note: Provided by Edwin K. Smock 8 Jan 2003. The following information on Mary, Lavena (Laurenda) and
Eliza (Elizabeth) was added after discussions with Gene Smock and Rodney Fair on the probable daughters
of Abraham and Sarah (Isabelle) Shepler Smock.

Mary Smock, b. circa 1809-1810, Westmoreland Co. Pennsylvania. married John Stark Carnes.

The 1810 census showa, under Abraham, 1 son and 1 daughter, both under the age of 10 or less (This
most likely was Peter, born 1808 and Mary, born near the same time-1809)

1810 Census: Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA

Age 0-10 Son (1800-1810) Probably Peter, b. 1808
Age 0-10 Dau (1800-1810 Probably Mary, b. circa 1809

The 1820 census shows under Abraham, 3 sons age 10 and under (probably mistake, Peter should be
in the 11 to 15 age bracket) and 3 daughters, 2 in the 10 and under bracket and 1 in the 11 to 15 age

1820 Census: Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA

Age 0-10 Son (1810-1820) Probably Abraham b. 1812
Age 0-10 Son (1810-1820) Probably Philip b. 1819
Age 0-10 Dau (1810-1820) Probably Lavena b. circa 1810-1820
Age 0-10 Dau (1810-1820) Name Unknown b. circa 1810-1820
Age 11-15 Son (1805-1809) Probably Peter b. 1808
Age 11-15 Dau (1805-1809) Probably Maryb. circa 1809

The 1830 census shows, under Abraham, 3 sons in the proper age bracket, those being Abraham, Philip
and John, 2 daughters listed, 1 in the 16 to 20 year bracket (b. 1810-1815) and 1 in the 6 to 10 year
bracket (b. 1820-1825) This could be Eliza (Elizabeth).

1830 Census: Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA

Age 6-10 Dau (1820-1824) Probably Eliza (Elizabeth), b. 1824
Age 16-20 Dau (1810-1814) Name Unknown, b. circa 1810-1820
Son Abraham (b. 1812, age 6)
Son Philip (b. 1819, age 11)
Son John (b. 1827, age 3)
Note: Peter would now be age 22 and Mary would be 21.

In the 1850 Census taken on 19 Oct 1850, Mary's age is given as 40.

The Obituary of Mrs. Sarah Jane Stone (Barnesville, Belmont County, Ohio Wednesday September 18
1918) states that she was born in Belle Vernon, PA April 2, 1840 and was the daughter of John and
Mary Smock Carnes.

Peter and his sister Mary married into the Carnes/Stark family (John and Sarah (Stark) Carnes. Peter
married Ann Carnes and Mary married John Stark Carnes.

Date born 2: 1787
Burial: Fells Church Cemetery, Fellsburg, Westmoreland Co., PA


Email from DeAndrea Folster 19 May 2003
In Part:
"The information that Fred Shepler sent to me was the two girls Elizabeth and Sarah were daughters of Peter Shipler. He listed Elizabeth "Betsy" Shepler also the wife of Henry Smock. That she died 18 March 1819. I have Henry Smock was listed in the 1820 census of Rostraver, Westmoreland Co. PA. I also have Sarah Shepler as being married to Abraham Smock."

The information provided by DeAndrea and verified by Marilyn Simpson in another Email helped out a great deal in sorting out which Peter Shepler was Elizabeth and Sarah Isabelle Shepler's parents as Peter Shepler and Mary Payne. Elizabeth Shepler, born 1775 and died 1819, was the daughter of Peter Shipler and Mary Hammond and the sister of Peter Shepler who married Mary Payne.

Date born 2: 1790

vi. HENRY V.SMOCK (Source: Monongahela Valley Biographies, Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Fayette County by Gresham and Wiley, 1889, page 390.), b. 1790, Middlesex Co., New Jersey; d. Abt. 1847, Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; m. ELIZABETH "BETSY" SHEPLER (Source: Monongahela Valley Biographies, Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Fayette County by Gresham and Wiley, 1889, page 390.), 1808, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; b. 1789, Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; d. 27 Sep 1882, Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Notes for HENRY V.SMOCK:
Henry was 3 years old when his parents came to Westmoreland county. He was a common laborer and married a Miss Shepler. They had eleven children: Ruhama Smock; Mary Smock; Philip Smock; Jane Smock; Lucinda Smock; Samuel Smock; Barney Smock; Isabella Smock, dead; Sarah Smock, Margaret Smock and Caroline Smock.
Source: The biography of Samuel Smock, published 1889.

