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Archives: Research in Northwest France

1. Nord Department Archives | 2. Municipal Archives at Lille | 3. Municipal Archives of Armentieres | 4. Pas-de-Calais Department Archives | 5. Bethune Municipal Archives | 6. Genealogie 62 | 7. Telephone Books

1. Nord Department Archives

The Nord Departmental Archives at Lille are open Monday through Thursday from 9 am to noon (closed noon to 1 pm) and from 1 pm to 5:30 pm. On Friday, they close at 4:30. On Saturday, they are open from 9 to 12 (?). They will be closed for summer vacation (e.g., July 1-15, 2000). The Archives telephone is (33) 03 20 93 87 17. The address is 22 rue St. Bernard. This is in the southern part of Lille. Coming from the direction of Armentieres, get off Highway A25 at exit 4 and go north. It's off of Metz Avenue. This goes west from the big roundabout that one hits when exiting the highway. It's only a few hundred yards down. Then turn right, before getting to the park which is also on the right. (Coming from the south or east, things work a little differently. See a map.)

Le declin du protestantisme dans les Pays-Bas meridionaux au XVIIe siecle, dans Hommage a dom U. Berliere, by Pasture (A.), 1931, p. 183-196 (Archive num. 4001).
I made copies of this ariticle from the book mentioned above.

Nord Genealogie: Bulletin du Groupement Genealogique de la Region du Nord (G.G.R.N.) Flandres - Hainaut - Artois. This is a journal with lots of genealogical information about the Nord Department. The term "department" refers to something like a province. They are located at Château de Robersart, 59118 Wambrechies. The mailing address is
Nord Généalogie
Boite Postal 62
59118 Wambrechies Cedex

Many of the references about the Bodin name come from a long series of articles dealing with abstracts of marriage bans of people at Leiden (in Holland) who originally come from the city of Lille and its surrounding towns. These articles appeared in many of the issues of Nord Genealogie. These come from records in the Municipal Archives of Leiden. There are 47 volumes of marriage bans beginning in 1575 and ending in 1795. The bans of people from the Lille area are noted from 1575 to 1710. It is noted that it was difficult to translate the Dutch words "neef" which can mean "cousin" or "nephew" and "nicht" which can mean "cousin" or "niece." Consider these words ambiguous. The date mentioned is the first publication of the ban. The volume and page are mentioned in parentheses. We made a photocopy of the introductory page (j.h. jeune homme, j.f. jeune fille, v. veuf/veuve, dem. demeurant, acc. accompagné).

1971/1972 (#1-5): All these were indexed, but nothing of interest was found.

1973 (#6-9): I didn't find an index.

1974 (#10-13): I didn't find an index.

1975 (#14-17): I didn't find an index.

1976 (#18-23): These were all indexed. This is the volume that has the Bodin section of the Leiden marriages.

- Issue 21, p. 138?: Marriages of people from the city of Lille and its surrounding towns at Leiden.

NOE BARBARY, young man from Armentières, accompanied by NOé Barbary, his father.
on June 1, 1628 to MARIA BODEYN, young woman from Leiden, accompanied by Maria Cosijn, her mother (K, 105).

PASSCHIER BARBARY, young man from Armentières, chaudronnier,
on December 12, 1624 to SUSANNA BOUDIJNS, young woman from Leiden (I, 231v).

- Issue 22, p. 192?: Marriages of people from the city of Lille and its surrounding towns at Leiden.

ABRAHAM BODEYN, young man from Armentières, accompanied by Johan Huglou and Pieter van Lankere, his friends.
on January 16, 1590 to BARBARA GLORIENSE, born at Tourkoyn (Tourcoing), widow of Geraert Vingenkoer, accompanied by Tanneken Pieters and Gilijne Gillis, her friends (B, 118v).

ABRAHAM BODIJN, young man from Armentiéres, accompanied Boudewijn Holaert and Jan Libaer, his friends.
on September 6, 1591 to MAYCKEN LAUS, widow of Pieter Lau, accompanied by Willemtgen Jans and Griete Verelst, her friends (B, 159v).

ABRAHAM BOEDIJN, young man from Armentiéres, accompanied by Pieter van Lancker and Jan Liebaert, his friends.
on September 17, 1594 to MARTIJNE MILONE, born at Armentiéres, widow of Jacob Verbrugge, accompanied by Janneken le More, her sister and Margriete Boedel, her friend (C, 92v).

YSAACK BODEIJN, born at Armentières, widower of Margriete Meweppele, tondeur de drap, accompanied by Christoffel Bodeyn, his uncle and Franchois Chombaer, son maitre
on November 8, 1614 to PAECKE BOUSGE, born at St.-Amand, widow of Jan du Chere, accompanied by Mary de Roubaeys and Mary Serjans, her friends (H, 38v).

