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Some pretty good circumstantial evidence seems to show that this Jacob Bodine/Bordine may also have married Christiana Marlatt. Recent DNA testing, however, shows that the descendants of that Jacob Bodine/Bordine and Christiana Marlatt might be unrelated to this Jacob Bodine/Bordine. So far, the DNA evidence is only based on one Bordine descendant from this line who has done the needed testing. More testing on other Bordines from this line needs to be done to confirm those results.

DNA testing shows that descendants of Jacob Bodine/Bordine and Christiana Marlatt are related to Jean Bodin and Maria Crocheron from Northern France. The descendants of this Jacob Bodine/Bordine may not be related to Jean and Maria Bodine based on the preliminary DNA testing. It's possible the DNA chain could have been broken somewhere along the line, but we can't assume that for now. The paper trail for the Bordine tested from this line seems pretty solid. Therefore, we do not know for sure who the ancestors of this Jacob Bordine/Bodine are. See more on this issue is in the notes below and in the notes for the Jacob Bodine/Bordine who married Christiana Marlatt. At this point, I don't think we have enough evidence to say with great certainty that that Jacob Bordine/Bodine and this Jacob Bodine/Bordine are the same person. It is my opinion that we need to keep them separate for now.

See Karen Weller's more recent writeup (abt 2015) on these issues in the Notes for the Jacob Bodine/Bordine who married Christiana Marlatt.

This Jacob has traditionally been associated with the area near Minaville in Montgomery County, New York. That may or may not be true. He may have actually come from New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ.

The Minaville, NY area used to be called the town of Florida. I don't think it is known by that name anymore. In "The History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, New York," by F.W. Beers & Co. (1878) is a description of "the Town of Florida." It says, "This town, the most south-easterly of Montgomery county, is bounded northerly and easterly by the Mohawk river, southerly by the line of Schenectady county, and westerly by the Schoharie creek." This area would fit quite well with the tradition that this, or some other, Jacob Bordine was born in the Mohawk Valley.

Here is a map of the area. The "Town of Florida" would have been in the part of Montgomery County that is showing, bordered on the north by the Mohawk River. I have put a red circle around the general area of Florida, but it is not exact. Minaville is not listed, but I have put a red dot in its approximate location. The river is the Mohawk:


There were several other "Bordines" from the area of Florida. The 1800 Census of Florida lists an Albert "Boredine." He and his wife were between the ages of 16 and 26. And they had two females (their own daughters I would imagine) under the age of 10. In the 1810 Census, Albert Bodine appears in Mayfield Township: one male under 10 and a male and female between 26-45. Comparing these two censuses, Albert would have been born between 1774 and 1784. That is from nine to nineteen years after Jacob. Also nearby were two other Bordines. One was Ann (or Nancy) Bordine, wife of Hermanus Mandeville. The other was Isaac Bordine, husband of Jan (or Ann) Mandeville. They are both listed in the record of baptisms from the Church at the Woestina, the first church in the town of Glenville, New York. This was built in 1785 and was near Hoffmans Ferry, New York. This is right next to Patersonville which is in the Florida area. Hermanus Mandeville and Ann Bordine had two children baptized there in 1801 and 1802. That would mean that Ann was probably born between about 1775 and 1780. Ann is referred to as a Bodine in a mention of her marriage to Hermanus. She is said to be from "Remsenbos." This is actually Remsen's Bush. According to one definition I read, Remsen's Bush was a 4000 acre tract of land in the eastern section of Florida owned by the Remsen and Brinkerhoff families of Albany and Long Island, New York. A German named Lawrence Shuler owned a 300 acre farm there, about a mile east of Minaville, on which the Remsen's Bush Reformed Protestant Dutch Church was formed at least by 1784. This is in a book about the first settlers of Schenectady County, New York (Jonathan Pearson, 1873). Isaac and Jenny Bordine had a daughter baptized in the Church at the Woestina in 1805. One birth date I've seen for Isaac (no source given) says he was born about 1768. Isaac is referred to as a Bodine in several records that I've seen. These Bordines mentioned above might be tied to two Bodines mentioned in Pearson's book about the early settlers in Schenectady County: John and Jacob. John and his wife, Maria Van Hoesen, had two sons baptized at some church there: Johannes in 1770 and Abraham in 1785. Jacob and his wife, Susanna Peek had two girls baptized at some church there: Elisabeth in 1796 and Susanna in 1798.

Here is some information regarding Jacob from Karen Bordine:

From: karenandburt
Sent: Friday, November 12, 2004
Subject: Re: Bodine research...


