Notes for: James Bodine

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He was alive in 1801. This comes from his father's will. Betty Roach says that James is not mentioned in "The History of Orange County, New York." Maybe he moved somewhere else. I'm wondering if he isn't the Jacob Bodine who married Elizabeth Delameter. That's just a wild guess, but their birth years are pretty close. James and Jacob are often the same name in some languages. RB has him as the husband of Dolly Duryea. We'll go with that for now, but it does need more proof.

From Ronny Bodine:

James, son of William Bodyn and Maria Melzbach, was bapt. 30 April 1768 at Montgomery DRC. He was mentioned in his father's will of 1801. As no other James Bodine fits for this time period for whom a spouse is unrecorded, it must be he who was recorded as the husband of Dolly Duryea and parents of Caty Baker Bodine, born 21 Jan 1811 in the records of the DRC of Montgomery. The church baptismal records reflect Dolly Duryea as formerly the wife of John Roosa whose first child was born in 1801 and the last in 1807.