PIETER BODEYN, young man from Armentières, accompanied by Pieter Bodeyn, his father and Loys de Buquo, his friend.
on June 25, 1594 to MARY COUSEYN, young woman from Sanduy (?), accompanied by Cathelyn Couseyn, her mother (C, 83v).

PIERRE BODEYN, young man from Tourconje (Tourcoing), peigneur, accompanied by Jan Mathon, his friend.
on June 22, 1663 to GRIETGEN FRANS, young woman from Rijssel (Lille), accompanied by Cathalyn Berva, her mother (R, 186v).

1977 (#24-29): The index for this volume is in the 1980 volume. There were two things to note of interest. I have written those below. The name Boddyn was also mentioned on pages 215 and 216. They were from Hazebrouck, France. I didn't write any more down about them.

- Issue 25, p. 53: LAWYS DE BUCKOY, young man from Turcoyn (Tourcoing), accompanied by Antony de Buckoy, his father.
on December 31, 1588 to MARTIJNE BODIJN, young woman from Armentières, accompanied by Maria Pronye, her mother and Antonette Bodijn her sister (B, 77v).

- Issue 25, p. 53: JHEREMIAS DE BUCQUOY, young man from Leiden passementier, accompanied by Pieter Bodeyn, his grandfather and Olivier de Bucquoy, his uncle.
on November 21, 1611 to PROONTGEN VAN DEN CAMERE, young woman from Turcoigen (Tourcoing), accompanied by Sara de Kan, Philippotte de Bane, her cousine (G, 129).

1978 (#30-35): These were all indexed. One interesting reference was found among the marriages at Leiden. This is recorded below. There was also a mention of Antoinette Bodeyn on page 43, but I didn't write that down. I think she was just a witness at a marriage ban.

- Issue 35, p. 280 (marriage ban): Sjaeck Friesencourt, young man from Fornick (Tournai), accompanied by Noe Huy and Gabriel van de Does.
on December 28, 1590 to Maria Renaes, young woman from Armentieres, accompanited by Mary Bodeyn, her mother (B, 135v).

1979 (36-41): These were indexed, but nothing of interest was found.

1980 (42-47): These were indexed, but nothing of interest was found.

1981 (#48-53): These were indexed, but nothing of interest was found.

1982 (#54-59): These were indexed, but nothing of interest was found.

1983 (#60-65): These were indexed. One interesting reference on page 404 was found. There may have also been something about the Boidin name on page 272, but I didn't find anything else in my notes.

- Issue 65, p.404: Notice Genealogiques aux Archives Municipales de Tourcoing.
-----Dans son journal "La Brouette", Jules WATTEEUW a publié de nombreuses notices généalogiques, entre 1900 et 1902.
-----Liévin VANDERHAEGEN vient de réunir ces notices en un volume, accompagné d'une table; ce fascicule est consultable aux Archives Municipales de Tourcoing.
-----Les généalogistes y trouveront des notices sur les familles dont le nom commence par les lettres A et B seulement, car Jules WATTEEUW n'a pas poursuivi son oeuvre au-delà : AGACHE, ALLARD, ASSEMAN, BAISEZ, BALLOIS, BARBION, BATAILLE, BEGHIN, BENOIT, BEUQUE, BEUSCART, BILLET, BODIN, BONENFANT, BODOUX, BOLLIN, BOUCHARD, BOUCHE, BOUILLET et BOURGEOIS. - Extrait d' "Archives de Tourcoing no. 3"

Regarding the reference above, in another book, we found some information on the archives in the Commune de Tourcoing. Service des archives - Frédérique COPPIN. - B.P. 599, 59208 Tourcoing Cedex. - 28 rue Pierre-de-Ghetem. - ; télécopie : - Ma.-Sa. 9 h à 12 h et 14 h à 18 h (17 h 30 Sa.). Sans fermeture annuelle. - Archives contemporaines. - 12, place Charles-Roussel ; rue de la Baille ; 1 et 25 rue Desurmont. - Fermés au public.

1984 (#66-71): I believe the index for this volume is found in the 1986 volume. There were references for the name Bodin on pages 479 and 512; Boduin on page 462; and Boidin on pages 18, 19, 21, 57, 75, and 91. However, only the one on page 512 might have been of interest. I didn't copy it, though.

1985 (#72-77): This was indexed, but nothing of interest was found.

1986 (#78-83): These were indexed. Two references were of interest.

- Issue 82, p. 542: Pieter Bodeyn and Janne Cohier are witnesses at a marriage in Leiden.