I found some details when I went to New York that I want to give you too, about other Bodine/Bordines in Montgomery County. About Jacob Bordine (#6 on your most wanted list), in 1793 he was the witness on the will of Hermanus Staley from Florida, NY. Hermanus was the brother of Hendrick Staley, who was the husband of Rachel Van Huesen. Rachel was the sister of Maria Van Huesen, the wife of the John Bodine mentioned in Pearson's book on Schenectady. This definitely ties Jacob Bordine to John Bodine. Jacob was on an assessment roll in the town of Florida in 1796, 1807, 1808, 1809, and 1812, but was not listed in 1816. In fact, it appears Jacob sold his land and moved to Orleans County in 1816 ("the year without a summer") because there is a mortgage dated April 5, 1816 between a Nicholas Bodine of Charleston and Jacob Bodine. Jacob sold his land to Nicholas, and also stated that Nicholas should support Jasper, Samuel, and Dinah if Jacob should die before they were grown, provide them with a good "English" education, and give them each $200.00 when they reached the age of 21, and give $200.00 to Moriah within two years. This sounds like the names of Jacob's children by his wife before Christina Marlatt. I think Nicholas was an older son of Jacob's. I also found the baptism of Jacob and Ann's son, Samuel, born in August 1809, and baptised Sept. 17, 1809. This differs from what some researchers say about the birth of Samuel being in 1811, and Anne in 1812. There was no Anne mentioned in Jacob's mortgage in April 1816. But I saw an 1880 census record for Anne and husband Harmanus Vedder in Michigan where Anne gave her age as 64, which would mean she was born in 1816, after the date of the April 5th mortgage, and would also mean that Christina Marlatt was Anne's mother. I also found Florida Town Records listing Jacob as a "pathmaster" and as a bondsman. One mystery though, is that there appears to be a Jacob Bordine on the 1810 Census in Florida, and also in Charleston, with different numbers of children...which means there must have been two Jacob Bodine/Bordines.

If Nicholas and Jasper are the sons of Jacob Bordine, then the researchers are wrong who say they are the sons of Nicholas and Anne Berdine from New Brunswick, New Jersey. Nicholas was married to Sarah Waterman in the town of Glen, Montgomery County, on Dec. 29, 1811. Nicholas and Jasper both moved to Cattaraugus County later, and then Nicholas moved to Hebron, Indiana.

Karen Bordine, kennaw at

From: karen weller [kennaw at]
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Subject: Jacob Bordine info


Hello! I'm writing to give you a few details I've found recently on Jacob Bordine, #6 on the Most Wanted List. On Google Book Search, I searched for "Jacob Bordine", and an entry came up for the Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, 1966, page 228. This entry did not give a full view of the book, but gave this detail..."Bordine, Jacob and Ann Farmer - Jasper Apr. 29..." This was a record of the birth or baptism of Jasper Bordine in the Records of the First Reformed Church of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Then I searched in this book for "Dinah Bordine", and the following entry came up..."1807, March 22 Bordine, Jacob and Nancy Farmer - Dinah..."

The fact that Jacob and Ann (Nancy) Farmer in New Brunswick had children named Jasper and Dinah makes me believe that this was the same Jacob and Ann Bordine who were later in Florida, New York, where the Records of the Reformed Dutch Church listed the baptism of their son Samuel in 1809. The 1816 mortgage for Jacob Bordine in Florida mentions three younger children named Jasper, Samuel, and Dinah!!!

If the Jacob Bordine in Florida, New York, was the same man as the Jacob Bordine in New Brunswick, New Jersey, then this links him to Jean Bodin and Marie Crocheron. The Jacob in New Brunswick appears to be the son of Nicholas Bordine and Dinah Van Liew of Bordine's Corner in New Brunswick. I have contacted researchers at Rutger's University in New Brunswick to request more research, but have not heard back from them yet.

The 1810 census in Montgomery County, New York, lists two different men named Jacob Bordine, one in Florida and one in Charleston. I now believe that the Jacob Bordine who was linked to John Bodine, Maria Van Heusen, and Hermanus Staley, must be the other Jacob.

The 1810 census for my Jacob must be the one with the following household.
Males - two under 10, two 10-16, one 16-26, and one 26-46
Females - one under 10, one 26-46

I found Jacob on the 1820 census in Ridgeway, Genesee County, New York, and in 1830 in Yates, Orleans County.
(Genesee County was divided in 1824, and Orleans County was formed, and the town of Yates was formed from Ridgeway.)
1820 census -
Males - three under 10, one 10-16, one over 45
Females - one under 10, one 26-45

From: karenandburt [kennaw at msn.con]
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Subject: [TAGGED] Re: Samuel Bordine

Hello, Dave!

The source of the birth and baptism of Samuel Bordine was the church records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Florida, New York, kept in the History And Archives Building in Fonda, Montgomery County, New York. I don't know if the Anne named as Jacob's wife was the same woman known as Nancy, but wasn't Nancy a nickname for Anne?

I have not seen the death certificate for Samuel F. Bordine. I assumed that the Samuel born in 1809 in Florida, New York to Jacob and Anne Bordine was the same Samuel that Dolly Bordine has researched. I know that a Samuel Bordine was associated with Christina Marlatt in Orleans County, New York. In the Albion Library, in Orleans County, there is a book, "Landmarks of Orleans County, New York" , page 596, which tells of 25 acres in Lot 20 deeded to Christina Bordine on Jan. 1, 1839 by the Farmer's Loan & Trust Company (book #21, page #433). But in the County Clerk's office, the deed book named Samuel Bordine on the deed instead of Christina Bordine.

