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Unless it was copied incorrectly, his name on the birth record of his daughter Hannah was John.

There are pictures of their graves at the Sand Brook German Baptist Cemetery on Find A Grave.

I originally started this family with just the birth date and parents for Joseph Bodine (Samuel's son) from IGI. But looking at the 1880 Census of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, I noticed info for a Samuel Bodine that matched what I had perfectly. I am guessing that this Samuel and that Samuel of the Census are the same person (Census of N. Delaware, Hunterdon, v. 13, ed. 65, sh. 22, ln. 40). I also had the birthplace of Joseph as Delaware Township in Hunterdon. See also 1860 Census.

Later I found a death record for a Kate Bodine, the only child of Samuel and Jane Bodine. Kate died near Locktown, Hunterdon County on April 2, 1864 of Diptheria. She was three years and seven months old. I am also going to venture a guess that she was the daughter of this Samuel. It will need proof, though.

Here is some info from the card files of the Hunterdon Co. Hist. Soc. which I presume applies to this Samuel:

Marietta daughter of Samuel & Jane Bodine, d. 5/20/1879, age. 1-6-4. Sand Brook Cem.
There is an interesting article in the Hunterdon County Democrat that I think applies to this Samuel. It is found in the of August 14, 1877 (v. 39, no. 51, p. 2027):

Old Papers
While tearing down a very old house on the farm of Mr. John Kuhl, near Klinesville, a few days ago, Mr. Samuel Bodine, the carpenter found between the floor and joice of the building two pieces of time-stained paper, which bear the following messages written in clear hands. The first reads:

Dec. 13th, 1776,
I hereby certify that Samuel Thatcher this day took the oath of fealty before me.
C. Shimor.

On the reverse side of this certificate is written the following official endoresement:

It is his Excellency, Lt. General Lord Cornwallis, his orders that no person on any account presume to molest or injure Samuel Thatcher, in his person or property.
I. Sinker
Aid de Camp.
By his Excellency's orders,
Pennington, Dec. 13, 1776.

The other piece of paper, ragged, ill-shapen and of exceedingly rough texture, is a justices certificate of James Willson's "loyalty" to the tyrant George the Third, and reads as follows:

New Jersey,
This is to certify that James Willson, of Hunterdon county, personally appeared before me, John Taylor, one of his Majestics' Justices of the Peace of the county aforesaid, who made oath that he would bear Faith and True Allegiance to his Majesties' King George the Third.
John Taylor.
December 13th, 1776.

From Ronny Bodine:

Samuel Bodine and Jane Bird were married 1859 in Hunterdon County and lived all of their lives in Delaware Township, Hunterdon County, appearing there in all censuses from 1860 on. The death of one child in 1860 and the births of two children in Delaware Township in 1865 and 1867 attest to their continued residency there. In 1900, Samuel and Jane Bodine lived in Delaware Township, Hunterdon County. Samuel reported that in 41 years of marriage his wife had borne 7 children of whom 5 were then living. Their son, George L. Bodine, lived next door with his wife. Samuel and Jane Bodine were buried in Sand Brook Cemetery, Hunterdon County.