- Issue 83, p. 605: This is a query that was posted by a Jean Degobert. It reads like this:

1986/396 : BODIN-PRONY (PROUY) (Armentières -59). Origine et ascendance de la famille BODIN (BOIDIN) Pierre BOIDIN x Marie PRONY et leurs enfants se fixant vers 1580 à Leyde en Hollande (passage par Cantorbery en Angleterre) Parmi leurs enfants, Pierre, Martine et Antoinette. Antoinette x Gabriel HANNEDOUCKE. BOIDIN et HANNEDOUCKE origine noble ? Des descendantes féminines BOIDIN ont épousé à Leyde un Pascal BARBEY d'Armentières et un Louis de BUCQUOY de Tourcoing.
-- Jean DEGOBERT (Villeneuve-d'Ascq-59)

I looked up this man's address in the 1998/1999 phonebook for the Nord Department. His town is just east of Lille. It is pronounced veal-nev d'askah. His address and phone are

35 all Timbaliers
59491 Villeneuve d-Ascq
Tel: 03 20 91 17 13

We later visited this man, but it turned out to be this brother.

1987 (#84-89): Nothing of interest was found, but I'm not sure there was an index.

1988 (#90-95): Nothing of interest was found, but I'm not sure there was an index.

1989 (#96-101): These were incomplete and not indexed.

1990 (#102-107): These were all indexed. There was a reference to a Boduin that was not of interest. There were also several references to Boidin that I did not check. There were two references to the name Bodeyn that were of interest. These were records of marriages in Leiden, Holland of people who came from the north of France. The reference in parentheses after each entry must be where the original record is located in Leiden. These were written in French, but I suppose the original must have been in Dutch. Now I've put them in English; so be aware of possible mistakes.

- Issue 103, p. 131 (marriage): Henrick Roeloffsz., young man from Dordrecht, accompanied by Gabriel Hanadous and Peter Bodeyn, his friends.
on October 3, 1598 to Martiyntgen Bodeyn, born at Armentieres widow of Loys de Hucquoo, demeurant a Amsterdam, accompanied by Mary Proni, her mother and Antoinette Bodeyn, her sister (D, 490).

-Issue 106, p. 542 (marriage): Mees Willemsz., young man from Leiden, wool comber, accompanied by Jheremias Bucquoy and Daniel Pyck, his friends.
on December 12, 1612 to Maertyne Bodeyn, born at Armentieres, widow of Henrick Roeloffsz., accompanied by Mary Bodeyn, her mother and Antoinette Bodeyn, her sister (G, 187v).

1991 (#108-113): These were all indexed, but the only Bodin mentioned was on page 106 of issue #2 which was missing.

1992 (#114-119): These issues were incomplete and no index was found.

1993 (#120-125): These were all indexed, but the three Bodin references were not of interest.

1994 (#126-131): These were all indexed. Five references to Bodin were found of which two were of interest.

-Issue 130, p. 432 (the genealogy of the Lezy family): One daughter of Jacques Lezy and Marguerite Deledicque was Marie-Therese. She died at Willems on July 5, 1734. She married Jean Bodin, an artisan, on May 20, 1698 (marriage contract was May 8, 1698, Tabellion 6597/106). Jean was the son Jacques Bodin and Jeanne Delerue. He was born about 1676 and died at Willems on January 20, 1747.

-Issue 130, p. 466 (Actes scabinaux du Cateau-Cambresis): This is some kind of act done on January 25, 1678 (folio 13). In French: Elisabeth de WALLINES, veuve de Pasquier BODIN pour paiement à Robert Le METTRE et Marguerite DESRUILLE, so femme, de la nourriture et entretien dún enfant naturel qu'a eu Marie Anne du PONT, sa fille (fille de Georges du PONT premier mari d'Elisabeth de WALLINES) et que le dit Le METTRE et sa femme se sont obligés à nourrir et entretenir jusqu'à l'âge de 10 ans. Elle leur donne deux mencaudées de terre à Casteau que la dite comparante a depuis peu acquises de son frère.
La valeur de cette terre déduite à sa mort de la part de sa fille Marie Anne du PONT.

1995 (#132-137): Nothing of interest found, but I don't know if these were indexed.

1996 (#138-143): All these were indexed, but nothing interesting was found.

1997 (#144-149): Nothing of interest found, but I don't know if these were indexed.

1998 (#150-155): Nothing of interest found, but I don't know if these were indexed.

1999 (#156-161): Nothing of interest found, but I don't know if these were indexed.

2000 (#162-?): There was not yet an index for these.