Dolly's Samuel was married to Mercy Ann Van Ness, who was born in Orleans County, according to J. Kiessling (Scaler32 at Samuel went to Michigan with the rest of Jacob Bordine's children after Jacob died. I don't know why the birthdate of the Samuel I found differs from the birthdate reported for Samuel by Dolly Bordine. One possible reason could be that Samuel's father may have been illiterate. I found two records that showed that Isaac Bodine/Bordine could not read or write. One was a mortgage in 1834 on which Isaac made his mark after his name, and the other a census record in 1850 on which Isaac declared that he could not read or write. I have asked Deanna Smith to double check the mortgages on Jacob Bordine to see if he signed his name or made a mark. But if Jacob was an older brother of Isaac's, it seems quite possible that he also could not read or write.


Recently, Joan Best looked at some images of censuses on-line and found the following: In the Florida Census of 1800, there was also a Mark (?) Mortlett, male 10-16. The female side was missing. This census was hard to read. In 1810 in Mayfield Township, she found Albert Bodine: one male under 10 and a male and female between 26-45. There was also an Isaac Bodine: 1 male and 1 female 25-45, and 3 females under 10. In Florida Township, she found Jacob Bordine: 2 males under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-46, 1 female under 10, and 1 female 26-46. Michael Marlatt: 4 males under 10, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 45+, 3 females under 10, 2 females 10-16, 2 females 16-20, and 1 female 26-46. Enoch Moratt: 1 male under 19, 2 males 19-16, 1 male 45+, 4 females under 10, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 16-26, and 1 female 26-45. There was a Stephen Burdine in Charlestown Township: 2 males under 10, 3 males 10-16, 1 males 26-45, 1 female under 10, and 1 female 26-45. The 1820 census is very hard to read. It appears that there is Jacob Brudine and female 45+, with 3 children. And Michael Morlett Jr. is in Florida. In Mayfield Township, I found what appears to be William Bordine. The only familiar name was Cornelius Van Horn near Jacob in 1810. He was over 45.

End of census info from Joan Best.

1810 Census Info

In Florida Township, Montgomery County, New York is Jacob Bordine: 2 males under 10 (Jasper and Samuel), 2 males 10-16 (Peter and Hendrick), 1 male 16-26 (Nicholas), 1 male 26-46 (Jacob), 1 female under 10 (Dinah), and 1 female 26-46 (Ann).

There is a Jacob Bordine listed in the 1810 Census of Charleston Township, Montgomery County, New York. (This would be the Mohawk Valley where this Jacob Bordine was supposedly born.) In his household was one male under 10, one male 26-45, one female under 10, and one female 26-45. This does not appear to be this Jacob Bordine.
[Note from Dave: If Jacob Bordine, husband of Ann Farmer, is not also the husband of Christiana Marlatt, then I wonder if this Jacob Bordine from Charleston could be. He has a wife here who is older than Christiana would have been (since she was about 19 in 1810). Maybe that older wife died and this Jacob Bordine later married Christiana.]

1820 Census Info

In the Bordine references further below, Eugene Becker sites these Bordines who were found in the 1820 U.S. Census Indexes: CD#314 C.I U.S sel counties 1820 shows Isaac, Francis, John and Jacob all in NY. Dolly Bordine (bordine at says that there are a number of Bordines in the 1820 Census of Ulster County, New York.

Jacob's Second Marriage

I later received information from Jerry and Dolly Bordine (bordine at about Jacob's first marriage. They are descendants of Samuel F. Bordine. Samuel was the son of Jacob and Nancy Bordine. They say that Nancy was Jacob's first wife and that he later had ten more children by his second wife, Christiana (Marlatt). The proof they have of Samuel's parentage is from his death certificate. It lists his parents as Jacob and Nancy. If this is accurate, it might make sense. Others have suspected that Christiana was Jacob's second wife. They had the following listed in the 1810 Census (Florida Twp.): 2 males under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-46, 1 female under 10, and 1 female 26-46. That is six children. It looks like Jacob and Nancy had seven children so maybe one (I'm guessing Mariah) had moved out before the 1810 Census. Nancy would have had no more children since Jacob and Christiana's first child was born in 1816.

