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Tombstone of John and Sarah Bodine Chamberlin

My appreciation to Jan Alpert for sending pictures of John and Sarah (Bodine) Chamberlin's tombstone. This is a closeup of their stone: John Chamberlin, Died Dec. 13, 1858 Aged 61 Y's 9 M's 3 D's. Sarah, His Wife, Died Jan. 1, 1873, Aged 75 Y's 3 M's 16 D's.

Here below is the stone from another angle.

John and Sarah Bodine Chamberlin's Tombstone

And here is another picture of the stone as it appears in the Chamberlin plot. It is the tall one on the far left.

Chamberlin Plot in Woodstock Cemetery

Jan Alpert told me that, in 1987, she and her dad were on a one week genealogy trip in Ohio and Michigan. They were in Marysville, Ohio looking up some information related to the Nutter family. While in the Marysville library, she checked the index in "History of Champaign Cunty, Ohio" and saw "Chamberlin." (It is always spelled "lin".) There was the biography of Joseph Chamberlin which provided the family history back to New Jersey.

Jan knew Matilda Chamberlin, John and Sarah's daughter, was born in New Jersey, but at that point in time she didn't know her father's name. Matilda was listed as a sister of Joseph. Their parents, John Chamberlin and Sarah (Bodine) Chamberlin were buried in the Woodstock Cemetery. Jan said that it is this same county history that identifed Sarah as Sarah (Bodine) Chamberlin and provided their marriage date of March 3, 1817, by whom he had twelve children. The history says "both descended from old colonial families." They came to Champaign County in 1854 and located in Woodstock. The father was an Adventist and the mother a member of the Presbyterian church.

The information on Sarah and her husband came from the Internet. No sources were given. More information was found at :// and this does have some source material. John and Sarah had about eleven children. Jan Alpert at is interested in this family. Jan also said that LDS reported having Sarah with the middle name "Ann," but no source was given. (It may have come from a database on early New Jersey marriages.) That is the only reference so far for this middle name. However, LDS seemed to have the marriage date wrong; so the middle name probably can't be trusted either.

Most of the information for this branch of the family tree came from Champaign Co. Centennial Biographical History, Lewis Publishing Co. 1902 pp 51-55. John Chamberlin moved his family to Champaign Co. Ohio in 1854. John was an Adventist. His obit is from Urbana Free Press 12.15.1858. He died age 63 of inflamation of the lungs and neuralgia. John Chamberlin is listed on Chesnut St., Rochester, NY in an 1827 city directory. The family reportedly moved to Ontario County, New York about 1825.

A source believes that she has the right parents and birth date for Sarah Bodine. Her birth date found in German Reformed Church Records, Alexandria, New Jersey, Hunterdon County says September 4, 1796. Sarah is buried in Woodstock Cemetery in Champaign County, Ohio. On her tombstone it says "Sarah, his wife, died January 1, 1873, aged 75 yrs, 3 mo., 16 days. That would make her birthday September 16, 1797. In "Some Old Records of Hunterdon County," someone read her birth date from the church records as September 14.

New Jersey Militia 1792 for Alexandria Township shows the Chamberlins, Bodines, Duckworks and Taylors possibly all in the same Township and militia(?).

Here is a query I found on the Internet:

Looking for information on the parents of Sarah BODINE b. 14 Sept 1796 in Hunterdon Co., NJ. I believe her parents were Jacob BODINE and Mary ______. I also believe she had a sister Elizabeth b. 11 Feb 1794 in Hunterdon Co. and a brother William b. 6 Jul 1798 also in Hunterdon Co. They were christened at the German Reformed Church in Alexandria, NJ.

Sarah BODINE m. John CHAMBERLIN 3 Mar 1817 in Hunterdon Co., NJ. They lived in Ontario Co., NY until about 1840 when they moved to Ohio. She and John are both buried in the Woodstock Cemetery in Champaign Co., OH. She died 1 Jan 1873. Her tombstone says, "Sarah, his wife died January 1 1873 aged 75 years 3 mo. 16 days." Jan Alpert thinks this is off by a year.

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...All I ask is if you find clues as to the parents of Jacob Bodine who married Mary Pickle you let me know. They are the parents of my Sarah Bodine b. 14 Sep 1796. I think I am missing one generation between my Jacob (above) and the Jacob whose will I am mailing you. He died 1742. His wife was Catherine. I've also sent you copies of emails from others researching Bodine and a few who still write letters.