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Sponsors at his baptism were Jacob and Eve Decker.

I'm guessing that this Jacob Bodine is the same as the Jacob Bodine, Jr. mentioned in the 1790 Census of Montgomery Co., NY. Here is that info:

Family 240
Bodine, Jacob, Jr.
1 Male 16 & over
2 Males under 16 years
3 Females

The Bodines mentioned in that census are probably all related to the William Bodine who was born about 1710. That could make this Jacob that William's grandson. We don't know who Jacob's father's father was, but the William of 1710 did have a son named Peter.

There is a Jacob Bodine in the 1800 Census of Montgomery, Orange Co., NY who I'm also guessing is this Jacob. Here is that info:

Page 301

amily 11875
Bodine, Jacob
1 Male under 10
1 Male of 10 & under 25
1 Male of 45 & up
3 Females under 10
1 Females of 16 & under 26
1 Females of 26 & under 45

The following info came from an essay by Kevin Elliott. It was one that he forwarded to me from previous correspondence about the Lewis and Jacob Bodines:

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The two Jacob Bodines, Senior and Junior.

Jacob Bodine, Sr: This J.B. was born 23 May 1742, was a Revolutionary War veteran, and died on 27 Nov., 1824. His wife was Elizabeth Newkirk, from Rensalaer, NY. They had at least two daughters and two sons: Lewis I. and Charles.

Discussion: His will, made 1821, clearly refers to his children. The 1790 Census lists J.B., Sr. and J.B., Jr. Also, the will of Jan Newkirk mentions him as his son-in-law, Jacob Bordine.

Jacob Bodine, Junior: This J.B. was b. on 7 June 1754, to Peter Bodine and Maria Buckstober. He died intestate in July of 1809 leaving his widow Elizabeth.

Discussion: His wife was also named Elizabeth (not Newkirk). Baptism is clearly stated in Brick Ch. transcript. In the 1790 Census as J.B., Jr. Elizabeth was named executrix of his estate, 1809. He was younger than J.B. Sr. and therefore known as Jr. (not a son).

From Ronny Bodine:

From New York Federal Census Records:
1790 Montgomery, Orange Co.: Jacob BODINE Jr. males 1(16-), 2(0-15), 3 females

1800 Montgomery, Orange Co.: Jacob Bodine males 1(0-9), 1(10-24), 1(45-); females 3(0-9), 1(16-25), 1(26-44).

From Letters Testamentary, Orange County, vol. D, p. 28:
14 Aug 1809: To Elizabeth Bodine the widow of Jacob Bodine Junr late of the Town of Montgomery in the County of Orange deceased.

Records of the Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery show only 2 Jacob Bodines. One was Jacob Bodine (1742-1824) and the other Jacob Bodine (bapt. 9 June 1754), not father and son, rather designated as Sr. and Jr. to distinguish between them. There is no reference to the baptism of any children of Jacob Jr. and Elizabeth.