Subject: Re: John Bodine of Schenectady, NY Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 From: "kswbwb" (kennaw at David,
I have been searching everywhere for Jacob's parents. Do you know the source of Jacob's date of birth, Dec.18, 1765 in the Mohawk Valley? I have been searching Montgomery, Albany, and Schenectady counties, and am about to search all the later counties created from the original counties. You mentioned John Bodine in the early settlers of Schenectady, married to Maria Van Hoesen. In one record I found a Jacob Bodine (Bodyne) listed right after John. This Jacob was married to Susannah, the daughter of Daniel Peek Jacob and Susannah had two children, Elisabeth, b. Nov. "31", 1796, and Susannah, b. Jan. 1, 1798. But Susannah died in childbirth on Jan. 1, 1798. I have not been able to locate Jacob on the 1800 census of any town in Schenectady or surrounding counties. Maybe, as you say, this Jacob could be John's son. The dates would work. I will continue to search Schenectady and Montgomery counties. Karen Bordine, kennaw at Original Message From: "David Bodine" To: "Cheryl (Bordine) Meixner" (cmeixner at; "Karen Bordine" (kennaw at; "Jerry and Dolly Bordine" (bordine at Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2001 Subject: John Bodine of Schenectady, NY Dear Bordine Researchers, I've been gathering some info on a John Bodine who married a Mary Van Hoesen and lived in Schenectady County, New York. I'm wondering if they couldn't be related to your Jacob Bodine/Bordine. If any of you can get any more information about this family from those areas, it might be a big help. I could see this person being Jacob's father, but that is a complete guess at the moment. One way to get this would be to pay someone in those areas to gather some research for you. There may be quite a bit on the Bodines just sitting in a file cabinet in some Historical Society there. It might be just a matter of paying for photocopies or it might involve paying someone to look at the church records. You could also order the films from the Mormons and look through them yourselves. Here is what I have so far: 1. John Bodine b. abt 1740, m. Mary (Maria) Van Hoesen, b. abt 1745. John Bodine and Mary Van Hoesen are mentioned in the book Contributions to the Genealogies of the Descendants of the First Settlers of the Patent and City of Schenectady, from 1662 to 1800," by Jonathan Pearson (1873). Children: i John (Johannes) Bodine b. abt Mar 18 1770, prob Schenectady, NY, Mar 18 1770, Schenectady, NY. ii Ann (Annetje) Bodine b. bef Apr 3 1775, prob Schenectady, Schenectady Co., NY, Apr 3 1775, prob Schenectady, Schenectady Co., NY. She is probably the Annetje Bodine who married Harmanus Mandeville in Schenectady County, New York. He was from "Charston" and she was from "Remsenbos." They married April 22, 1795(?). Children were Maria (11/22/1795) and Elisabeth (10/9/1797). This comes from Genealogies of the Descendants of the First Settlers of the Patent and City of Schenectady, from 1662 to 1800," by Jonathan Pearson (1873). FamilySearch info also says she was born about 1789 in Bridgewater Twp., Somerset Co., NJ. iii Abraham Bodine b. bef Jan 9 1785, prob Schenectady, Schenectady Co., NY, Jan 9 1785, Schenectady, Schenectady Co., NY. iv Isaac Bodine b. abt 1787. lists him as being born about 1787, but I wonder what that is based on. I am thinking that this Isaac was the one who married Jenny Mandeville. That Isaac was born about 1768 and was married around 1799. The info at FamilySearch associates him with both Schenectady County, New York and Bridgewater Township, Somerset County, New Jersey. Best regards, Dave Here are some Bordines that I got from Eugene H. Becker's file at Rootsweb's WorldCennect site. His email was "EBecker412 at". BORDINES IN CENSUS AND OTHER RECORDS: - 1790 Comfort Bordine, Providence County, RI. Providence twp. Pg. 176, RI1311267 - 1790 Comfort Bordine, Providence County, RI, 0101060000 twp, P. 33, Fed Census - 1830 Francis Bordine, Providence County, RI, Providence East Side twp., p.023. - Frederick Bordine Thompson, 1809-1847 Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography. Missionary, author. b. 5 Nov 1809. New Brunswick, NJ. - Adelia Marie Bordine married to Samuel Henry Sabin. - Jacob Bordine 1840 Mercer County, NJ - Henry Bordine, Porter County, IN Cemetery, 1850, age 19, born in NY - Cemetery, Jones Chapel, Cedar Bluff, VA, Augustus Bordine Prater, b. 15 Apr 1908, d. 8 Jan 1978. - Able Bordine on Hyde County, NC list of tithables. - Comfort Bordine, b. 175?, in RI. Source: Heads of Families first U.S. Census, RI. By U.S. Bureau of Census, 1908 - f1790, 92 & 95 tax list shows Joel Bordine in Gloucester County, NJ, Waterford twp. - 1850 NY Census shows Abraham Bordine in Cayuga County, NY, Sempronius twp, pg. 333 Fed Cen. NY (I think this is supposed to be BODINE) - 1830 Fed Cen. Same for Abraham - 1830 also shows Isaac Bordine in Lycoming County PA, Fifflin twp., p 241 Fed Cen, PA558181991 - 1820 shows Isaac Bordine, Ulster County, NY, New Paltz twp. p. 68 ID#320125765 - Census Index - Colonial America 1607-1789. Bordines listed" James, Nicholas, Vincent all in NJ. CD#310 - CD#311. Census Indes U.S. Selected counties 1790 shows Joel and Comfort in RI - CD#314 C.I U.S sel counties 1820 shows Isaac, Francis, John and Jacob all in NY - CD#315 Same 1830 shows John, Abraham, Peter, Vincent & Cornelius in NY. Isaac PA. Cornelius & James NJ. - CD#316 Same 1840 shows Jacob & David, PA. Jacob in NJ. John, Francis & Hiram in OH. Elizabeth in MI. Penny in TN. - CD#317 Same 1850 shows Abraham & John in NY. A John, Jame & Wm. in IN. A John, Harriet, Wm., & Dennis in NJ. A farmer & Christeny in MI. A John B. in OH. - Same in 1860 shows Mary & Nathan in IN. Dennis & Charles in NJ. Geo.& Egbert in NY. Anna & Elijah in LA Abraham in PA and Jean in CA. Jean was in NY City Census 1870. - Sally Ann Bordine in 1760-1942, Early Settlers of Upstate NY.