None of the following were checked on this trip:

-Comptes des confiscations sur les heretiques et rebelles pour cause des troubles
B: 3617-3623
B: 3626-3636
B: 6959-6961 (Oost Flandre)
B: 6988-6992 (West Flandre)
B: 7017-7032 (Diverses parties de la Flandre & 7018-7019 avec tables des noms)
B: 7049-7061 (Bailleul)
B: 7125-7128 (Cassel et Nieppe)
B: 7129 (Cassel, Fournes, et Poperinghe)
B: 7202-7203 (Fournes et Poperinghe)
B: 7130-7131 (Cassel et Bailleul)
B: 7228-7238 (Lille, Douai, Orchies)
B: 7239-7273 (Lille, ville et chatellenie)
B: 7326-7333 (Lille, chatellenie, seigneuries et fiefs)

-Sous-serie VIII B (2e serie). Parlement de Flandre: poursuites contre les religionnaires fugitifs. En particulier VIII B 48 (passim), 767, 770, 772.

-Memoire de maitrise: Castermans (Philippe), Criminalite, delinquance et repression en France d'apres les archives du Conseil Souverain de Tournai et du Parlement de Flandre, 1668-1713, Lille, 1984, 225 p. (Directeur: A. Lottin).

-C 3638. Listes de religionnaires et guides arretes sur les frontieres de Flandre et de Hainaut et detenus a Tournai et a Cambrai, sur lesquelles il est indique si les religionnaires ont abjure (1686-1688), 16 pieces, papier.

-C 8927. Arrestations de religionnaires: proces-verbaux de capture, informations (1682-1706).

2. Municipal Archives at Lille

The Lille Municipal Archives are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (no interruption for lunch). I think they are also open on Saturday morning. Their address is Place Roger Sallengro (you can walk there from the Train station). They are in the basement of the town hall. The Archives phone is (33) 03 20 49 52 72. The info below is for the Lille City archives (from the GeneNord site):

Adresse postale: Service des Archives - Hôtel de Ville - Place Roger Salengro - B.P. 667 - 59033 Lille Cedex Tél. : 03 20 49 50 00, poste 2720 et 2723 - Fax : 03 20 49 53 98
Adresse topographique : Hôtel de Ville - Service des Archives - Place Roger Salengro - 59033 Lille. Ouvert au public : du lundi au vendredi de 8 h. à 17 h. - pas de fermeture annuelle.

Naissances de la Paroisse de la Madeleine (Baptisms): Tables A-G (1618-1792)
There were close to 200 Bodin names among the baptisms. There were only a few Boidin spellings. There were over a hundred Cousin names. For Maria Crocheron, there was one long shot. Names I saw like "Crocheron" where Creson (3), Cresson (1), Croison (1)
- Croison, Maria Madelaine May 21, 1670

Naissances de la Paroisse de St. Etienne (Baptisms): A-Del (1568-1792)
There were about 30 Bodin names and 20 Boidin names. All of these were too late to apply to my research. The earliest baptisms were in the late 1600's. There were over 100 Cousin names. There were also Cresson (3) and Creson (8).
- Creson, Marie Barbe June 15, 1656 (p. 326)
- Creson, Marie Anne June 15, 1656 (p. 326)
-----It was hard to read the Latin for these (microfiche by LDS), but the father does not appear to be a John Creson.

Naissances de la Paroisse de St. Andre (Baptisms): A-E (1592-1792)
There were 100 or so Bodin names and a few Boidin ones. Another name was Creson (2).

Naissances de la Paroisse de St. Catherine (Baptisms): A-E (1565-1792)
There were about 30 Bodin and 10 Boidin names. Creson (15), Cresson (8)
- Marguerite Cresson May 5, 1654 (p. 550)
-----This was hard to read (microfiche by LDS), but her father appears to be a Cornelius or Cornely and her mother Catherine La Lou or something like that.

Naissances de la Paroisse de St. Maurice (Baptisms): A-Deh (1539-1792)
There are over 30 Bodin and 20 Boidin names. Creson (32), Cresson (33).
- Marie Angelique Cresson, December 30, 1641 (p. 114). This date appears to be too early to be of interest.
- Marie Leonard Cresson, November 26, 1640 (p. 104).
- Jean Cresson, November 26, 1640 (p. 104).
- Marie Anne Cresson, September 28, 1656 (p. 17) She appears to be a daughter of Corneloy and Catherine La Lou (sp?).
- Marie Francoise Cresson, May 5, 1664 (p. 170) She appears to be a daughter of Corneloy and Catherine La Lou (sp?).

Naissances de la Paroisse de St. Pierre (Baptisms): All (1564-1792)
There are about 30 Bodin and 20 Boidin names. Many of the Bodin names come from the mid-1600's and are similar to those found in the early Bodines in America (Mary, Catherine, Peter, John, Jacob and Anne). It might be nice some time to put these with their parents by looking at the original records. I'm sure the LDS has these on Microfiche. Creson (1).

Births, Marriages, Deaths for the churches of Esquermes and Wazemmes
There were a couple of indexes I checked out for two towns, Esquermes and Wazemmes, that, I guess, used to be located near Lille. I think they have been swallowed up by the city now. I didn't find anything of interest in them. There were some Bodin and Boidin names mentioned, but most, if not all, were in the 1700 and 1800's. I didn't find any Creson or Cresson names.

