Notes for: Eleanor (Nelly) Bodine

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From Ronny Bodine:

From Records of the Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange County, Marriages:
Married 6 Mar 1800 William Crist and Nelly Bodine.

From Brick Reformed Churh of Montgomery, Orange County, Baptisms 1734-1859:
Lecina, born 18 Dec 1800 to William Crist & Nelly Bodine.
Susan, born 25 Feb 1802 to William Crist & Nelly Bodine.
Abraham, born 29 Nov 1803 to William Crist & Nelly Bodine.
Lucus, born 8 July 1807 to William Crist & Elenor Bodine.
Adeline, born 4 May 1809 to William Crist & Nelly Bodine.
David, born 27 July 1811 to William Crist & Nelly Bodine.
William Bookstaber, born 17 April 1814 to William Crist & Nelly Bodine.

The will of William Crist of Montgomery, Orange County, was written 20 May 1825 and therein named his wife Eleanor, sons Abraham, Charles, James and Lewis (under 21), daughter Ann, and made references to unnamed daughters and grandchildren and underage children. Executors were sons James and Abraham Crist and David M. Smith. Witnesses were Jas. C. Cooke, David Decker and Adam Bodine. A codicil was added 17 June 1826. The will was proved 27 July 1826. (Orange County Wills, vol. H [1824-1829], pp. 182-185)

List of persons in full communion with the German (aka Brick) Reformed Church of Montgomery who have died since the 1st of Sept. 1829:
1845 Elenor Bodine, widow of William Crist, aged 78.

Burials in Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery Cemetery, Orange County.
William Crist Died July 12, 1826 aged 71 yrs. 3 mos. 29 dys. [=birth date of 14 March 1755]
Eleanor, his wife, Died Dec. 22, 1845 aged 77 yrs. 5 mos. 9 dys. [=birth date of 13 July 1768]