Here is a message I got from Donna McQuade. I have no idea whether it applies to the family of this Jacob, but I'll put her message in here just in case there is some kind of connection:

From: Donna McQuade [donna at]
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003
Subject: Jacob Bodine Hall, born 1843, probably Herkimer Co., NY

Hello Dave,

I've been examining your "Ten Most Wanted" Bodine page.

I am trying to find parents of Margaret Keyser, born abt. 1800 in New York. She married John Dennis Hall about 1819. Both John and Margeret Hall are buried in Dibble Cemetery, Salisbury, Herkimer Co., NY.

I have John D. Hall's ancestry pretty well filled in, but I know nothing of Margaret Keyser's parents. In the "family lore" there is talk of "Grandmother Bodine", who would probably have been Margaret's mother or maternal grandmother. Another clue is that John D. and Margaret named one of their sons Jacob Bodine Hall -- so I have been examining the various Jacob Bodines who might have had a daughter who married a Mr. Keyser and then they had a daughter Margaret, born about 1800 in New York.

I'm sure this is not a bit of help to your research, but if you happen to have any Bodine information that would help me, I'd very much appreciate it. I'm willing to share my data if it happens to fill any gaps in yours.

Here is some more information:

From: karenandburt [kennaw at msn.con]
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2004
To: bordine; Alfasmith; Dana Bordine; David Bodine; Cheryl; William Gorton
Subject: Samuel F. Bordine

Dolores (and others),

I've seen your messages on different message boards about your ancestor, Samuel F. Bordine, the son of Jacob and Nancy. My husband is descended from Jacob and his second wife, Christina Marlatt, through their son Allen W. Bordine (1817-1871). We have been searching for Jacob's parents also. We went to Montgomery County, New York, in October and searched the local records in the county seat, Fonda, and we paid a local genealogist there to search for Jacob also. We found some church records, town records, mortgages, court records, and assessment rolls with the name of Jacob Bordine (Bordin, Bordyne, Bodyne, Bodine, Bordene, and Burdine), and several other individuals named Bordine.

We found the baptism of Samuel in the records of the Dutch Reformed Church in Florida, New York, that said that Samuel was born to Jacob "Burdine" and wife Anne (Nancy was a nickname for Anne) in August, 1809, and baptized on Sept. 17,1809. I know you say that Samuel was born in August, 1811. Do you think that could be a mistake? What was the source of that date?

We found a very interesting mortgage dated April 5, 1816, between Nicholas "Bodine" (mortgagor) and Jacob "Bodine" (mortgagee). It seems that Jacob was selling his 116 acres in Florida to Nicholas for $3,100 (except for two acres with a distillery and some barns on it). Most interesting was the statement in the mortgage that said that if Jacob's wife should outlive him, then Nicholas was to support Jasper, Samuel, and Dinah, make sure they get a good "English" education "in such degree as is fit and common for people of their situation in life", and give them each $200 at the age of 21, and give $200 to Mariah within two years. These must be the names of Jacob and Nancy's other children! I think this might be when Jacob moved to Orleans County.

Another mortgage dated Oct. 9, 1817 was between Samuel Norton and Lambert Norton of Albany (mortgagors) and Jacob, Nicholas, Samuel, Peter F., Dinah, Jasper, and Maria Bodine (mortgagees) for the same 116 acres in the earlier mortgage between Nicholas and Jacob. It appears all the Bordine children were selling the land to the Nortons. I don't know if the Jacob named in this mortgage was the father or another son, but the Peter F. named in this mortgage in 1817 was not named in the mortgage in 1816. Peter must have been another son of Jacob's. It seems that your Samuel must have been close to this Peter F., because didn't he name a son Peter F.?

There must have been two Jacob Bordines in Montgomery County about this time, because there was one on the 1810 census in Charleston, and another on the 1810 census in Florida, with different numbers of children. Our Jacob must have been the one in Florida, because he had in his household the following:
two under 10
Jasper (born 1804)
Samuel (born 1809)

two 10 - 16
Peter F.?
- ?
one 16 - 26
Nicholas (born 1792/93)

one 26 - 45
Jacob (born 1765)

one under 10

one 26 - 45

(Mariah was over 21 in the 1816 mortgage. Maybe she was already out of the home.)