Hemry's middle name is unknown, in the 1840 census his name is written " Henry V. Smock"

1810 Census: Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA
Names of Heads of Families
Henry Smock Males 17 to 26 (1) Females 17 to 26 (1) Females 10 or less (1)

1840 Census: Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA p.261
Names of Heads of Families
Henry V. Smock Males 10 to 15 (1), 15 to 20 (3), 50 to 60 (2) Females 5 and under (1), 5 to 10 (2), 10 to 15 (1), 15 to 20 (3), 20 to 30 (1) (note, missing is a mark in the proper age bracket for Henry's wife Elizabeth who might not been home when the census taker visited, also shown are 2 males in Henry's age bracket and a total fo 14 individuals living in his household, at least two or more were not family members since Henry's daughters Ruhamma had married James Houseman and Mary had married Samuel Reeves prior to this census, Samuel Reeves with wife is shown on the same census page.

Note provided by Edwin K Smock Aug 2002:
Elizabeth is buried in Fells Cemetery, Fellsburg, PA.
The grave of Elizabeth (Shepler) Smock reads: "Elizabeth" wife of Henry Smock died Sept 27, 1882 aged
93 years. (Her birth would equate to 1789) There are two head stones to her immediate left however they are
unreadable. The closest one may read Davis R. (I could not be sure but that is my best guess).

Date born 2: 25 Sep 1790, Washington Co., Virginia
Died 2: 10 Nov 1853, Bartholomew Co., Indiana


Elizabeth, according to John S. Van Voorhis, author of THE OLD and NEW MONONGAHELA, was the daughter of Peter Shepler the "Older". This is not the case, nor is the biography of her son Samuel Smock stating Elizabeth was the daughter of Mary Baxter and Philip Shepler son of "Mott" Shepler. Peter Shepler the "Older" son of John Shepler/Shipler and Elizabeth Peters married Mary Hammond and their daughter Elizabeth was born 1775 in Winchester, Hampshire Co., Virginia, died 18 March 1819. Philip Shepler (son of Mathias) married Mary Hill daughter of Joseph Hill III and their first son John S. was born 3 Nov 1818. The "Older" Peter's son, Peter married Mary Payne and Elizabeth "Betsy" is their daughter and the wife of Henry Smock. On Elizabeth's stone at Fells Church Cemetery is "died Sept 27, 1882 aged 93" which equates to 1789. (see below census years, which seem to make her birth year 1792)

Email from DeAndrea Folster 19 May 2003
In Part:
"The information that Fred Shepler sent to me was the two girls Elizabeth and Sarah were the daughters of Peter Shipler, He listed Elizabeth "Betsy" Shepler also the wife of Henry Smock. That she died 18 March 1819. I have Henry Smock was listed in the 1820 census of Rostraver, Westmoreland, PA. I also have Sarah Shepler as being married to Abraham Smock."
The information from DeAndrea helped greatly in sorting out which Peter Shepler was the father of Elizabeth and her sister Sarah Isabelle. The Elizabeth born 1775 and died in 1819 was the daughter of Philip Shipler/Shepler and Mary Hammond.

1850 Census Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA.
Lists Elizabeth Smock, age 58, living with Samuel Reeves and her daughter Mary Jane Smock Reeves. This would make Elizabeth Betsy (Shepler) Smock's year of birth 1792. (see Notes for Mary Jane Smock)

1860 Census Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA
Lists Elizabeth Smock age 68, Occupation Weaver living with her daughter Caroline age 23 Occupation Seamstress. Caroline was Elizabeth's youngest daughter and married Lewis C. Hilty the following year.

1870 Census Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA
Lists Elizabeth as "Lizzi" Smock living with D. Douglass and her daughter Sarah (Smock) Douglass and her age as 78 which agrees with the 1850 & 1860 census as to her being born in 1792.

See note for Henry Smock as to Elizabeth's place of burial by Edwin K. Smock (Aug 2002), Henry may have been buried there also but his stone was not found.

Date born 2: Bet. 1789 to 1792
Burial: Fells Church cemetery, Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA

Marriage: 1808, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

vii. MARY SMOCK (Source: The Old and New Monongahela, The Teeple Family, Death of Mrs. Mary Finley, page 263.), b. 04 Jan 1791, Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; d. 06 Jan 1888, Belle Vernon, Fayette Co., PA; m. (1) MORRIS CORWIN (Source: Corwins from Ohio and Bellevernon Pa, Posting on, 18 Jun 1807, Brownsville, Pennsylvania by Esq., Elias Baillins; d. 20 Sep 1835, Bellevernon, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; m. (2) NICHOLAS REASONER, 02 Nov 1810; b. Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania.