3. Municipal Archives of Armentieres

Archives Communales de Armentieres (hotel de ville): Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 12:00 and 1:30 to 6:00. On Saturday, the open from 8:30 to 11:30. The phone number is (33) 03-20-10-57-70. They are on the third floor of the Town Hall.

FF 40. Registre criminel de la ville d'Armentieres (1561-1567).
This is an old book written in Latin (or old French?). It's about 15" x 12" x 3". It would be very difficult to read for a novice. Someone has gone through and underlined the names of people mentioned in this book and even written some names in the margins. However, it is still difficult to dicipher. I went through the first third of it and didn't see any names I recognized. It would be quite a chore to look at all the names in a thorough manner.

Marriage Index for Armentieres: 1630-1892
Someone has put all these marriages on computer and run off two lists. One is by last name of the groom and the other by last name of the bride. There were many Boidin names, but few Bodin ones. (I wonder if someone didn't standardize the spelling when making the list?) There were also many Cousin names. There were no marriages between them, though. I didn't find anything that really stood out to me. I believe all these tables and originals are on LDS microfilm.

Baptism Index from August 3, 1634 to December 31, 1664
This is an old book that someone made up from the original records indexing the names of the children who were baptized. There were several of these for different time frames. LDS has also filmed these. I saw some interesting ones. However, none of them seemed to link to the American Bodines.
- Bauduin, Jean (father = Jean), March 27, 1661. I checked the original, in Latin, and didn't see anything that would make this record connect.
- Jacques Boidin (father = Pierre), June 8, 1662. The original said something like "Dia 8 (of June 1661) baptuo fuit Jacobus filous Petri Boidin et Chretienne Boidin ... Jacobus Fluor et Marienne Agor de Suduig." The last two names are the witnesses at the baptism. The spelling of their names is very uncertain. I also found a marriage record for a Pierre Boidin and a Christine Boidin (that was her maiden name) in the year 1655 or so (I forgot to write it down).
- Marie Boidin (father = Henri), January 30, 1663. I checked this and found nothing to connect.
- Pierre Boidin (father = Pierre), December 5, 1664. I checked this and found it very difficult to read. I could not tell at all that his father was named Pierre. His mother's name was something like Marias Amuz or something like that. The record, in Latin, read something like this, "Dia 5 (of December 1664) baptuo fuit Petrus filus _____ Boidin et Marias Amuz do lo bo ... Henricus Boidin mat. Francifen Bouch (or Gouch).

4. Pas-de-Calais Department Archives

The Pas-de-Calais Department Archives are located in the city of Arras in the Place de la Prefecture. Look for #12 over an arch in the Place. Go through the arch and there will be a kind of blue building down the alley. This is the Centre Georges-Besnier where the Archives are located. The address is 12 place Jean-Moulin (or place de la Prefecture), 62018 Arras Cedex 09. The telephone is 03 21 21 61 90 and the fax is 03 21 21 62 98. Hours are 9-12 and 1-5 Monday through Friday. It is also open on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Satrudays of the month from 9-12 except on holidays and school vacations. There is no annual closure.

Here are some cities that are near Bethune. Many of these have baptism, marriage, and death records, but few have been transcribed or much less indexed. Looking through the original records to try to pick out the name Bodin or any of its forms would be a very time-consuming and daunting task. These are usually very difficult to read and they are written in Latin or old French! I have put a few notes below about what I found for some of these locations.

Index 46J: This is an index of efforts by the Genealogical Societies to transcribe data from old records. The number in parentheses is the reference for the town. This seems to be a number that is officially established, just like each department has its own number.

Benifontaine: M 1737-1792 (107). Joy looked through the index for baptisms, marriages, and burials. Nothing of interest was found.

Beuvry: M 1610-1792; alphabetical table of marriages 1610-1892 (126). This is a town ESE of Bethune. I checked out 46J:126 (v. 1-6). In v. 1, there are marriages 1610-1792 A-D. No Bodin names were found among those getting married. However, some Bidin names were found. These are recorded below. In v. 4, the baptisms of 1629 to 1737 are recorded in alphabetical order. No Bodin names were found or anything like it, except for one Boidin in the 1700's (and several Bidin names). This volume also had deaths for 1689 to 1812. There was one Boidin listed. She was born about 1698. There were also several Bidin names. The name Bidin could be related to Bodin. There was a Jacques (d. Oct. 4, 1687 at 60), a Jean (d. June 21, 1706 at 39), a Pierre (d. Nov. 3, 1715 at 45), a Jean Baptiste (d. June 25, 1760 at 67), etc. Here is some more information.