I found the birth dates for Jasper (1804 - 1883) and Nicholas (1792/93 - 1870) on Rootsweb,, and NYGenWeb. Jasper and Nicholas both moved to Cattaraugus County, New York, and Nicholas later moved on to Indiana.

I think I may have found the name of the one son not named on the 1810 census above. There was a man named Farmer Bordine (born about 1800) according to, who was on the 1850 census in Dover Township, Lenawee County, Michigan where several of Jacob's other sons moved after Jacob's death. There was also a Farmer "Bodine" named in the Montgomery County, New York Bail Books in 1817.
3:10 - Farmer Bodine vs Robert McConnell
Bondsmen: Nicholas Bodine, of Charleston,
and John Doe, of Charleston 6/24/1817

So...this man named Farmer Bordine was close to Nicholas Bordine (Berdine), and close to the other sons of Jacob's that moved to Michigan in the 1830's and 1840's. His age was right to make him the missing son that was between 10 and 16 on the 1810 census. I don't know why he was not named on the mortgage in 1816 or 1817.

Jacob was a bondsman also, in 1807 (Peter Covenhoven vs William Glover), and in 1810 (Philip Tennison vs Samuel Farmer).

We found assessment rolls for the Town of Florida. Jacob was not listed in 1805 or 1806, but he was listed in 1807, 1808, 1809, and 1812 with a house and farm worth 775 (pounds? dollars?) and personal property. He was not listed in 1816. Maybe he had moved to Orleans County by then.

There were two more mortgages in 1808 ($151 for 96 acres in lot no. 116 in Charleston) and 1813 ($435 for 96 acres in lot no. 116 in Charleston) between Jacob "Bodine" of Charleston (mortgagor) and Samuel Jackson of Florida (mortgagee), where it appears that Jacob is either buying land from Samuel Jackson, or borrowing money from him. There is also a mortgage between Nicholas Bodine and the same Samuel Jackson in 1817 (another connection between Jacob and Nicholas, doing business with the same man). There is one more mortgage the genealogist in New York found between Solomon Sharp (mortgagor) and Jacob Bodine (mortgagee) in 1814, but I don't have the details on that yet.

So...the records I found on Jacob in Montgomery County were all between 1807 and 1816 or 1817. I now believe that our Jacob could NOT be the Jacob Bodyne mentioned in Pearson's book on the early settlers of Schenectady, who was married to Susannah Peek, and was the father of Elizabeth in 1796 and Susannah in 1798. Susannah (the wife) died on Jan. 1, 1798 in childbirth. Our Jacob, being the husband of Anne (Nancy) and the father of Nicholas, Maria, Peter F., Farmer (maybe), Jasper F., Dinah, and Samuel F., must have been a different Jacob.

I do believe that Jacob was born in the Mohawk Valley. All his children say he was born in New York on later census records. But there seems to be a connection to New Brunswick, New Jersey. The records of the Dutch Reformed Church in Florida, New York, list a Jane Anne Burdine and a Benjamin Overbaugh as members in Sept. 1808, with a note that says "com... from New Brunswick". Jasper Berdine claims on the census records in Cattaraugus County in 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 that he was born in New Jersey. Nicholas Berdine's obituary in Hebron, Porter County, Indiana says that he was born in New York, but most researchers say he and Jasper were born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to a Nicholas and Ann Bordine. Well, obviously, if Nicholas and Jasper were the sons of Jacob and Nancy, they could not be the sons of Nicholas and Ann Bordine from New Brunswick. It is interesting, though, that there was a Jacob Bordine, baptised in 1769 (born earlier?...perhaps 1765?), the son of a Nicholas Bordine and Dinah Van Lewe from New Brunswick (Dave Bodine's website) with sisters named Maria and Dinah, and a brother named Nicholas (all names of our Jacob's children). Dinah Van Lewe died (1780?) and Nicholas married a second time to Ann in 1781. Also, the Reformed Dutch Church records in New Brunswick list a Jacob Bordine and a Nancy Farmer as members in 1797. Remember the Samuel Farmer mentioned in the Bail Book in Florida, New York, for whom Jacob Bordine was a bondsman? Well, the names Samuel and Jasper are common among the Farmer's from New Brunswick, and it appears that our Jacob MAY have named a son Farmer Bordine...and Jacob's sons Peter, Jasper, and Samuel all have the middle initial F...perhaps for the name Farmer? Just a theory...but interesting!

