Notes for: Ann E. (Amy) Bodine

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This Ann Bodine appears to be the Amy Bevier who is mentioned below in several records. That is a guess at the moment, but the evidence is pretty good. See more on this below.

There is an Amy Bevier listed in the household of Ann's mother, Susanna Bodine, in the 1850 Census of Cass Twp., Richland Co., OH. Amy was 31 and born in Ohio. Her age does kind of match this Ann. Amy had two children listed: Russel Bevier (age 8, b. Ohio) and Susan E. (age 4, b. Ohio). Here is that info:

Cass Township
Susanna Bodine 53, NJ
Hannah M. Bodine 15, NY
Martinn (fem) Bodine 14, NY this was hard to read
Laura 12, NY
Amy Bevier 31, Ohio (same household, probably a daughter)
Russel Bevier 8, Ohio (note the family name)
Susan E, 4, Ohio

Also in the 1850 Census, Amy Bevier is found in the household of Thomas S. Bodine. Here is that info:

Ripley Twp., Heron Co., Ohio:
Thomas S. Bodine, age 24, hotel keeper, b. NY
wife Elizabeth
1/12 year old daughter listed as Namelus
Ann Beverie, 31
son Russel, 5

This was recorded on Nov. 8, 1850. She must be the same as Amy Bevier and children Russel and Susan recorded as living with Susanna, widow of Peter on 16th of Sept., 1850 in Cass Twp., Richland Co., OH.

LDS says she is "of Lancaster, PA."

From Ronny Bodine:

Summary. Ann Bodine was 1st married to Josiah Bevier who died in 1849 in Calhoun Co., MI. and by whom she had 2 children, Russell (1842) and Susan (1846). Following the death of her husband she went to live with her widowed mother in Richland Co., OH where she was living in 1850. Later that year, she appears in another census entry as a guest in the hotel run by her brother, Thomas Smith Bodine, in Ripley Twp., Huron County, Ohio. In 1851, back in Calhoun Co., MI she married Samuel Bevier, likely her late husband's brother who probated his brother's estate in 1852. Together they had a child, Elias, born in 1852. There are contradictions as to where and when Ann Bodine was born. As her stated age in June 1850 was 31 and in March 1851 was 32 and in April 1867 was 49 she must have been born in 1818 or 1819, yet, unless her brother Charles was born in 1817, then she must have been born in 1820.

1850 Cass Twp., Richland Co., OH: Susanna Bodine 53 NJ, Hannah M. 15 NY, Martena 14 NY, Laura 12 NY, Amy Bevier 31 NY, Russel Bevier 8 OH, Susan E. Bevier 4 OH.

From Calhoun County, Michigan Marriage Records:
Samuel Bevier, 44, born in Leroy, MI AND Ann A. Bevier, 32, born in Leroy, MI, were married 15 March 1851,

From Calhoun County, Michigan Probate Records:
Petition of Samuel Bevier filed 10 Dec 1852 shows that Josiah Bevier, late of Clarence, Calhoun County departed his life in 1849 in Clarence and that his heirs were "Ann E. Bevier, wife of your petitioner and widow of said decedent" and Russell Barnes Bevier and Susan Eliza Bevier, children of said deceased.

From Michigan Death Records:
Ann E. Bevier, married, born in Leroy, died there 30 April 1867 aged 49 years.

Burials in Congregational Cemetery, East Leroy, Calhoun County, Michigan.
(For grave marker photos see Find A Grave Memorials Nos. 12925597 &
Samuel Bevier Died December 27, 1870 Ann E. Wife of Samuel Bevier Died [date illegible]

The Ohio death record of Eliza Elizabeth Sykes: Born Battle Creek, Michigan. Died 19 June 1932 Plymouth, Richland County, Ohio, aged 82 years, 2 months and 17 days and buried in Greenlawn Cemetery. Widow of Wm. H. Sykes. Daughter of Joseph Bevier, born Plymouth, Ohio and Anne Bodine, born Plymouth, Ohio. [Age at death calculates to birth on 2 April 1850.]

The Michigan death certificate of their son Elias Bevier (1852-1929) names his parents as Samuel Bevier and Ann Bodine, both natives of Ulster County, New York.