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He appears to have spent most of his life in New York. He first appears there on April 10, 1710 when he witnesses the baptism of Hester Rushé. She was probably his cousin, the daughter of his mother's sister, Susanna Bridon (and Dennis Rushé).

Ann Messecar believes he was apprenticed to his uncle Dennis Rushe/Riche who was a shipbuilder.

The following is based on information in Mary Sinnott's book: Vincent Bodine was a sailor. In 1720, he was captain of the sloop, "Mary," which left the port of New York for St. Christopher's, July 25, 1720. The trip back to New York took twenty-two days. On his arrival, he stated that a day or two before leaving St. Christopher's "a pyrate ship of twenty guns and one hundred and seventy men commanded by a Welshman, and a Sloop of --- Guns came into Buckstarr Road in that Island and Burnt one Ship, set fire to a second and Carryed out a third with them. That they sent word to the Governor of Sandy Point that they would Come and Burn the town about his ears for hanging the Pyrates there" (The American Weekly Mercury, Thursday, October 27, 1720). In 1721, he was captain of the sloop "Three Brothers" which was bound for Suriname.

He died in New York where his will was proven May 10, 1744. The will, written on June 30, 1735, named eight children. However, this is the only abstract of his will I have and it doesn't mention any children:

Abstracts of NY Wills, vol. IV, 1744-1753, (page 9 or page 233?): In the name of God, Amen. I, VINCENT BODEN, of New York, mariner, being in good health. My executors are to pay all debts and funeral expenses, And I leave all my estate, real and personal, to my wife Elisye, and make her executor.

June 30, 1735. Witnesses, Charles Beekman, Charles Beekman, Jr., Simon Johnson. Proved, May 10, 1744.

He is closely associated with Jean Bodin of Medis, but not Jean Bodin of Bethune. The name Vincent is borne by descendants of his brother Francis, but not by any of the descendants of Jean Bodin from Bethune. See "NYGBR," v. 121, pp. 233-234 for more on Vincent and Heyltje Bodine.

His burial record (or tombstone) at the New York Dutch Church says "Vinson Bodin."

Elizabeth Brady wrote, "At the Rutgers University Library, New Brunswick, N.J. there is a BODINE manuscript. It indicates that VINCENT BODINE, son of JEAN BODINE and ESTHER BRIDON, had a wife, HEIJLTJE (HELENE) SMITH, and children: HESTER, bap. Feb. 20, 1715, FRANCIS, JACOB, bap. 1729, and VINCENT, born in New York, March 10, bap. March 27, 1733. The record of 1733 is written in the French language." It would be valuable to see this manuscript and get its exact contents. See also The Britton Genealogy, Early Generations from Somersetshire, England to Staten Island, New York, by Elmer Garfield Van Name, J.D., LL.D., pub. October 1970, p. 34.

From Ronny Bodine:

He is first named 16 April 1710 as 'Vincang Bodinge' when he and 'Hester Bodinge' served as witnesses to the baptism of Hester, daughter of Denis and Susannah (Bridon) Rushe at the Dutch Reformed Church in New York City. Hester was likely his recently widowed mother; Susannah Rushe was his maternal first cousin. The "American Weekly Mercury" of 27 Oct 1720, reported that Vincent Bodine was captain of the sloop "Mary" which cleared from the port of New York for St. Christophers, 25 July. In 1721 he was captain of the sloop "Three Brothers," bound for Surinam. In 1738, he appears on a muster list of the Blue Artillery Company commanded by Capt. John Waldron

On 18 March 1739, Vincent Bodin sponsored the baptism of his grandson and namesake, Vincent, son of Cornelis and Hester (Bodin) Brouwer. Vincent and Heyltje Bodine witnessed a baptism on 8 June 1740, but on 29 Feb 1744 Heyltje Smith did so as the widow of Vincent Bodine. The will of Vincent Boden, of New York, mariner, of 30 June 1735 was proved 10 May 1744, therein leaving his entire estate to his wife Elsje (New York Wills xv, 235, xvi, 152). The burial of Vinson Bodin appears in the burial records of the DRC of New York City. One wonders why 3 years elapsed before his will was submitted for probate in May 1744.

Heyltje Smith was the daughter of John and Catalina (Clopper) Smith and had been baptized at the Dutch Reformed Church of New York City 2 April 1690 (NYGBR, cxxi, 233-234). Although no record of their marriage has survived, their first child was baptised in 1715. The will of Hyla Bodine, widow of Vincent Bodine, mariner of New York, of 8 March 1750 was proved 6 June 1750. Therein, she named her daughter Hester, wife of Cornelius brower, son Vincent Bodine, and granddaughter Mary, daughter of John, deceased, her eldest son, leaving to each one-third of her residual estate. All of her personal estate was bequeathed to her son-in-law, Cornelius Brower, with the provision that he must recoved his lawful right to the land now in possession of the Trinity Church of England in New York within twelve months (New York Wills, 17: 170). Her failure to name any of her other known children leaves one to wonder if these children were no longer living. The burial of "Wid. Bodyne" was recorded in the burial records of the DRC of New York City. The "New-York Weekly Post -Boy" of 16 July 1750 noted "Widow Bodin, decd--house in John Street now in possession of Cornelius Brower, for sale by executors, Jonas Wright and John Stevens."

The following baptisms were recorded in the registers of the Dutch Reformed Church of New York City, "New York Genealogical and Biographical Record," Volumes 16-24, 1885-1892:

20 Feb 1715: Hester, daughter of Fincent Bodine and Heyltje Smith, Sponsors: Mr. Rusje and Mrs. Rusje.

29 Jun 1718: John, son of Fincent Bowdine and Heyltje Smith, Sponsors: John Obline and Jannetje Stevens.

6 Dec 1720: Jacob, son of Vincent Bodyn and Heyltje Smith, Sponsors: Cornelus Stevens and Catlyntje Stevens, his sister.

23 Dec 1722: Cathalina, daughter of Fincang Boudyn and Heyltje Smith, Sponsors: Jan Stevens Jnr and Heyltje Coeley.

4 May 1726: Cathalyntje, daughter of Fincent Bodyn and Heyltje Smith, Sponsors: Hendrick Van de Water and Pieternelle Kloppers, widow of Albartus Van de Water.

6 Sep 1727: Marytje, daughter of Vincent Boudyn and Heyltje Smith, Sponsors: John Stevens Jr and Reyntje a Brakel.

27 May 1731: Cornelis, son of Vincent Bodyn (no wife named), Sponsors: Jacobus Quik Jr. and Catalyntje Stevens wife of Van Jonas Right

The following baptism was recorded in the registers of the French Church of New York City, Collections of the Huguenot Society of America, Volume I (1886).

25 Mar 1733: Vincent, born 10 March 1733, son of Mr. Vincent Bodin and Helene Smith, spouse, Sponsors: Mr. Denys Riche and Made. Mariane Ablain.