Notes for: John (Jean) Burdine / Bodine

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John Bodine was baptised at the Dutch Reformed Church of Port Richmond, Staten Island. His will was dated Jan 4, 1778 and proven March 27, 1778 in Richmond County, Staten Island. He named seven children. Apparently, he spent his entire adult life on Staten Island. Sinnott gives the year of his death as 1779. His will names children: eldest son John, James, Martha, Vincent, Ann, Mary Egberts, and eldest daughter Rachel Bodine. They were members of St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Richmond, New York. Elizabeth is not named in the will.

Here is an abstract of his will:

Abstracts of Wills Vol IX 1777-1783
Liber 31: Page 128.--"In the name of God, Amen, January 4, 1778. I, JOHN BODINE, of Richmond County, farmer, being weak in body. All debts to be paid. I leave to my wife Dorcas full possession of all lands and tenements until my youngest child is of age. And she is to keep my children together with her until they come of age, viz., James, Martha, Vince, and Ann. My wife Dorcas is to give to my son Vince and my daughter Ann Learning as to read and write. And when my youngest child is 18, then to make a vendue to sell all my personal property, lands and tenements, and the whole to be divided among all my children, viz., Rachel, James, Mary Egberts, John, Martha, Vince, and Ann. I leave to my eldest son, John, he being heir at law, 8 shillings more than the rest. I make my wife Dorcas and my son James, executors."
Witnesses, Thomas Kingston, schoolmaster, William Smith, Nathaniel Lokerman. Proved, March 27, 1778.

From Ronny Bodine:

John Bodine was baptized at the Dutch Reformed Church of Port Richmond on 29 Nov 1719 as Jean, son of Francois Bodin and Maria Dey. Sponsors were Jean Journay and Sarah Dey. His will of 4 Jan 1778 was proved 27 March 1778 and therein named his wife Dorcas, and children John (as eldest son), James, Vincent, Rachel, Martha, Ann and Mary Egberts (New York Wills, 31: 436). On 31 Oct 1778, Dorcas Bodine and her son John were witnesses to the will of Rachel Braisted of Richmond County (New York Wills, 35: 177). Dorcas 'Bordine' married 2ndly Richard Webb on 4 April 1781 at the Moravian Church.