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This could be the Cornelius Bodine (BK #17700) who is buried in the Selover Cemetery in Niles, New York. However, by his age at death, that Cornelius would have been born April 16, 1805. The December 27, 1807 date above could be a mistake or it could be his baptism date. Laurel Auchampaugh says that he remained in Sempronius with his mother and sisters. Cornelius and Peter are mentioned as "my youngest sons" in Cornelius' will. His sister, in a Civil War letter, says he and Rachel went to Ohio - but maybe just to visit.

There is a Cornelius Bodine buried in the Owasco Cemetery in the town of Skaneateles, New York along with his wives Ann and Rachel. The only problem is that supposedly his age at death was 88-2-17. His death date is transcribed as March 4, 1876. If this is true, he would have been born on about December 16, 1787. I believe either his death date or his age at death must be 20 years off. Both of his wives buried with him were born about 1807 or 1808. It would be more probable that he had a similar birth date, not one 20 years before his wives. The info I had earlier on this Cornelius said that he was born on December 26, 1807. This comes from the Bodine-Bartlett Bible from Clarence, New York. If his age at death was really 68, then his birth date would be about December 16, 1807. That would just about match perfectly this Cornelius.

I will go on the assumption that this Cornelius is the one buried in the Owasco Cemetery in Skaneateles, New York and that there is an error in the transcription of his tombstone. listed the parents of the three children as John and Rachel.

Roger Post sent this:

From Hannah Bodine Mattoon, BODINE Family Records, (Letter written during Civil War), "Uncle Cornelius and Aunt Rachel have gone to Ohio."

No children under 11 are listed for Cornelius and Rachel in the 1860 Census of Cayuga Co., NY. His first wife, Anna, died in 1849. My guess is that Cornelius' first wife, Anna, died in childbirth and later he and Rachel did not have any children.

From Ronny Bodine:

Cornelius C. Bodine and Ann Post were married at the Reformed Dutch Church at the Owasco Outlet, Fleming, Cayuga County, New York on 10 Oct 1829. Ann Post Bodine died in April 1849 and by June 1850, Cornelius had married his 2nd wife, Rachel. The household in 1860 included a child, Mary, age 11, who is not with the family in 1850 and considering Cornelius already had a daughter named Mary, it is unlikely that a second would be given the same name. More likely, Mary was a niece or other relative. Cornelius Bodine was buried with his two wives in Owasco Rural Cemetery, Onondaga County where burial records show: Cornelius Bodine buried Mar. 14, 1876 aged 68 years, 2 mos. (=Jan 1808); Ann Bodine buried April 13, 1849 aged 41 years, 2 mon., 4 days(= 9 Feb 1808); and Rachel Bodine buried July 26, 1882 aged 73 years. Anna (Post) Bodine was the daughter of George B. and Anna (Groom) Post. Rachel (Joralemon) Bodine was the daughter of Tunis and Jannetje Vredenburgh (Losie) Joralemon.

From: Deaths in Niles, Cayuga County.
13 April 1849: Ann Bodine, 41 years

The date of birth for Cornelius Bodine was recorded in the family bible as 27 Dec 1807 (see Bodine-Bartlett Family Bible in Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, vol. 30, p. 32, fall 1966.) It seems clear the age recorded on his grave marker was incorrect.

From New York Federal Census Records:
1850 Niles, Cayuga County: Cornelius C. Bodine 42, Rachel 40, Mary Ann 17, George 15, John M. 10. 1860 Niles, Cayuga County: Cornelius C. Bodine 53, Rachel 53, John M. 19, Mary 11. 1870 Niles, Cayuga County: Cornelius C. Bodine 62, Rachel 60. $12,200 real property, $5000 personal property. 1880 Niles, Cayuga County: Rachel Bodine 68 widowed, boarding with Norman and Mary Kris.

Death Notice, Auburn Morning News (Auburn, N.Y.) of 17 March 1876.
DIED. BODINE---In the town of Niles, March 14, 1876, Cornelius C. Bodine, aged 69 years. Funeral at Owasco, Friday, 17th at 12 M.

The will of Rachel H. Bodine of Niles, Cayuga County, was written 5 March 1881 and therein named her sisters Mary V. Hall and Eleanor L. Raggin, and nephews Ellsworth and Burton Joralemon, children of her brother Tunis, as well as a number of unrelated persons. Peter A. McDowell was appointed executor. The probate noted Rahcel died o/a 26 July 1882. The will was proved 16 Sept 1882. {Cayuga County Wills, vol. 29, p. 612-615]