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This John Bodine died without leaving a will.

Joan Best said, "It is my guess that the John Bodine that is found in Livingston Co. NY for a while is the John from Cuyahoga [this John Bodine], and that his son Abraham went to Michigan with the large group of Livingston Co. folk moving there, and John and Peter from the same clan moved to Richland Co. Ohio with the group of Livingston Co. NY folk who moved there."

Here is the census info from the 1810 Census of Cayuga Co., NY: "3,-,1,1,-,1,2,-,1,-,-". This means John's family consisted of 3 males under 10, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45 and 1 female under 10, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 26-45.

3 males under 10: John, age 9; Gilbert, 5; Abraham, 2.
1 male 16-26: Unknown. See below.
1 male 26-45: John, 35.
1 female under 10: Mariah, 7.
2 females 10-16: Ann, 13; Elizabeth, 11.
1 female 26-45: Tiney, 34.

This shows that there could be a child that we know nothing about. It might be possible that this is the Thomas Bodine (b. abt 1799, BK#23806) who was 51 in the 1850 Census of Mt. Morris, Livingston Co., NY, but that is only a guess. If Thomas were 51 in 1850, this means he could have been born no earlier than 1798. The male mentioned in the census between 16 and 26 years of age would have been born no later than 1795. Of course mistakes are made on the censuses, but if we just go by what is in the 1810 and 1850 censuses, then Thomas would not have been one of John's children.

If so, this does mean that either we don't know the name of one of John and Tiney's children or that the male 16-26 was just living with them and was not immediate family. From the info further below, it looks like some records say that John Bodine was the oldest son. That would make sense since this John's father was also a John. It would be a typical naming pattern.

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I looked at the scan once again. I asked about looking at the original papers and the clerk said that once they are scanned that the original papers aren't really supposed to come out of the boxes and for the public to look at the scans.

Hannah wrote her own letter wishing Garret C Pearsol of Sempronius be appointed her guardian until she was no longer a minor. Henry also wrote his own letter asking the same thing. Pearsol was granted guardianship on March 31, 1829

Gilbert B wrote a petition in regards to "John Bodine, late of Sempronius, died without leaving any last will and testament...left considerable estate and one infant child, David. Your petitioner is a brother of said infant...[and] desirous that Garret C Pearsol be appointed guardian" The request was granted March 31, 1829...Pearsol was also appointed guardian of Henry and Hannah. A Mr. something Tallman was also given guardianship...

I think this is in regards to John Bodine's estate and everyone wanting something from him...

I didn't see who died, other than the mention of John...but he died way before 1829, didn't he?


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I did find this today: I went through and looked at John Bodine's papers again:
John Bodine d 1826. He died without a will.

Interested parties are John G Bodine (oldest son, of Mt. Morris); Anna, wife of William Sutphen of Lyons; Elisabeth, wife of Lewis Tallman of Owasco; Gilbert (B) Bodine of Owasco; Mariah Bodine of Owasco; Abraham (B) Bodine of Owasco; Hannah Bodine of Owasco; Henry and David Bodine of Sempronius. The "last three [are] udner the age of 21...Garret Pearsol of Sempronius is their guardian....[all] children of said deceased [John Bodine]."

The account wasn't settled until 1832.

...I included the middle initials in () because they aren't in the actual letters, but rather in the signatures at the bottom of the petition to have the account settled.



The following came from Donna Tunison. I don't know how or if it applies to this family:

SCHQ 1915; p. 268
Tabulated Known Conewago Families According to Male Parents
Bodine: Abraham, Daniel, John