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I think some of the following must apply to this John B. Bodine, but I'm not sure yet:

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Thank you for adding my line, as far as you've got it. I did find some new information at the Records office: Surrogate's records. I don't have all my papers with me, but I do have a notebook with some notes...

Abraham Bodine d Oct 7, 1851, Niles
to my youngest son: Cornelius... (I really couldn't read the rest...)
Other sons and daughters are: Sally, Polly, Martina, John Bernard (John B!), and Thomas.
He left no widow.

John B Bodine d Niles March 21, 1859, no widow, no will
Abram Bodine, Sally Ann Brokaw, Olive O. Bodine, Harriet F Covert (Wife of William E)

In 1829, Gilbert B Bodine petitioned the court for Hannah (17), Henry (15), and David (11) to live with Garett Pearsol in Sempronious (Gilbert was their brother).

Abraham Bodine Junior (who was ??? years old at his last birthday in June) went to live with John B (granted guardianship upon Sarah's death). I'm not really sure why this took so long. I'm gonna have to go look at this again, it was in the same file as Gilbert's petition.

I found this is the Historian's office: Olive Ordell Bodine, d Niles June 12 age abt 21. Auburn Daily Advertiser June 16, 1860.


Hope this helps a bit. Thanks again,


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I went to the Niles Town Hall and looked at what records they had for the time period everyone was living there, with the exception of 1850+, the clerk couldn't find a book and thinks the historian has it...


I don't know the relation of the following, but I wrote them down anyway so I can share them with you:
Ann Bodine d April 13, 1849 at age 22. She was a domestic, married, and the cause was "consumption". Margaret Bodine d Feb 6, 1849 at the age of 48. She was also a domestic, married, and her cause of death of "inflammation of the [lungs]". (I couldn't really read the last word, but my friend said it looked like "lungs."


Adelbert DeVoe's house was sold to Cora Bodine in 1921, who later sold it to Clarence and Florence Brokaw in 1928. Adelbert originally bought it from S. Baker btwn 1875 and 1880. (21 School St, Owasco).

Also, I was looking at an 1875 map of Niles and found A. Bodine who lived on what is now Rockefeller between Cross and Arnold on the lake side of the road. Also, his neighbor was W. Bodine. On the corner of what is now Valentine and Cross lived Peter Bodine.

Sometime around May 1847, Cornelius gave his son Peter a bunch of land. I wasn't really feeling well and didn't look through the deed books, but they transferred a bunch of land.

Dewitt Brinkerhoff and others sold their land to John B Bodine in 1847, lot #15 of Niles, next to Jacob Selover. I looked at a 1904 map and found that lot to have Harter Rd to the North, Grange Hall to the sound, Valentine Rd to the west, and Gahwler to the East, with Warne Rd running down the middle.

And...1850 Niles has lots of Bodines all in one vicinity. I don't have the transcription with me, so I'll send that to you the next time if you don't already have them. The names are (I did write that down in the notebook I have with me) Peter C, Cornelius C, Cornelius, Abraham, and [my] Abram lived down the road a bit.

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Also, for John B, 1850 Niles, he's 58. I'm not sure if I sent that to you before or not.



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1850 Niles:
John B Bodine age 58, born Pennsylvania, occup Farmer
Sally Ann, 18, b NY
Olive(r) 16 (listed as male)
Harriet 14, @ school
Mary J Selover 26
Icabod Ammeck...? 24

1855 Niles:
John B Bodine age 64, b Penn, widowed, owned land, farmer
Sally Ann, 23, daughter, b Cayuga Co
Olive O, 20, dau, b same
Harriet F, 17, same
Mary I/J (Selover?), 30, didn't write relationship, assume daughter, b same
John Am...something 23, servant

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I looked up all the Mary Selover's I could find in the surrogate's books until 1953. However, the first one I looked at answered the question as to how Mary Jane Selover related to John B Bodine.

She is the daughter of Richard Selover. Her father died when she was 14 (on the 30th of September last past)... she was "entitled to certain legacy of her grandfather...and her father......and has no guardian." She was living in Niles.

John B Bodine and Cornelius DeHart were appointed her guardians on November 8, 1836.



From some guardianship papers at, it looks like this John B. Bodine, applied for the guardianship of a Sarah Jane Vantyne of Lapeer, MI. That is in the area of other Bodines who were in Livingston and Genesee Counties. This Sarah Vantyine must be his niece.