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From Ronny Bodine:

James Bodine is presumed to be a son of Francis and Maria (Dey) Bodine. There is, as yet, no documentary evidence that supports this relationship. However, it seems very likely that name James Bodine was the namesake of his maternal grandfather, James Dey, and it was with him that the name James entered the Bodine family. Sinnott, in her "Annals..." makes no mention of this James Bodine or any of his descendants.

James Bodine is first recorded in Bucks County on 24 March 1746/7 when he witnessed the will of John Gosline (Bucks Co. Wills, 2: 84). His marriage to Sarah Bessonet took place likely in Sept. 1748, the month when a marriage license was issued from the Provincial Secretary's Office ("Names of Persons for whom Marriage Licenses were Issued in the Province of Pennsylvania Previous to 1790," p. 31. On 29 Sept 1751 he purchased 250 acres in Bristol Township from William Allen of Philadelphia (Bucks Co. Deeds 8: 244). He died shortly before 29 July 1769, when his widow, Sarah, with Charles Bessonet and James Bessonet were appointed administrators of his estate (Bucks Co. Administrations A: 39). Sarah, the daughter of John Bessonet of Bristol Township, died shortly before 27 Feb 1773 when John Bodine and John Tison were appointed administrators of her estate (Bucks Co. Administrations A: 42).

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In some info on the Internet posted May 5, 1998, by Donald E. Deal at (fpbdeal at on the subject, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, he wrote:

Doylestown PA. book written for 300th Centennial of the founding of Bucks County 1682-1982. Names that are mentioned in the book : Cope ATTORNEY owned first bicycle in area 1869; Robert BODINE...

FTM CD #209 Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 (Extracts)

Page 30 - John Bessonett, of Bristol Borough, March 4, 1774. Proved October 26, 1778. Wife Joyce. Son John of City of N.Y. and son Charles of Bristol, exrs. Son John's son John. Daus. Catharine Goheen, Anne Boucher, and Martha Johnson. Children of late dau. Elizabeth Larzeler, Dec'd. Children of Dec'd. dau Mary Mitchell. Children of Dec'd dau. Sarah Bodine, Martha Brelsford dau. of wife Joyce. Wit: Sims Betts, Jos. Brown. [dec'd probably should be deceased]

Page 84 - John Gosline, of Middletown Twp, Carpenter. March 24, 1746/7. Pr. April 22, 1747. Wife Rebekah. Sons William, John and Jacob. Daus. Rebekah and Martha. Relation Wm. Burras and Friend John Bessonet, exrs. Wit: Peter Peterson Vanhorne, Henry Mitchell, James Bodine, Robert Brodnax.

From: al ladwig []
Sent: Monday, November 17, 2014 11:10 AM
Subject: james bodine

You have developed a fabulous site. I cannot believe you missed any of the Bodine descendents.
However I have been trying to find a reference to James Bodine. He lived in Bucks County, Pa in the 1700's. I cannot find him on your site.
It would appear that he married Sarah Bessonett, daughter of John Bessonett. James and Sarah may have had a son John. Bucks County Will Extracts 1685-1825.
10/26/1778 John Bessonet will mentions daughters, Mary Mitchell and Sarah Bodine. James is a trustee and a relative.
James Bodine is a witness to wills written 3/24/1746 & 12/13/1749.
John Bodine is a witness to a will written 11/21/1785.
I suspect that James Bodine is a son of Francois and Mary Dey, but I have no proof of that except that Mary is the daughter of James Hans Dey and possibly the source of the name James.
An Ancestry tree shows that John Bessonett married Sara Dey. I suspect she was the daughter of William Dye who was the brother of James Hans Dey.

James Hans Dey is my ancestor and his family lived on Staten Island with the Bodines.

Al Ladwig