- Jacques Bidin: d. Nov. 4, 1687; age 45; profession: Sergent; married to _____ TRINEL; note: sergent du Comte de Boussu. I have a copy of the original. It says this:

L'an de grâce mil six cent quatre vingt sept est décédé dans la paroisse de Beuvry le quatreme de mois de novebre Jacques Bidin sergeant de monsieur le comte de Boussu (of Boffre) mort a ... Trinel âge de soixante (or septante) ou environ. Il a êté inhumé dans le cimetiere du dit lieu le quinze ou nous l'avon portê avec les cérémonies accoutumeês de l'église auquel ... et ... ont assisté ses parens et les confriéres de Saint Eloi ont signé avec moi curé soussegné.

From other records, it is clear that his (second) wife's name was Catherine Trinel.

- Jean Bidin: d. June 21, 1706; age 39; married to Marie Jeanne Bailleu. The original was very light and difficult to read. The librarian had to make several copies in different shades before he was able to dicipher it for me. It said that Jean was about 39 years old. He died without the sacraments being administered and was buried in the village cemetery. One line said that "il est sans donte décédé dans l'église." I'm not sure what this meant.

- Pierre Bidin: d. November 3, 1715; age 45; widow of Marguerite DUPONT. This info comes from the abstracts. I looked at the original, but didn't make a copy. I could dicipher a little of it. The beginning read "L'an mil sept cent quinze le trois novembre est dédédé dans cette paroisse Pierre Bidin âge environs quarante cinq ans veuf le fem Margueritte Dupont lequel a ..."

- Jean Baptiste Bidin: June 25, 1760; age 67; cordonnier; married to Jeanne Louise OBIGé; witnesses were Michel François Bidin, his son, and Jean Baptiste DUFRESNE, his son-in-law (beau-fils). I looked at the original and wrote what I thought it said below:

Le 25 juin 1760 en cette paroisse de beuvry en decedé administre de tous les sacrements Jean Baptiste Bidin age de 67 ans, allrga (sp?) a Jeanne Louise Opegé, son corps fue inhume le jour suivante dans notre cimetiere, son service chanté et les ceremonies ordinaires de le eglise offeries par moÿ prestre vieuve de beuvry en presence de Michel francois bidin son fils a maries et de Jean baptiste dufresne son gendre es cette paroisse lesquels ont signes avec moÿ les jour mois et ane suisdels.

It was signed by several people. Michel Bidin clearly signed his last name as "bidin."

- Marie Elizabeth Bidin: d. March 19, 1768; age 33; married to Louis FREVENT; witness was DUPLOUY Eugène, clerc from Bouvry.

- Elizabeth Bidin: d. August 4, 1786; age 87; widow of Pierre RICQUART; witnesses were Jean Philippe DURIER, her son-in-law (beau-fils) and Pierre Philippe DURIER, her petit-fils.

- Mary Magdeleine Bidin: d. October 30, 1800; age 77; laborer (ouvrière); married to Jean Baptiste DUFRESNE (laborer); witness was Augustin CARON, a farmer from Beuvry; voisin; note: Mary was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Bidin and Anne Opigez.

- Marie Jeanne Jh Bidin: d. April 22, 1742; age 41; married to Adrien BEUGNIEZ.

Marriages (1610-1792):

BIDIN Jacques
ROSEAU Marie-Anne
07-08-1660 Beuvry
witnesses: LOUCHART Jacques and BARET Jean

BIDIN Jacques
TRINEL Catherine
02-06-1670 at  Beuvry
witnesses: TRINEL François and LOUCHART Jacques

BIDIN Jean, son of Jacques BIDIN and Marie-Anne ROSEAUX
DEBILLEUL Marie-Jeanne, dau of Pierre DEBILLEUL and Isabelle DUCRASSE
13-04-1690 at Beuvry
witnesses: RATEL Adrien and TRINEL Louis

BIDIN Pierre-François, resident of Beuvry son of Jacques BIDIN
DUPONT Marie-Marguerite, resident of Beuvry
ancien conjoint (former spouse) Jacques SENNART
08-02-1708 at Beuvrey
witnesses: LEBLAN Jean and TRINEL Pierre-Alexis

BIDIN Jean-Baptiste, from Beuvrey and resident of Beuvry
ancienne conjoint (former spouse) Marie-Thérèse TILLOY
OPIGEZ Anne-Louise, originally from Gouy-Serving and resident of Beuvry
dau of Joseph OPIGEZ and Nicole BIENCOURT
30-10-1725 at Beuvry
witnesses: BAILLEUL Jean-Baptiste, DENEVILLE Jean-Baptiste and BIDIN Pierre

