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Mary was called Polly in her father's will. In other information received from Cynthia Hill, she had a "Polly (?)" listed as a child of John and Jane. If her sister, Lydia, was born on June 7, 1803, then Mary could not have been born in 1803 - as earlier info stated. Marilyn Gilbert Komechak says that they had a daughter Sarah Jenne Gillespie who married Joseph Russell in Indiana. Marilyn (skydancr at is a descendant.

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Subject: I found Peter Bodine in 1830

Hello Dave,

I have had a wonderful bit of luck - it really does pay to take a look at the original images of these Census records - I have located Peter Bodine in Franklin township, Warren County, OH in the 1830 Census!!! He is listed with what looks to be a spouse and 3 young sons. He is also listed living right next to John Gillespie (also near Jacob Marlatt) - I suspect this is the same John Gillespie who married Mary "Polly" Elizabeth Bodine - and the same folks who have the young John and James Bodines in their household in the 1850 Census... As Peter was living right next to John Gillespie in 1830, I think this might raise the percentage of possibility that the John and James Bodine who were living with John and Mary Bodine-Gillespie in the 1850 Census could very well be the sons of Peter and Nancy Gillespie-Bodine. I have a hunch that Peter and Nancy may have both been deceased (along with that 3rd son?) by 1840? Perhaps an illness?

When I reviewed Franklin township, Warren County, Ohio in the 1840 Census, I did not find any Peter Bodine. I did find John Gillespie with what look like a spouse, and 1 young daughter and 3 young sons, plus a very elderly woman (could this be Jane Marlatt-Bodine???) - I am uncertain about the birth dates for the Gillespie children so I need to look into that more carefully to see if there are 2 extra boys or not. Also, nearby is a William Gillespie with a spouse, 2 young sons and a young daughter. I need to find out if this might be a brother of John Gillespie.

Something else of interest in the Franklin, Warren, Ohio Census of 1840 - I found two listings for a Lidia Green. Probably one of these listings is for Lydia Bodine-Green (sister of Peter and Mary "Polly" Elizabeth Bodine) who married Benjamin Green - but which one??? One Lidia is on page 13 listed with 3 young sons and 3 young daughters. The other Lidia Green is listed on page 23 and she is listed with 2 young sons and 1 young daughter. (Why can't this be just a wee bit easier.) Something of added interest for my theory is that Peter, Mary "Polly" Elizabeth, and Lydia are all located near each other in Franklin, Warren, Ohio - they are what I consider to be the children of Jane Marlatt-Bodine. Many other Marlatts are scattered throughout these Franklin, Warren, Ohio Census records near these Marlatt-Bodine children. I believe there was possibly a rift between Jane's children and the children by the Unknown Styne or Sine woman - probably because John allowed the other children to share in what had been a Marlatt inheritance??? Perhaps this is why the other group of Styne or Sine-Bodine children moved away from Warren County, Ohio??? Just a thought.

Best Wishes, Janet

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Subject: found John and Mary Gillespie tombstones

Hello Dave,

I have found John M. Gillespie and his wife, Mary, in the Find A Grave web site.John - based on our birth date information plus his death date, calculates to have been born June 12, 1809. But, I have questions about Mary as the death date calculates to a probable birth date of February 09, 1804. This messes with my theory that Mary Elizabeth was the "Polly" referred to in Abraham Marlatt's Will. I will have to rethink that association. I just wanted to share these images with you for your own reference. John M. Gillespie is Memorial # 35794203 and Mary is # 35794264.

Best Wishes,
Jan Bodine

From Ronny Bodine:

From Warren County, Ohio Marriage Records:
I certify that on the 28th Nov. A.D. 1830 John Gillespie & Mary Bordine were lawfully joined in marriage by me. April 1st 1831. Isaac Dearth.

From Ohio Federal Census Records:
1850 (21 Aug) Franklin Twp., Warren Co.: John GALASPIE 39 OH Farmer, Mary 39 VA, Denmore 18 OH Laborer, William 16 OH Laborer, Sarah J. 14 OH, John 12 OH, Lydia Ann 10 OH, Mary E. 7 OH, James BORDINE 21 OH Laborer, John BORDINE 24 OH Laborer.

1860 (24 Aug) Franklin Twp., Warren Co.: John GILLESPIE 51 VA, Mary 51 OH, Sarah J. 18 OH, John 17 OH, Lydia A. 16 OH, Mary 14 OH.

Burials in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin Twp., Warren County.
(Find A Grave Memorial #35994203 & 35794264)
John M. Gillespie Died Nov. 7, 1863 Aged __ yrs. 4 mo. 26 d.
Mary wife of John M. Gillespie Died Feb. 11, 1863 aged 59 yr & 2 mo.