If Nicholas Bordine and Dinah Van Lewe from New Brunswick were the parents of our Jacob, then where was he born? I believe he was born in the Mohawk Valley, because all his children say he was, and because he could not read or write. There is a deed in Orleans County dated Dec. 24, 1834 between Jacob Bordine and his wife Christina of the Town of Yates and William Pells of the Town of Ridgeway on which Jacob makes an X next to his name, which must mean he could not sign his own name. There were many individuals born in the middle to late 1700's in the Mohawk Valley who could not read or write, but I doubt that would be true in New Brunswick, since it had been settled so much longer. If I remember correctly, Nicholas Bordine and Dinah Van Lewe died in New Brunswick. So if Jacob was their son, how could he have been born in Montgomery County? I don't know...maybe they went to New York for a while and then went back to New Brunswick? The genealogist we hired in New York said there were so many people who came to Montgomery County from New Brunswick that she could write a whole book about them! Maybe Jacob was born in the Mohawk Valley, then went to New Brunswick for a few years when Nicholas and Anne went back, and he married Nancy Farmer there and had a few children, and then took his family back to New York...Just a theory...but it fits with the sudden appearance of records on Jacob in Florida, New York about 1807.

I will keep searching, and my husband and I are planning a trip to new Brunswick to search the local records there. If anyone can add any ideas to my theory, please let me know. Thanks!

Karen Bordine, kennaw at

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The researcher at Rutgers University in New Brunswick recently sent me copies of baptisms for three of Jacob Bordine and Nancy Farmer's children, baptized in the First Reformed Dutch Church in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The names match three of Jacob Bordine's children named on those mortgages from 1816 and 1817 in Florida, Montgomery County, NY, and the birth dates for the two sons match their ages on later census records.

Source: Proceedings of the NJ Historical Society, new series, vol. 13, pages 82, 228, 348
1798 May 13 Bordine, Jacob and Ann Farmer - Peter F. (page 82)
1804 Apr. 19 Bordine, Jacob and Ann Farmer - Jasper (page 228)
1807 Mar. 22 Bordine, Jacob and Nancy Farmer - Dinah (page 348)

On Jasper Berdine's later census records in Cattaraugus County, NY, he states that he and his parents were all born in New Jersey.

The tax records in Florida, NY, show that Jacob Bordine was not listed there in 1805 or 1806, and was listed from 1807-1815. He must have moved his family to NY in 1807, after his daughter Dinah was baptized in New Brunswick on 22 March 1807.

The names of Jacob's children on the mortgages indicate a connection to New Brunswick - the names Nicholas, Mariah, and Dinah are from the Bordine and Van Lewe families, and the names Peter, Jasper, and Samuel are common among the Farmer family in New Brunswick.

In the 1814 will of Nicholas Bodine (Bordine), he gave four of his children land in North Brunswick, but he gave his son Jacob $750, and no land. Could this have been because Jacob had moved to NY?

I am convinced that the Jacob Bordine in Montgomery County and Orleans County, NY, was the Jacob Bordine born in New Brunswick, NJ, the son of Nicholas Bordine and Dinah Van Lewe. It has been said that the Jacob Bordine in NY was born on 18 Dec. 1765 in NY, but no one knows the source of that date.

In my old notes from our trip to Florida, NY, I found a statement I had written down that I need to research further. In the Florida DRC records, there was a person who became a member of the church in 1808, with an interesting note attached to her name - "Jane Anne Burdine - com from New Brunswick". There were other Bodines and Bordines in Montgomery County, and I didn't pay much attention to this person. BUT...could this be Jacob's wife, Ann Farmer? Could Ann really be Jane Anne?

Jacob and Ann's marriage record has never been found, which could tell us her full name, because the earliest marriage records for the First DRC in New Brunswick begin in 1794, and it appears from the age of their son Nicholas (born in 1792/93) that Jacob and Nancy were married by 1792. So their marriage record was among those that have been lost or destroyed.

I have asked the researcher at Rutgers to look for the baptisms of the rest of Jacob Bordine and Ann Farmer's children.

Karen Bordine

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Subject: Re: Jacob Bordine


About Peter F. Bordine and Farmer Bordine... I've had trouble finding many census records on them. I did find Farmer Bordine in 1850 in Dover Township, Lenawee County, Michigan, the same township where many of Jacob's children from his second wife, Christina Marlatt, settled. But three of Jacob and Nancy's sons had the middle initial F - Peter, Jasper, and Samuel. The 1810 census in Florida, NY, makes it appear that Farmer was another son, though, and not Peter F.

1810 census
Males - two under 10 - (Samuel born 1809)
- (Jasper born 1804)
- two 10 - 16 - (Farmer born 1800?)
- (Peter F. born 1798)
- one 16 - 25 - (Nicholas born 1792)
- one 26 - 45 - (Jacob born 1765-69)
Females - one under 10 - (Dinah born 1807)
- one 26 - 45 - (Nancy born about 1770?)
(The oldest daughter Mariah must have been married already.)

There is one other possibility for the second son age 10-16 in 1810. The researcher from Rutgers sent a baptism for a son whose name did not appear on the mortgages from 1816 and 1817 - Hendrick, baptized 14 Sept. 1794 in the New Brunswick DRC. The parents are named as Jacob Bordine and "Maria" Farmer, which could be a copy error because the two women above and the woman below were all named Maria.

