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His mother left 1/3 of her estate to Vincent Bodine and Hester Brower. This statement in the will makes it look like they are married, but it doesn't state that much.

I did have that this Vincent died or was buried on October 14, 1758. This date came from Year Book of the Holland Society of NY, 1899: Burials in the Dutch Church. I'm not sure if this is the death or burial date. RB says this Vincent Bodine moved to North Carolina around 1758/1759; so I guess the death info from the Holland Society must be in error and refer to some other Vincent Bodine.

Here is something from the Granville County web site: March 20, 1759 James Wheeler, 7 years old on January 1759, orphan of Samuel Wheeler bound to Vincent Bodine to learn the trade of a shoemaker.

On Oct. 5, 1778, Vencint Bodine and Thomas Machen were bondsmen or witnesses for the marriage Henry Cooper and Molley Blackman in Bute Co., NC.

There is a Vinson Bodine listed in the 1790 Census of Wake Co., NC. He is the lone male in the family and there are two females. Living about 25 houses away is a John Bodine who could be his son. That John is over 16 and has one male under 16 in his household. There are two females in the house.

In the 1800 Census, he is over 45 as is the female in his household. His name is Vincint Bodine and he is living in the Hillsboroughs District. There are two other free persons in his household, but they don't appear to be family members.

From Ronny Bodine:

Vincent Bodine was baptized 25 March 1733, the only child of his parents baptized at the French Church of New York City. Witnesses to his baptism were his uncle and aunt, Mr. Denys Riche (Denis Rushe) and Made. Mariane Abelin (Marianne Abelin, nee Bodine). On 22 Aug 1750, he sponsored the baptism of his niece, Hyla, daughter of Cornelius and Hester (Bodine) Brower, at the Dutch Reformed Church of New York City.

Vincent Bodine appears on the 1757 tax list of Richard Harris for Granville County, North Carolina. It appears he had traveled there to scout out a location to relocate his family to and returned to New York City where his daughter Anne was baptized in November 1758, then moved his family to Granville County soon thereafter as on 20 March 1759, James Wheeler, aged 7 in Jan 1759, the orphan of Samuel Wheeler, was bound to Vincent Bodine to learn the trade of a shoemaker (Orphan Bonds of Granville Co., 1749-1786). A survey of 640 acres, on both sides of Crooked Creek, in St. John's Parish was conducted on 24 April 1760 and which land was granted to him 2 Dec 1760 (Granville District Patent Book 11, p. 330, Patent No. 1423). He was named on the 1769 tax list for Granville County. On 13 Aug 1771, a deed from William Massey to Vincent Bodine was proven in court (Bute Co. Minutes, 1767-1776, p. 182); on 28 Sept 1772, as residents of Bute County, he and his wife Phebe sold a tract of land in Granville County (Granville Co. Deeds K: 151); and on 9 Feb 1778 Vincent Bodine took upon himself the responsibility for Charles Brown, a child, to teach him to read and write and the planter's business (Bute Co. Minutes, 1779-1799, p. 67).

On 20 April 1762, Vincent Bodine, age 29, a cooper, enlisted in Captain Francis Thodey's Company of troops for the City and County of New York and appears on a muster roll of that company dated 11 May 1762 ("New York Colonial Manuscripts, Vol. II, 1664-1775, p. 679). It looks as if he moved back and forth between North Carolina and New York.

Upon the abolishment of Bute County in 1779 and its division to form Warren and Franklin Counties, Vincent Bodine found himself as a resident in the latter. On 18 Feb 1783, Vincent Bodine, of Franklin County sold a 300 acre plantation on the south side of Tar River, purchased in 1771 from William Massey, to Nathaniel Perry (Franklin Co. Deeds, 5: 94). In March 1784 he first appears in Wake County and is last recorded there on the 1800 census as living in Hillsborough which shows his household comprising only himself, his wife, and 2 other free persons who were not Indians. Phoebe, to whom he was married by 17 Oct 1766, when both purchased land in Granville County (Granville Co. Deeds H: 212), is last noted when she was paid out of the estate of John Jones, deceased, recorded 22 Oct 1799 (Wake Co. Wills F: 26).

The following three children were baptized at the Dutch Reformed Church of New York City:

- 1753, Jun 3: John, son of Vincent Bodine and Annatje Sprong; Sponsors: Andrew Manuel, Tryntje Bensen, huis v. van [wife of] James Taylor.
- 1756, Oct 20: Gabriel, son of Vincent Bodine and Anna Sprong; Sponsors: Cornelis Brouwer, Anna Sprong, de moeder [the mother].
- 1758, Nov 8: Annatje, daughter of Vincent Bodyn and Annatje Srong; Sponsors: De Fader [the father], Geertruy Sprong, h.v. [wife of] Andrew Menne.