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The following pension file must have to do with this Isaac Bodine. It is from FTM CD# 145 Revolutionary War Pension Lists, Pension Roll of 1835, Vol. IV, Ohio:

(Statement of Columbia Co, NY) Page 384: Isaac Bodine, Private, Annual allowance: 80.00, sums received: -. Description of service: New York Militia, When placed on pension roll: Dec 11, 1832 Commencement of Pension: Mar 4, 1831, Age: 73.

There is an abstract of this pension file that says Isaac applied for his pension on August 8, 1832 at the age of 72 while living in Hudson, Columbia County, New York. It says he enlisted from Montgomery in Ulster County, New York. In 1822, he moved to Dutchess County, New York and in 1824, he moved back to Hudson. He died in 1837 leaving a daughter Maria.

Here is what I have from this pension file:

PENSION FILE #S.12258 Isaac Bodine

Item: Letter from Marriah Bodine

This letter is dated February 26, 1859 from Hudson, NY to the Commissioner of Pensions. She says that a pension of $80 was granted to her father, Isaac Bodine, who was a private in the Revolutionary Army in the state of New York. She says his certificate was dated December 11, 1832, no. 3032. He drew a pension for a year or two and then, like many others, was dropped from the rolls. She says her father died in 1837. I can't understand the rest of this, but she appears to be asking for anything still due him.

Item: Typed letter

There is a typed letter from the Rev. & 1812 Wars Section to a Mrs. G. L. Van Hoyser, 281 4th Avenue, New York, NY dated October 10, 1924. Someone has gone through Isaac's files and gleaned some of the information there was on him. It says Isaac was born in August of 1760 in Montgomery, then in Ulster Co., NY (later Orange Co.). While living in said town, he enlisted in October of 1776 and served as private for one month in Captain Conklin's New York Company. In May of 1777, he guarded the frontiers for some twenty days. It goes on to describe more of his military service. He was granted pension on his application executed August 8, 1832, while residing in Hudson, Columbia Co., NY.

Item: The letter Gladys L. Van Hoyser had written on October 7, 1924 is also in the file. She had asked about the records of several people: Capt. John Bodine who served from Richmond Co., NY in the Rev. War; Ensign Jacob Post of Westchester Co.; Lt. Peter Post of the Ulster Co. Militia; William Bodine, Lewis Bodine, and Isaac Bodine under Capt. Ebenezer Seely, Jr. and Col. De Lancey in the Rev. War; Jacob Bodine of the Ulster Co. Militia; David, John, Isaac, and William Bodine of the Orange Co. Militia; John Bodine of the Gryon/Tryon Co. Militia in the Rev. War; and Isaac Bodine of Richmond Co. who enlisted April 10, 1758.

Item: Declaration of Service (a handwritten letter)

Isaac Bodine appeared on August 8, 1832 in court in Hudson, Columbia Co., NY. He was a resident of the city and was 72 years old. He says he was born in August of 1760 in Montgomery, Ulster Co. (now Orange Co.), NY and that he resided there until 1776 when he was drafted. He went back and forth between home and service in the Militia. He said that he states his age from the date which is recorded in the family Bible which is in his possession. He continued to live in Ulster County until 1822 when he moved to Dutchess County. He lived there far about two years until he moved to Hudson in 1824. He has lived in Hudson ever since. His signature is on the document.

Item: Handwritten letter of June 8, 1835

This repeats more about his service in the War. It also says that he had recently become blind. It may say that he had been a sergeant, but this wasn't clear. It also says that he was living with his father in Ulster County when he was called out by the Militia in October of 1776.

End of pension file information.

From Ronny Bodine:

Isaac Bodine was a soldier serving during the Revolutionary War. In 1832, when he was aged 72, he applied for a pension and furnished the details necessary to do so. Born in Montgomery, Ulster County in August 1760, he enlisted in Oct 1776 in Captain Conklin's New York Company and marched to Newburgh and Fishkill. After a service of 1 1/2 months he returned home and served again in May 1777 guarding the frontier for 18 or 20 days. In the fall of 1777 he served in Captain Matthias Felter's New York Company for 1 1/2 months and in May 1778 enlisted as a Minute Man in Captain Jason Wilkins' New York Company and served until the end of the war. He returned home to Ulster County and in 1822 moved to Dutchess County, then in 1824 to Hudson, Columbia County. It was here on 8 Aug 1832 that he applied for his pension. (RW File S. 12258)

From Dutch Reformed Church of New Hurley, Ulster County, Baptisms:
James Huie, born 17 Oct 1796 to Isaac Bomyn [sic] & Rachel Dubois.

From Dutch Reformed Church of New Paltz, Ulster County, Baptisms.
In all instances, Isaac Bodine and Rachel DuBois were named as parents. There were no recorded sponsors.
Peter, born 29 Sept. 1795; Maria, born 14 Oct 1796; Hiram, born 16 Feb 1799; Anne, born 27 April 1801;
Ira, born 23 Sept. 1803; Isack, born 12 Dec 1806; John, born 7 Sept. 1809.

From New York Federal Census Records:
1830 Hudson, Columbia Co.: Isaac BODINE males 1(20-29), 1(60-69); females 1(0-4), 1(15-19), 1(20-29).

Burials in Hudson City Cemetery, Hudson, Columbia County.
Rachel Dubois, wife of Isaac Bodine, Died Sep. 16, 1829 aged 61 yrs.