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Ronny thinks, and I agree, that this Peter Bodine could very well be the father of the John Bodine who married Maria Ann Trowbridge. This needs to be investigated. See more further below in Ronny Bodine's notes.

Jan Bodine later found out that a John Bodine, born 1826 (age 24), was living with John Gillespie in the 1850 Census of Franklin, Warren Co., OH. John Gillespie was married to John Bodine and Jane Marlatt's daughter Mary "Polly" Bodine. The John Bodine who married Maria Trowbridge was born in 1826.

Note: Also in that 1850 Census was a James Bodine (age 21). He may also be a son of Peter Bodine. James was listed above John in the census but under the Gillespie children. If James was John's brother, it's a little strange he was listed above his older brother.

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Subject: I found Peter Bodine in 1830

Hello Dave,

I have had a wonderful bit of luck - it really does pay to take a look at the original images of these Census records - I have located Peter Bodine in Franklin township, Warren County, OH in the 1830 Census!!! He is listed with what looks to be a spouse and 3 young sons. He is also listed living right next to John Gillespie (also near Jacob Marlatt) - I suspect this is the same John Gillespie who married Mary "Polly" Elizabeth Bodine - and the same folks who have the young John and James Bodines in their household in the 1850 Census... As Peter was living right next to John Gillespie in 1830, I think this might raise the percentage of possibility that the John and James Bodine who were living with John and Mary Bodine-Gillespie in the 1850 Census could very well be the sons of Peter and Nancy Gillespie-Bodine. I have a hunch that Peter and Nancy may have both been deceased (along with that 3rd son?) by 1840? Perhaps an illness?

When I reviewed Franklin township, Warren County, Ohio in the 1840 Census, I did not find any Peter Bodine. I did find John Gillespie with what look like a spouse, and 1 young daughter and 3 young sons, plus a very elderly woman (could this be Jane Marlatt-Bodine???) - I am uncertain about the birth dates for the Gillespie children so I need to look into that more carefully to see if there are 2 extra boys or not. Also, nearby is a William Gillespie with a spouse, 2 young sons and a young daughter. I need to find out if this might be a brother of John Gillespie.

Something else of interest in the Franklin, Warren, Ohio Census of 1840 - I found two listings for a Lidia Green. Probably one of these listings is for Lydia Bodine-Green (sister of Peter and Mary "Polly" Elizabeth Bodine) who married Benjamin Green - but which one??? One Lidia is on page 13 listed with 3 young sons and 3 young daughters. The other Lidia Green is listed on page 23 and she is listed with 2 young sons and 1 young daughter. (Why can't this be just a wee bit easier.) Something of added interest for my theory is that Peter, Mary "Polly" Elizabeth, and Lydia are all located near each other in Franklin, Warren, Ohio - they are what I consider to be the children of Jane Marlatt-Bodine. Many other Marlatts are scattered throughout these Franklin, Warren, Ohio Census records near these Marlatt-Bodine children. I believe there was possibly a rift between Jane's children and the children by the Unknown Styne or Sine woman - probably because John allowed the other children to share in what had been a Marlatt inheritance??? Perhaps this is why the other group of Styne or Sine-Bodine children moved away from Warren County, Ohio??? Just a thought.

Best Wishes, Janet

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Hello Dave,

Well, I am getting back to normal now that the Kentucky Derby festivities are finally concluded. I have been working through the web site to try to collect images for many of the associated family members. I found some (Hans Jacob Schnorf was related to the Marlatts) of the Warren County, OH folks who had actually been buried in Preble County, OH in the Verona Cemetery. Franklin township was at least in the upper NW corner of Warren County, so the Bodines may possibly have lived near the county line as well? So, on a hunch, I searched the site for John Bodine in Preble County - no luck - so I just searched for any Bodine, and it turned up a Peter Bodine. There is no indication of birth or death dates, but given the circumstances I just wonder if this might possibly be our missing Peter, the son of John and Jane Marlatt-Bodine? There certainly weren't very many other Peter Bodines running around in that area. I then went to the Ohio Tombstone Photo Project, but could not find any indication of this grave anywhere within Preble County, but then they did not list all of the grave sites and I could not find any listing for the Verona Cemetery. I am not quite sure just exactly how to proceed here with some further investigation - do you have any suggestions?

