Notes for: Frederick (Fredericus) Bodine

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Witnesses were Johann Bickel and Barbara. Baptised as Fredericus Bedein. A Pickel web site said he was baptized on August 20, but no source was given.

In 1840, a Christianna Bardine is found in Liberty Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania (a spin-off from Madison I think). I put this here because there is a Christianna Bodine who was the widow of a Frederick Bodine. This is found in the Wills and Administrations, Book 2, p. 11, of Columbia County, PA (dated May 4, 1836). I think that Christianna could very well be the widow of this Frederick Bodine. In her household there is
1 male, 20-30: b. 1810-1820.
1 female, 10-16: b. 1824-1830.
1 female, 15-20: b. 1820-1825.
1 female, 20-30: b. 1810-1820.
1 female, 40-50: b. 1790-1800 (Christianna?)

Here is the entry from the Wills and Administrations book mentioned above. This only seems to be a handwritten copy of an original record somewhere else, maybe in the Orphan Court Records.

Bond #16
Administration of the Estate of Frederick Bodine Late of Derry Township Deceased
Be it Remembered that on the 4th Day of May AD 1836 Letters of Administration in due and common form of Law were granted by Alexr. Best Register for the Probation of wills ang. granting Letters of Administration in and for the County of Columbia to Isaac Singer Administrator of all and singular the goods & chattels rights and credits which were of Frederick Bodine at the time of his decease the widow having Renounced in the words following Danville May the 4th 1836 to the Register of Columbia County ___ This is to inform you that I decline to act as administratrix to the Estate of my late husband Frederick Bodine late of Derry Township deceased and pray that Letters of Administration may be granted to my friend Isaac Singer. yours sc her (above) Christianna Bodine mark (below). _____ (I attest/& That?) Isaiah Salomon the said Administrator having put in sureties Jacob Wagner and Philip Seidel in the sum of Six hundred dollars and being duly sworn to administer said Estate according to law and faithfully to comply with the laws of this commonwealth relating to collateral inheritance.
Before me Alexr Best Register

From Ronny Bodine:

He married (1) Christina Deily 26 February 1814 in Easton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. He married (2) Mary Ann Harris 13 October 1827 in Easton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

It is here assumed the following details all apply to the same person. Frederick Bodine, born 1791 in Alexandria Township, New Jersey and Frederick Bodine who married in Easton, Pennsylvania were living but 15 miles apart. Could the Frederick Bodine living 1830 in Turbot, Northumberland Co., Penn. who is otherwise unknown, be the same person as he, too, was born by 1791 and his daughter Sally, born in 1816 fits with the girl aged 10-14 (born 1816-20) in his household. The distance between Easton and Turbot is some 100 miles and if the same person must mean a permanent relocation.

From Records of First United Church of Christ, Easton, Northampton Co., Penn.
Married 26 Feb 1814 Fridrich Bodine and Christina Deily.

From Records of Dryland Reformed Church, Hecktown, Northampton Co., Penn.
Baptized 23 Feb 1817 Sally Bodine, born 13 Dec 1816, dau. of Fred. Bodine & wife Christina. Sponsors are Ludwig Wilhelm & wife Sophina.

From Records of St. John's Lutheran Church, Easton, Northampton Co., Penn.
Married 13 Oct 1827 Frederick Bodine and Mary Ann Harris.

Perhaps the same individual?:
1830 Turbot, Northumberland Co., PA:
Fredk. BODINE males 2(15-19), 1(30-39); females 2(5-9), 1(10-14), 1(30-39).

*****End of information from Ronny Bodine