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Stella Bodine, wife of Peter, is buried in the Sandy Ridge Baptist Cemetery in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. A note of interest is that her grave is the only one made of fieldstone among the Bodines. The actual name on the stone is "Sibilla." I guess it says "Stella" in the records. Here are some pics of her stone that were sent to me by Brian D. Bodine. Her stone says, "In memory of Sibilla Bodine, wife of Peter Bodine, Died April 4, 1825, Aged 66 years."

Graves of Peter and Sibilla Bodine

Grave of Sibilla Bodine

I have also seen her name spelled Sybilla. The more common spelling seems to be something like Sabillah. This is the spelling that appears in the Case-Bodine family Bible (see Notes for Peter Bodine). Her dates in that Bible match the tombstone dates mentioned below. Her name is also given as Belah in one case (see message below). Sabillah seems to have signed her own name as Sabiley when, as administratix of her husband's inventory, she put her name on a document from Nov. 16, 1810. The person who wrote the inventory papers called her Isabella.

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Carol (this is to Dave, too),

Sorry for the duplication, I didn't want to type this twice. Wish I had more to help, but my line of Ent is from Theobald who married Sybilla, through their son Johan Theobald who wa in Germantown, PA.

Thanks so much for the Ent information. Several years ago I corresponded with Beverlee Felkner 380 Old Mill Drive, Langhorn, PA 19047. She is descended from John Ent who left Germany in 1705 and arrived in East Amwell, New Jersey...

John was the father of Valentine Ent who married Susanna Moore. She sent a copy of some information from the Hunterdon Historical Newsletter which includes a map showing land formerly owned by Valentine Ent, and has Peter Bodine, Jacob Howell, James Romine, Robert Sharp and Lambert listed. At the top of the page it says,Book L., p 445--"Jersey Deeds" (West Jersey Deeds, New Jersey Archives) July 27, 1750--John Lambert of Kingwood to Valentine End of Amwell Township, Yoeman 750 lb. Land in Amwell Township bounced by Edward Farrell (spelled this way) Garrett Vandoloe, Richard Green, 410 acres.

In the sale of land by Susannah as executrix and her brother Peter More as executor, Belah is named as receiving, with her husband, Peter Bodine, land "in consideration of the fifty being the first division of a legacy bequeathed to the said Belah Bodine by the said Valentine deceased...served in the Revolutionary War.

The last I heard from Beverly was over 10 years ago. I didn't look to see if she is still in the phone book. Her husband is Stanley Alexander Felkner.

Good luck. Thanks, both of you, for sharing.

Dora Mae

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Hello David,

I got a call from the Pastor ( John Gillian ), then the Caretaker ( Bud Kazant ) of the Cemetery of Sandy Ridge Church. He didn't have record of Peter Bodine but did of Sabillah. They have only the birth & death dates.

Sabillah ( Stella ) Bodine, Died April 4th, 1825 at age 66, which would put her birth date at 1759.

He gave me the lot number ( 44? ) and said he would meet me at the Church to look at the Maps of the Cemetery to see if we could find the stone(s). He's 86 Years young... So, we got a little here with Sabillah's birth and death dates and will keep on looking and that's a start...

Sincerely, Brian Bodine

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