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On the FTM CD #401, John has a marriage date to Catherine Benson on July 29, 1737, Province of New York, State of New York. This appears to be their marriage bond. I believe the sponsors at John's baptism were John Obline and Jannetje Stevens.

There is a letter of administration on the estate of a John Bodyn which is dated January 21, 1745. This might apply to the Jean Bodin from Bethune, France, but that is uncertain. It is more likely that it applies to this John Bodine, the son of Vincent and Hyla Bodine. (This John was from New York City, as well as the John mentioned in the administration papers. Whereas, Jean Bodin of Bethune probably did not live out the end of his life in New York City.)

Jane Pears (sp?) is appointed the administratrix of John's estate. Jane was his principal creditor. From the handwritten part of this document, it says that Jane and Jean were both from the City of New York. For the original letter, see New York Letters of Administration, 1743-1755, p. 73 (or 167?). To see this document, click here. Click "Back" on your browser to return to this page. Here is a transcription of this letter:

George Clinton, Esq; Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Province of New-York, and Territories thereon depending in America, Vice-Admiral of the same, and Vice-Admiral of _____ _____ in his Majestys fleet: To Jane Pears of the City of New York Widow principal Creditor of ______ John Bodyn late of the same place Cooper* deceased.


WHEREAS the said John Bodyn lately died intestate (without a will), having whilst he lived, and at the Time of his Death, Goods, Right and Credits in diverse Places within this Province, by Means whereof the full Disposition of all and singular the Goods, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased, and the Granting Administration of them, as also the Hearing of Account, Calculation or Reckoning, and the final discharge and Dismission from the same, unto me solely, and not unto any inferior judge, are manifestly known to belong; I desiring that the Goods, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased may be well and faithfully administered, converted and disposed of into pious uses, do grant unto you the said Jane Pears (in whose Fidelity in this Behalf I very much confide) full Power by the Tenor of these Presents, to administer the Goods, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased, and faithfully to dispose of them; as also to ask, collect, levy, recover and receive the Debts whatsoever of the said Deceased, which unto him whilst he lived, and at the Time of his Death did belong, and to pay the Debts which the said Deceased stood obliged for, so far forth as his Goods, Rights and Credits can thereunto extend, according to their Rate, chiefly of well and truly administering the same, and of making a true and perfect Inventory thereof, and exhibiting it into the Registry of the Prerogative Court, in the Secretary's Office of the Province, at or before the twenty first Day of June, next ensuing, and of rendering a just and true Account, Calculation or Reckoning of the said Administration, and that on or before the twenty first Day of January then next following, and I do ordain, depute and constitute you the said Jane Pears Administratrix of all and singular the Goods, Rights and Credits which were of the said John Bodine so as aforesaid deceased. In Testimony whereof I have caused the Prerogative Seal of the Province of New-York to be hereunto affixed, this twenty first Day of January One Thousand seven hundred and forty five.

*A cooper repaired wooden casks and tubs. The signature is of a Jno. (Jonathan?) Catherwood, followed by what may be his title, but which cannot be deciphered.

I believe John is the witness at the following baptism at the New Amseterdam/NY Dutch Reformed Church, "Oct 15, 1740; Abraham Bensen, Annatje Tilly; Marytje; Johannes Bodyn, Marytje Bockee Wed'e Van Simson Bensen."

From Ronny Bodine:

John Bodine was bapt. 29 June 1718 at the Dutch Reformed Church of New York City. He was referred to as deceased in the 8 March 1750 will of his mother. He may be identical with the John Bodine/Bodyn for whom Jane Pears of New York City, principal creditor, was appointed administratrix on 21 Jan 1745 (New York Letters of Administration, 1743-55, p. 167).

John Bodine and Catherine Benson were married at the RDC of New York City as John Bodin & Cathar'a Bensen. In the baptismal records for her four children she is always called Tryntje, a Dutch variant of the name. Tryntje appears to have married 2ndly, James Taylor, as one Tryntje Benson, wife of James Taylor, served as a sponsor at the baptism of John, son of Vincent and Annatje Bodine on 3 June 1753 at the DRC of New Yoek City.