BOIDIN Sylvain-Faustin, resident of Cambrin
son of Pierre BOIDIN and Elizabeth-Jeanne DUBRULLE
LEBLANC Marie-Anne-Ernestine, resident of Beuvry
dau of Antoine LEBLANC and Marie-Adrienne POTIER
09-02-1735 at Beuvrey
witnesses: DUCHATELLE DE BLANGEVAL Guilbert-François-Marie

BOIDIN Pierre-Hubert, age 46, originally from Annequin
ancien conjoint (former spouse) of Marie-Joseph MACQUART
GOTTRANT Marie-Joseph, age 32, originally from Richebourg
dau Jacques-François GOTTRANT and Marie-Jeanne BILLOT
16-05-1781 at Beuvry
witnesses: BOIDIN Pierre-Phillipe, "frere M" , resident of Annequin, MACQUART François-Marie, "beau-pere" M, resident of Annequin, CAPELLE Augustin-Joseph,  resident of Annequin, and BOIDIN Pierre-Hubert, "Pere M", resident of Annequin.

Note: I asked if "Bidin" was a common name in France now. He looked in the 1820 Census of France and we found four or five instances of the name back then. They were all centered in three towns around Houdain (HOU-DAA). That is SSW of Bethune.

Cambrin: BMS 1686-1792 (200). I think we checked these and did not find anything.

Marriages-Baptemes (1686-1792):

Marriage: BODIN Pierre and DUBRULLE Elisabeth
Tisserand, Laboureur

Their baptized children are recorded below:
-Pierre Hubert  (November 3, 1706)
MAR. Marie Jeanne BAUCHé FE de feu Antoine et de Jeanne MANNESSIER DE ANNEQUIN

-Marie Adrienne (September 8, 1708)
PAR. Ferdinand du ROISIN FS de Guillaume et de Guislaine DELEPIERRE.
MAR.Marie Anne DUBRULLE FE de Philippe et de Marie MANNESSIER

-Silvain Faustin (February 15, 1711)
PAR. Pierre André de VIENNE FS de Pierre et de Adrienne DELEPIERRE.
MAR. Barbe MANNESSIER. FE de feu Pierre et de Marie DELEBAR de BEUVRY

-Marie Elisabeth (January 5, 1715)
PAR. Philippe BULTEL. FS de Ferdinand;
MAR. Marie Antoinette BOULINGUe FE de Jean Baptiste

Marie Adrienne (February 3, 1731)
PAR. Ferndinand du ROGIN FS de feu Guillaume et de 1731  Guislaine DELEPIERE.
MAR. Marie Anne DUBRULLE. FE de Philippe et de Marie MANNESSIER. de ANNEQUIN


Marriage: BODIN Pierre Hubert (? ans de CAMBRIN, son of Pierre et de Marie and Elisabeth DUBRULLE) on August 6, 1732 to DUBRULLE Marie Josephe (? ans de ANNEQUIN, daughter of Jean Philippe et de Marie Marguerite MACQUART).


Marriage: BODIN Silvain Faustin (? ans de CAMBRIN, son of Pierre et de Marie and Elisabeth DUBRULLE) on February 9, 1735 to LEBLANC Marie Anne Christine (? ans de BEUVRY, daughter of feu Antoine et de Marie Adrienne POTIER).

Sepultures (1688-1792):

-Marie Elisabeth (1 1/2 yrs., daughter of Pierre et de Marie Elisabeth DUBRULLE)
May 19, 1716

-Pierre (74 yrs., husband of Elisabeth DUBRULLE, wintesses: Pierre Hubert BOIDIN. SFS. and Pierre Joseph DUPONT. SPFS.
January 10, 1757

-Marie Antoinette (50 yrs., wife of Jean Baptiste CATEZ. witnesses: SEPX.
March 18, 1786.

-Marie Adrienne (78 yrs., wife of Philippe Joseph DUPONT. tém SEPX and Silvin BOIDIN.
November 7, 1786

-Pierre Hubert (82 yrs., widower of Marie Joseph DUBRULLE. witnesses: Silvin BOIDIN.
February 10, 1788

Chocques: M 1737-1792 (224). There was a Boidin in 1747 who married a Henry.
Essars: M 1737-1792 (310). No Bodin-type names.
Fouquereuil: BMS 1672-1737; M 1737-1791 (349). Nothing of interest to note.
Fouquieres-les-Bethune: BMS 1737-1791 (350). I think we checked these and did not find anything.
Gosnay: B 1634-1738; S 1634-1738; M 1739-1791 (377). I think we checked these and didn't find anything.
Hinges: B 1653-1747; M 1677-1747; S 1678-1747 (454). This is a town NNW of Bethune. I checked v. 46J:454 for the name Bodine, but didn't find any in the BMS for the 1600's.
Locon: M 1700-1707; BS 1730-1738 (520). There are later things I didn't check.
Nothing found on Bodin or similar names.
Vendin-les-Bethune: M 1737-1792 (841). I do not think we checked these.
Verquigneul: 1682-1723; Reconstitution des familles, XVIIe-XVIIIe s. (847). Joy looked through the Baptism records and Marriage records for 1686-1708 and found no Bodines. Neither were there Bodines in the burials for 1690 to 1708. The name index following also showed no Bodine or variant names.
Verquin: BMS 1737-1792 (848). I do not think there was anything interesting.

