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From: Barry Jernigan [bjernigan7040 at]
Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Subject: Bodines in Wilson County, TN Tax Lists 1827-1829

Research today at Smyrna Public Library, Smyrna, TN 37167 (Rutherford Co, TN)

from Wilson County, Tennessee Genealogical Resource Material, 1827-1869 Compiled By Thomas E. Partlow; 1997 Southern Historical Press; ISBN 0-89308-524-3; Card Catalogue Number HR 976.89 WILSON PARTLOW

"This book is Respectfully Dedicated To A Very Special Friend, Evelyn Wylene Pafford, Mount Juliet, Tennessee"

"This book is a companion book for the other books that have been done on Wilson County, covering the 1800's. It primarily covers the period from 1827 to 1869. However, it does include events prior to 1827 and past 1869. The book is unique in that some of the records are in private hands, and are not available to the public at large. I am referring specifically to the chancery court records and to the taxt [sic] lists. The tax lists are of value in that they provide a county census for the years covered.Thomas E. Partlow"

Wilson County Tax Lists 1827-1829 arranged by company and names listed alphabetically by surname within that company's list.

Name; Number of acres

Captain Chapman's Company
Captain J. D. Moore Company
Captain J. A. Dew Company
Captain Thompson's Company
Captain Edward's Company
Captain Bridges Company
Captain Gleaves Company
Captain Brown's Company
Captain Dillard's Company
Captain Organ's Company
Captain Bennett's Company
Captain Cumming's Company
Captain Winston's Company
Captain Shepherd's Company
Captain Chandler's Company
Captain Harpole's Company
Captain McKee's Company
Captain Moore's Company

Note: No Bodines or similar surname in any of the above tax lists

Captain Jackson's Company Tax List of 1827 including the following names in the alphabetical list:
Bodine, Jefferson; no number of acres given
Bodine, Western; no number of acres given
Bodine, Wiley; no number of acres given
Bodine, Thomas; no number of acres given

Other surnames in Captain Jackson's Company's Tax List of 1827: Bonner, Beasley; Bowers, Bundy, Carruth, Chalmers, Devise, Dover, Figures, Foster, Eason, Gibbs, Glenn, Hamilton, Harris, Hunter, Jackson, Jones, Johnson, Locke, Lynch, Lyon, Lester, McDonald, Moser, Mitchell, Motsinger, New, Petway, Pearson, Stuart, Smith, Sims, Shepherd, Taylor, Tarpley, Underwood, Vaughan, Warren, Woodall, Wilkinson, Webb, Woodcock and Walton.

The full names of individuals are given but I was trying to use my time as wisely as possible. I can get full names on the list at a later date.

No Bodines or similar surname in the remainder of the Tax List of 1827:
Captain Daniels' Company
Captain Barkley's Company
Captain Braden's Company
Captain Bryson's Company
Captain Sharp's Company
Captain Pound's Company
Captain Barbee's Company

I'll give you the rundown for the Tax List of 1828 and 1829 in another post. No Bodines are mentioned in the tax list of 1828 at all not even in Captain Jackson's Company but some of the same surnames present in his company in the tax list of 1827 are still there in 1828. An indication that the companies were arranged according to neighborhoods. Also in doing research on the Chandlers and their neighbors in Wilson County, TN, when I compare the entries of the tax lists of 1827, 1828 and 1829 to the census of 1820 I find that the names are similar and roughly follow the same order as the companies of the tax lists. Again indicating that both the census of 1820 AND the tax lists were done primarily according to proximity.

Unfortunately the census of 1830 of Wilson Co, TN doesn't seem to follow any pattern of enumerating individuals by neighborhood. Luckily for Wilson Co, TN researchers we have the 1827-1829 tax lists to more closely narrow down where target individuals actually physically lived at least prior to the 1830 census. The 1827-1829 tax lists also sometimes indicate approximate dates of death in that some entries are marked, "Heirs of PERSON's NAME" and sometimes the number of acres is given after that in those lists.

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From Ronny Bodine:

Their marriage in 1825 was recorded as Wiley Bodine and Nancy Rutchledge. On 26 July 1828, Wiley Berdine was bondsman to the marriage of James Smith and Gilley Stewart. Wilson County Chancery Court Records of 9 July 1859, with regard to the distribution of the estate of John Bodine, deceased, record: "It appears that Wiley Bodine died leaving no children..." and as he was entitled to a distributive share of the estate of John Bodine, it would go to his brothers and sisters.

From Kentucky Federal Census Records:
1840 Calloway Co.: Wiley BODINE males 1(30-39); females (1(30-39).

1850 Calloway Co.: W. BODINE 45 TN hatter in household of G. B. Veal 32 KY Farmer.