One more note on census records. Somewhere on the Bodine website I read that Jacob Bordine (1765-1836) had not been found on the 1820 census. We know he was in Yates, Orleans County, NY in 1830. Well, in 1820 he is on the census in Ridgeway, Genesee County, NY. Orleans County was formed in 1824 from Genesee County, and the town of Yates was formed from Ridgeway. I'll have to check my notes for the spelling of Jacob's name in 1820, but I remember that he was listed next to Enoch Marlatt, his father-in-law.

Also, I found the baptism of Dinah Van Lewe, the wife of Nicholas Bordine, in the Six Mile Run baptisms.
1751 Oct. 6 - Van Leeuwe, Frederick and Marytje - Dyna

Thanks again,

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No, I have not seen the military census of 1793. I just sent another e-mail to the Rutgers researcher, and asked him to check that census, and asked if the 1789 and 1793 tax records have any more detail than what is given online. I also asked him who could research family Bibles and other family files kept in the Rutgers Library. He does not have access to the wills and inventories, but he gave me a link to the state archives. I also told him about the Nicholas Bordine house in North Brunswick, and asked if he could find out if it is still standing, or was torn down.

In his last e-mail to me, received early this morning, he told me that he could not find the baptisms of Jacob Bordine and Nancy Farmer's other children - Mariah, Nicholas, and Farmer - or the baptism of Ann Farmer about 1770. He said that the baptism records there are not the originals, and that there are only four baptisms listed in 1792, and all on the same day. Oh, what happened to the rest? He said he doesn't know where the originals are. But the Pastor at the First Reformed Church in New Brunswick told me on the phone a few months ago that he thought the originals were at Rutgers...

I like your thought about Jacob's date of birth possibly being 18 Dec. 1768, instead of 1765, a few weeks before the baptism on 22 Jan. 1769. That would make more sense, and if the source was a handwritten note in a Bible, then 1768 could easily have been misread as 1765.

No, I do not have the dates of birth for Jacob's kids, only the dates of baptisms.

That's a good idea to look for more info on Farmer Bordine in Lenawee County. I'll search online, and then when Burt and I go to his school reunion in Michigan in May, I'll go the Lenawee county and search.

The History Room in my local library has an large collection of genealogy books they bought from some collector, "the Anderson Collection", and Mrs. Anderson must have had ancestors form New Jersey because there are probably 200 or more books on New Jersey, while other states have only a dozen or so. There are also many books from Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. I have scanned every book on New Jersey. It looks like Ann Farmer's ancestors included some Loyalists who fled New Jersey for England and Canada. Curiously, some Farmers owned land in the Mohawk Valley of New York in the mid-1700's that was mentioned in some wills I found, and was willed to all the children. I did find some books with lists of New Jersey Militia, and Jacob Bordine's name was not listed, but I think I will go back and look again.

There is a book there, "The Early Germans of New Jersey", that has a short summary on Roelof Roelofson, the second husband of Catherine Bogart Bodine, after the death of her first husband Jacob Bodine (1719-1748), the father of Nicholas Bordine (1746-1814), and the brother of your ancestor Cornelius. Roelof lived in Roxbury Township, Morris County, in an area then known as German Valley, now known as Long Valley. The name was changed during WWI. Morris County was formed from Hunterdon County. You said that your ancestor Isaac Bodine, the son of Cornelius, was born in Hunterdon County. So his father Cornelius lived there for a while before he moved to Virginia. Do you know anymore about Catherine's sons Nicholas and Jacob being the wards of their uncle Cornelius after Catherine's husband Jacob Bodine died in 1748? Was this just a financial obligation, or did the boys live with their uncle Cornelius? Evidently, Catherine married Roelof before 1754. I found some legal paper that handed all the accounts over to Roelof in 1854, since he had married Catherine. I assume that Nicholas and Jacob lived with their mother Catherine and Roelof in German Valley. Roelof had eight children, some with Catherine and some with his second wife Elizabeth Leek. I'm trying to find out when Catherine died, and which kids were hers. So this means that Nicholas Bordine probably lived in German Valley as a child, and then moved to North Brunswick, Middlesex County as a man, where he married Dinah Van Liew. There is a little info in that book about Jacob Bodine, married to Mary Pickel.


From: Dolores Bordine [dolores500 at]
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Subject: more info on Bordine and Bodine

We did find a marriage record for Nickolas Bordine and Sarah Waterman Dec 29, 1811 at Glen NY Protestant Dutch Church Vol 1 1794-1882. The name is listed as Bordine.

Also several mortgage documents and court judgments involving Nickolas Bordine/Berdine, Jacob Bordine and Farmer Bodine; on one of the documents the mortgagees were listed as: Jacob Bodine, Nickolas Bodine, Farmer Bodine, Dinah Bodine, Jasper Bodine, Mariah Bodine and Samuel Bodine. The other mortgage documents list names as Nickolas Bordine and Jacob Bordine.

We copied two abstracts from the NY Historical Society Collections 1895 Abstractof Wills Vol IV 1744-1753
Hyla Bodine, widow of Vincent Bodine...dated March 8, 1750

John bodine of NY will (page 159) January 2, 170? can't read the full date. If you do not have these documents I can mail or scan them when we return home.