Notes for MARY SMOCK:
From the book THE OLD AND NEW MONOGAHELA by John S. Van Voorhis the following is taken:

"Aunt Polly has passed away, was on the lips of almost every one on Friday evening as her death was announced. Mrs. Mary Smock Corwin was ninety-seven years old on Wednesday prior to her death, which occurred Friday, January 6, 1888. She was born January 4, 1791, on the farm now owned by Capt. Joseph Shepler, in Rostraver township, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania. The farm at that time was owned by one Joseph Becketa name well known in the early history of Western Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Barnet Smock, who migrated from New Jersey in 1789. Her father lived on this farm twenty-one years. The maiden name of the mother of the deceased was Jane Berdine. She was married to Peter Wene, by whom she had three children, named Sarah, Anna and Jane. Barnet Smock was her second husband. The deceased was married to Morris Corwin at Brownsville by Esq. Elias Baillins, on the 18th day of June, 1807. Morris Corwin died in Bellevernon, September 20, 1835, in the same house in which his wife died. Aunt Polly Corwin, as she was familiarly called, and her husband came to Bellevernon April 1, 1816, and occupied the house in shich she died. She lived in this same house for seventy-two years, with the exception of three months. She lived to know that the sugar camp of three-quarters of a century ago had become a thriving town of two thousand souls. She outlived three generations of citizens. She was born in the early days of Washington's first term as President. She was born amid the struggles and trials of the new Government, and lived to the time when that Government had extended its limits from ocean to ocean, and its population increased from 4,000,000 to 60,000,000."

1850 USC Pennsylvania, Fayette Co., Washington Twp., Page 383A, ( image 23 of 32) HH 1550-1550

Mary Corwin, 60, F, West Co Pa
James " , 33, M, Ship Carpenter, Fayette Co PA
Wesley " , 16, M, PA (John Wesley, son of Barnet)
Mary " , 14, F, PA (Mary, dau of Barnet)
Jane " , 3, PA (Georgiana, dau of James)
Mary " , 1, PA (Eve, dau of James)

1860 USC Pennsylvania, Fayette Co., Washington Twp., Page 942, ( image 9 of 40) HH 72-73

Mary Corwin, 69, F, 300, 100, PA
John " , 25, M, Engineer, PA (John Wesley, son of Barnet)
Mary " , 24, F, PA (Mary, dau of Barnet)
Georgiana , 12, F, PA (Georgiana, dau of James)
Mary " , 11, F, PA (Eve, Dau of James)
Note: James is living next door to his mother, listed as HH 73-74 with his second wife Indiana Jacobs.

1870 USC Pennsylvania, Fayette Co., Washington Twp., P.O. Bellevernon, ( image 16 of 23) HH 122-123

Corwin, Mary, 80, F,W, Keeping House, 600, PA
Note: John Wesley is living next door, HH 122-122 and James on the other side HH 124-125. For some unknown reason Mary, Barnet's daughter is not shown living with her grandmother even though according to John S Van Voorhis' book, they lived together for 41 years.

1880 USC Pennsylvania, Fayette Co., Belle Vernon, page 580C ( image 11 of 27) HH 59-81

Corwin, Mary, W.F, 90, Keeping House, PA, Ger, Ger (Mary's father was born NJ, mother believed to be NJ)
-----------, Mary O., W,F, 44, Grandaughter, PA, PA, PA
Note: James is listed HH 58-80 and John W. is listed HH 60-82
E--mail source sites the following:

According to "The Reasoner Story" by Marie C. Anderson, page 18
"Nicholas was m. 2nd in Nov 1810, Muskingum Co., OH by his brother Benjamin Reasoner, Esq., to Mary (Polly) Smock,
b. Westmoreland Co., PA. She was a widow and sister of Elizabeth Smock who m. Solomom Reasoner, younger brother
of Nicholas. Mary was buried in Muskingum Co., OH"

More About MARY SMOCK:
Date born 2: Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania

April 1, 1816 Morris Corwin and his wife came to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Built on Main Street in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, Fayette County.

Marriage: 18 Jun 1807, Brownsville, Pennsylvania by Esq., Elias Baillins

Marriage: 02 Nov 1810