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The book ... says this William Bodine settled on a farm a mile and a half west of Walden, the tract having 350 acres.

William was admitted to Montgomery DRC (NY) on confession on November 20, 1790. Sponsers at his baptism were Frederick Buchstaber and Jannetje Bodyn. The use of "Jr." in the early church records does not mean that his father was a William. There could have been an uncle or cousin in the area who also used that name. The name "William Bodine Jr." is used as the name of the father in the baptisms for 1785, 1792, 1795, and 1798. R. Weller said that although no middle name is given generally at baptisms, it is fairly common to find a middle initial in later records, particularly civil ones. It is generally that of the father.

The book "Ulster County (NY) in the Revolution" by Ruth P. Heidgerd (1977) says "b. 1758, d. 8/6/1832, age 74-0-19" (DAR Graves 6/106). There is a new stone now that says "Revolutionary Soldier 1758-1832 - 4th Regt. Ulster Co Militia."

The Montgomery Dutch Reformed Church (or Brick Reformed Church Cemetery) is located on Route 17 in Pine Bush, Orange County, New York.

The following comes from the section Bench and Bar in "The History of Orange County" (pp. 160-161):

Hon. Frederic Bodine - The blood and charateristics of four different races are represented in the Bodine family, the French, Dutch, Irish, and English, the paternal ancestors of Frederick having been Huguenots, who early fled from persecution in France, embarking for America, colonized on Long Island. A portion of this little band eventually found their way into Orange County, among whom was William Bodine, the great-grandfather of the subject of this biographical sketch, who acquired a large tract of land one mile to the west of Walden Village, the homestead of later generations of the family.

If this biography is true, then this line of Bodines were Huguenots and might have come from France.

From Ronny Bodine:

William Bodine served during the Revolutionary War with the 4th Regiments of the Ulster County Militia commanded by Col. John Hathorn and Orange County Militia commanded by Col. Johannes Hardenbergh. He died 6 Aug 1832 aged 74 years, 19 days.

From Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange County, Baptisms, 1734-1840:
Peter, bapt. 3 April 1785 to William Bodine Jr. & Elshe Kimbergh.
Noach, born 3 Oct 1786, bapt. 11 Feb 1787 to William Bodyn & Elsje Kimbergh.
George, born 7 July 1789 to William Bodyn & Elsje Cimbergh.
Job, born 10 Feb 1792 to William Bodyn Jr & Elsje Cimbergh.
Mariah, born 14 April 1795 to William Bodyn Jr & Elsie Cimbergh.
Mary, born 4 July 1798 to William Bodine Jr. & Elise Kimbergh.
Edmund, born 5 July 1806 to William Bodine & Elsie Kimbergh.

From Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange County, Death Records, 1829-1858
William Bodine died 6 Aug 1832
Elsie Bodine, widow, died 30 Jan 1839

The will of William Bodine of Montgomery, Orange County was written 28 Oct 1830 and therein names his wife Else Bodine, sons Noah, Edmond and Peter Bodine and grandsons Charles Tarbele, Job Bodine, Else Bodine, Noah Bodine, Frederick Kimbark, William Kimbark, and William son of Peter Bodine. Executors are his wife Else Bodine, sons Noah and Edmond Bodine and Peter Millspauch. On 13 Aug 1832 Else Bodine renounced her serving as executrix. The will was proved 29 Oct 1832. (Orange County Wills, vol. I [1829-1834], pp. 404-406)

Burials in the Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery Cemetery, Orange County.
William Bodine Died Aug. 6, 1832 [other inscription indecipherable]
Elsey, his wife, Died Jan. 30. 1839 aged 76 years 22 days.