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The 1850 Census of Montgomery, Orange County, New York lists Lewis L. Bodine, 71 (b. abt. 1779), laborer, $800, NY; Fanny, 43 (b. abt. 1807), NY; Sarah Ann dau. - see Edward S. Johnson. Capt. Edward S. Johnson's wife, Sarah Ann Bodien, died December 15, 1864 in Schodack Landing, Rennselaer County.

See also "The Whig Press," Middletown, NY Death Notices, 1851-1865. Compiled and edited by George and Virginia Gardner. 1978. There is a Lewis Bodine who married a Mary/Polly Burn/Burne on December 18, 1800 at Hamptonburgh Presb. Church in Orange County, New York. This may be her husband. See #19038.

Lewis Bodine was received on confession September 4, 1791.

See also "Signers of the Pledge of Association Hanover Precinct Ulster Co NY," (Montgomery, NY) May 8, 1775. This is from a publication of The Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highland, v. 20 p. 33. And see Orange County Genealogical Socity publication, v. 25, #1 (1995). Articles of Association.

The following info came from an essay by Kevin Elliott. It was one that he forwarded to me from previous correspondence about the Lewis and Jacob Bodines:

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Lewis Bodine: This L.B. was born during the 1740's, had 8 children from Wyntje Kimberg (various spellings), one of whom was another Lewis Bodine (b.1778). This is the same family group in your correspondence. I did not know of the Sussanah record at Hebron Lutheran Church. I have no contention with it, provided it says that Wyntje is her mother. Then that would make nine. He was a Revolutionary War veteran.

Discussion: To have had a family with children born in the 1760's, he would have to been born in the 1740's or before. This Lewis must also be the one who put up a bond in the estate of James Shearer of Montgomery, in 1791. The others would have been too young. The Rev. War rosters have Lewis Bodine listed. Again the others would have been too young for this. He could be a close relative of Jacob Bodine, Sr.

Lewis Bodine: This is the son of the Rev. War soldier, b. 1778. He is in the 1860 Federal census, age 81.

Discussion: The 1860 census lists him living with Fanny Bodine, age 50 and Mary Ann Lee, age 50 also. Baptism record clearly shows his parentage to Wyntje and the eldest Lewis. Age in census identifies him as b. 1778. See also the 1850 Census, age 71 living with Fanny Bodine, age 43. Also 1820 Census, "Lewis L. Bodine. The other Lewis's had all died before 1860.

From Ronny Bodine:

From: Baptisms of the Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange County:
Bapt. 20 Sept 1778: Lewis, son of Lewis Bodine and Wyntie Kimberg.

Lewis Bodine married Mary/Polly Burn/Burne on 18 Dec 1800 at Hamptonburgh Presbyterian Church in Orange County, New York.

From Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange County, Baptisms, 1734-1840:
Elsie Ann, born 26 Oct 1801 to Lewis L. Bodine and Polly Burns
Theran, born on 21 July 1803 to Lewis L. Bodine and Polly Burns
Adam, born 3 April 1805 to Lewis L. Bodine and Polly Burns
Sally Ann, born 25 April 1807 to Lewis L. Bodine and Polly Burns
James, born 27 March 1809 to Lewis L. Bodine and Mary Burns

List of persons in full communion with the German (aka Brick) Reformed Church of Montgomery who have died since the 1st of Sept. 1829:
1839, 25 July - Mrs. Bodine, wife of Lewis L. Bodine

From: Christian Intelligencer of 9 Sept 1843.
Married 2 Sept 1843 at Newburgh, Orange County: Lewis L. Bodine and Miss Fanny Hornbrook, both of Montgomery.

In June 1850 and June 1860, Lewis and Fanny Bodine were recorded as residents of Montgomery, Orange County:
1850: Lewis L. Bodine, age 71 and Fanny, age 43
1860: Lewis L. Bodine, age 81 and Fanny, age 50

From: The Whig Press, Middletown, New York.
Lewis L. Bodine died 17 Jan 1861 aged 82y-4m-24d.
Fanny Hardenbrook Bodine died 8 June 1862 aged 53y-5m.