-Jean Joseph Bidin
Aug. 20, 1739
de Pierre et SOUILLART Marie Thérése
Parain: Avier Jean BAPT.
Maraine: M. Jossé Marie Philippe

-Pierre Francois Bidin
Mar. 3, 1743
de Pierre et SOUILLART Thérése
Parain: Deher Vivalieu Francois
Maraine: M. Fontaine Jeanne Caroline

Marriages: Nothing of interest found.

Feb. 23, 1758
Pierre Bidin
53 yrs., witnesses: Bidin Jean, his son and Caillerer Pierre.

Wingles: BMS 1737-1792 (895). This book lists (in relatively close type) baptisms, marriages and burials together, according to date. Joy skimmed through years 1737-1748 and found no Bodin or similar names. There was one record for a marriage on Oct. 26, 1737 where two of the witnesses were GODIN, Abraham, jeune homme, signe Goudin, and GODIN Pierre François, (S), signe Caron. The groom was a Jean Michel ASAR de la paroisse d'Annay.

Index 63J: This is an index of private efforts to transcribe the data from old records. I did not check any of these since they were pretty much covered by the records above.
Beuvry: M 1737-1792 (126)
Fouquereuil: M 1737-1792 (349)
Wingles: M 1737-1792 (895)

I also checked some records that I don't think had been indexed by genealogical socities or individuals. The two cities I checked are below:

Annezin: This is a town just west of Bethune. I think there are baptisms from October 26, 1617 to December 25, 1689 and baptisms from 1690 to 1740. There are also some deaths and marriages. These were not indexed; so I didn't check them (mflm: F5Mi35R1).

Robecq: There is a lot of early data from this church. The table of baptisms is done by date and not by last name. I looked at the dates 1660 to 1663 and didn't see anything except an Ambrose Bauduin, baptized on January 29, 1660 (mflm: 5Mi713R1).

5. Bethune Municipal Archives

These Archives didn't have any records before 1792. They only had state records, the original books, from 1792 and up. Since I was there, I looked through the earlier BMD (baptism, marriage, death) indexes for Bodin-like names. I wanted to see if there were many people in Bethune at that time with those names. Here is what I found.

1792-1802: B - none; D - Boidin (1) and Baudain (1).
1803-1812: B - none; D - Boidin (3), Baudoin (2), Boudin (2), and Bouidon (1).
1813-1822: B - Buidin (1) and Boidin (1).

6. Genealogie 62

This is a periodical edited by the Association Genealogique du Pas-de-Calais. It comes out three times a year along with one special edition. The special edition lists all the records that have been transcribed and are available for sale. The address is

Association Genealogique du Pas-de-Calais
BP 1060
62257 Henin Beaumont Cedex
T: 03 21 49 23 03
F: 03 21 49 12 27

They are located at 211 rue Paul Vaillant Conturier a Henin-Beaumont. This looks like it is in front of the Gare S.N.C.F. in Henin-Beaumont.

7. Telephone Books

Telephone book - Pas-de-Calais: In a quick look through the phone book, I only found one Eric Bodin in any of the big cities or the ones mentioned below. There were quite a few Boidin names. However, I didn't find any Bidin names.
Bethune: Baudewyn (1), Bauduin (3), Boidin (1)
Beuvry: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Cambrin: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Chocques: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Essars: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Fouquereuil: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Fouquieres-les-Bethune: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names, except for one Bauduin.
Gosnay: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Hinges: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Locon: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names, except for one Boidin.
Neuve Chapelle: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names. Robecq: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Vendin-les-Bethune: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Vermelles: Bauduin (1), Boidin (1)
Verquigneul: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Verquin: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Wingles: Bauden (1), Baudoin (1), Baudouin (1), Boidin (1)

Telephone Book - Nord: I didn't find any Bidin names in any of the major cities.
Armentieres: Baudoin (1), Baudouin (1), Boidin (11), Buidin (4).
Cambrai: Baudin (2), Baudouin (2), Bauduin (8), Bodin (7), Boidin (1)
Estaires: No Bodin or Bodin-sounding names.
Lille: Bauden (5), Baudin (1), Baudouin (3), Bauduin (23), Bidon (3), Bodin (6), Boidin (17), Boudewyn (1), Budin (1).

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