Best Wishes,
Jan Bodine

And here is a message from Jan I found on Google:

I found your web site with genealogy links for families connected to St Joseph County. I believe I do have such a link, but I have yet to prove the family tie to the Bodines of St Joseph County - I was hoping you might possibly be able to refer this material to the attention of anyone who may be researching this Bodine family line in the hopes that extra hands may be able to prove this family tie. I have a family tree posted on in case anyone might like to review my material for reference: The Bodines of Fountain County, Indiana - owner: JanBodine51.
Peter Bodine born 1801 Berkeley, VA and died before 1860 (possibly before 1840?)
married Sept 5, 1822 in Warren County, OH
to Nancy Sinclair Gillespie born 1805 - a daughter of John and Sarah McClellan-Gillespie
Nancy's brother, John Gillespie, married on Nov 28, 1830 in Warren County, OH
to Mary "Polly" Elizabeth Bodine born 1799 Berkeley, VA and died 1863 Warren County, OH
Mary "Polly" Elizabeth was a sister to Peter Bodine - they were children of John and Jane Marlatt-Bodine
In the 1830 Census for Franklin township, Warren County, Ohio Peter and Nancy appear to have 3 boys under age 10.
In the 1850 Census for Franklin, Warren, OH, John and Mary "Polly" Elizabeth Gillespie have two extra people in their household: James Bordine born 1829 OH and John Bordine born 1826 OH - these birth dates coincide with the ages of the sons of Peter and Nancy.
This John Bordine born 1826 OH is most likely the John Bodine born 1826 OH who married Anna Mariah Trowbridge, and moved into St Joseph County, IN. They had the following children: Alice Maud born 1851, Peter born 1855, Casius born 1859 and William born 1862. I believe his brother, James, moved to the Cincinnatti, Ohio area.
I feel very confident that the James and John Bordine in Franklin, Warren, OH were the surviving orphans of Peter and Nancy Sinclair Gillespie-Bodine, and that they went to live with their Aunt and Uncle after the death of their parents and one other brother. I have eliminated (to my satisfaction) the other Bodine male siblings of Peter and Mary "Polly" Elizabeth as potential fathers for this James and John - Peter Bodine is the most likely and most plausible candidate as their father, but I lack something definitive to link these two boys with Peter and Nancy. Perhaps a researcher from the other side of this family connection might be able to find that missing puzzle piece there in St Joseph County??? I welcome any inquiries and/or suggestions - I would very much like to help restore this family linage. Thank you for your time and attention.
Respectfully yours,
Janet Mackey-Bodine

From Ronny Bodine:

From Warren County, Ohio Marriage Records: It is hereby certified that I solemnized the marriage covenent between Peter Bodine & Nancy Gillespie on 5th Sept. 1822. Samuel P. Magaw, M.G.

From the RW Pension File of John Bodine S. 42628.
18 Aug 1826, Warren Co.: Peter Bodine declares he went to Virginia with his father John Bodine in the fall of 1822 to collect the balance o fmoney due in the sale of land to Joseph Grantham. He detained them in Berkeley County two months on various pretexes but them informed them he was unable to pay. Grantham is totally insolvent.

From Ohio Federal Census Records:
1830 Franklin Twp., Warren Co.: Peter BERDINE males 2(0-4), 1(5-9), 1(30-39); females 1(20-29).

His immediate neighbor in the 1830 census is John Gillespie, aged 50-59, who would be his father-in-law. It is thought that Peter Bodine died soon after the 1830 census as perhaps did his wife or she remarried. John Gillespie's son, John Jr. married Mary Bodine, sister of Peter. In 1850, John and Mary Gillespie lived in Frankin Township and within their household also lived John and James Bodine, who could be none other than the sons of Peter Bodine.