Notes for: Esther (Hester) Bodine

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The witnesses at her baptism were Mr. and Mrs. Rusje. Hester, wife of Cornelius Brower, is mentioned in Hyla (Smith) Bodine's will. But I'm not sure if Esther is mentioned as her daughter or as her granddaughter. This needs to be checked. Cornelius is later mentioned in the will as her son-in-law. So she must be Hyla's daughter.

From Ronny Bodine:

Hester Bodine was bapt. 20 Feb 1715 and Cornelius Brower on 14 Oct 1713 at the Dutch Reformed Church of New York City. The couple was married at the DRC of New York City as Cornelius Brouwer and Hester Bodin. On 20 Oct 1756, Cornelius Brewer witnessed the baptism of Gabriel, son of Vincent and Anna Bodine at the DRC of New York City. Cornelius Brower filed suit against the Trinity Church of England in New York as per the provisions contained in the will of his mother-in-law. The verdict at the trial in 1760 was returned in favor of the Church. On 1 May 1762, Hester Bodyn and Vinsen Broer were baptismal sponsors for Elizabeth, daughter of Louis Bodine and Weintje Kimberg, of Montgomery, Orange County, New York. This would appear to be Hester Bodine Brewer and her son, Vincent Brewer. The burial of Cornelus Brouwer on 29 Aug 1768 appears in the burial records of the DRC of New York City.

All of the children were baptised at the DRC of New York City: Sara (15 May 1737), Vincent (18 March 1739), Sara (25 March 1741), Hester (3 July 1743), Cornelius (11 Dec 1745), Sibrant (2 March 1748), Hyla (22 Aug 1750).