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Barre is located in far western New York just west of Rochester. Joseph must be related to William Bodine (BK#19389). Creveling information says he was from Mansfield Township in New Jersey and that they moved by oxcart to Genesee County, New York. It goes on to say that he was a farmer and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church in West Barre, New York. They may have had seven children. I have six listed so far.

Here is the 1850 Census info from Genesee Co., NY. Joseph's first wife, Elizabeth, died in 1844; so I assume that Mary A. Bodine is his second wife. From the census info below, it looks like Joseph and Elizabeth moved to New York sometime between 1830 and 1834.

Bodine Joseph 50 M . Farmer 10,400 NJ
Bodine Mary A. 47 F . . . NJ
Bodine Mary C. 22 F . . . NJ
Bodine John H. 20 M . Farm laborer . NJ
Bodine Samuel C. 16 M . Farm laborer . NY
Bodine Joseph H. 13 F . . . NY
Bodine Ann E. 11 F . . . NY

At, he appears to be in the 1860 Census of Genesee Co., NY. He was 64 and born in New Jersey.

Joyce Cook (JCookie3 at sent the following info on this family:

1 Joseph Maddison Bodine b: August 16, 1798 in native of New Jersey d: May 23, 1866 in buried in West Barre Cemetery, NY.
.. +Elizabeth Creveling b: October 28, 1801 in NJ m: May 11, 1826 in Washington, Warren Co., NJ d: February 14, 1844 in buried in West Barre Cemetery, NY.

Joyce believes that Joseph is also related to Peter Bodine (BK#17696) and Abraham Bodine (BK#16612).

From: Michael Gesner [TSSC at]
Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2003
Subject: Hi & Ten Most Wanted

Hi Dave:

I'd like to congratulate you on all the fine work on the Bodines! I've only been working on my own tree for about six months now, but can still appreciate all the time you have spent.

On my side, I am connected to the Bodines through Adam Case (my 1st cousin who married Anna Bodine) and possibly Jacob Warman (I haven't been able to connect him with my Warman line as yet) who married Sarah E. Bodine.

On my wife's side, there is Joseph Maddison Bodine who married Elizabeth Creveling (Janet's 1st Cousin) And Adam Wandling Creveling who married Lydia Adeline Bodine (rtf file attached). As you have already found, when two family lines connect in the same town, they are "usually" related.

First, a little background: Janet and I live in the farm house that was subdivided from the Bodine Farm in 1970. William Bodine (b 1808) bought it from a Creveling and handed it down to his son and so on. A few hundred feet behind our house is a single grave, that of Samuel Creveling, who lived on the property before William Bodine. Samuel is Janet's first cousin! Strange Stuff! So our interest in Crevelings and Bodines is well founded.

Disclaimer: I don't pretend to know what I'm doin! But anyway, here are my thoughts:

(1) Joseph Maddison Bodine is "probably" related to Henry Bodine. Same town and both lines connect to the Creveling line. No proof, though.

(2) the "Maddison" middle name might very well be "Mattison". After his MOTHER?? At least Mattison is a real name in both Hunterdon and Warren County. AND, about 3/4 of a mile from our house was Mattison's Mill. I haven't really looked into this and maybe I will but have been too busy with other stuff.

(3) Where did Henry Bodine and Joseph Maddison Bodine come from? My guess is New York but I really don't have a clue. They could be brothers or Joseph could be his nephew? In the early 1800's, there weren't that many people living in Washington (Warren County), NJ: present day Washington Township, just west of the town of Washington. So, for these two to NOT be related would be mighty strange.

(4) About John Bodine (1755-1834). John could easily be Henry's father. Franklin Township is 1/4 mile from my property, the old Bodine farm. But, again, no proof! [Note from DB: I'm not sure which John Bodine Michael is talking about here.]

That's it for now - keep up the good work!

Michael Gesner
Washington, NJ
mgesner at

Here are some additional children listed for Joseph and Elizabeth ( I have my doubts that these are correctly listed. I would like to see the proof of this.

- Bodine, Robert M. (b. 1837 in New Jersey)
- Bodine, Theodore (b. ABT. JUL 1840 in NJ)
Spouse: Sarah, ? (~1850 - )
-----child: Bodine, Jessie W. (~1875 - )
- Bodine, Lydia (b. 1844 )

From Ronny Bodine:

From New York Federal Census Records:
1840 Elba, Genesee Co.: Joseph BODINE males 1(0-4), 1(5-9), 1(10-14), 1(40-49); females 1(0-4), 2(10-14), 1(30-39).

1850 (30 Aug) Oakfield, Genesee Co.: Joseph BODINE 50 NJ Farmer, Mary A. 47 NJ, Mary C. 22 NJ, John H. 20 NJ Farm Laborer, Samuel C. 16 NY Farm Laborer, Joseph H. 13 NY, Ann E. 11 NY.

1860 (21 June) Oakfield, Genesee Co.: Samuel C. BODINE 26 NY Farmer, Betsey 25 NY, Herman 3 NY, Mary E. 1 NY, Joseph 64 NJ Gentleman.

The will of Joseph Bodine of Mount Morris, Livingston County was written 14 Feb 1863 and therein named his daughters as Mary C. Curtis, wife of E. Darwin Curtis; Hetty Hill; and Elizabeth Humphrey, wife of Walter Humphrey; sons Samuel C. Bodine, John H. Bodine and Joseph H. Bodine. Executors were his son Joseph H. Bodine and his friend Abraham Wiggs. A codicil was added 10 July 1865 wherein he noted his son John H. Bodine had died leaving an infant son named John Bodine. The will was proved 9 July 1866. (Livingston County Wills, vol. 8 [1866-1871], pp. 70-73)

West Barre Cemetery, Barre, Orleans County.
Joseph Bodine Born Aug. 16, 1798 Died May 23, 1866
Elizabeth Creveling, wife of Joseph Bodine Born Oct. 28, 1801 Died Feb. 14, 1844