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Archives: Jacob Bodine Family Bible

This Bible either originally belonged to Jacob P. Bodine or his daughter, Margaret Elizabeth. Margaret married Charles Bryant Wickliffe. Jacob was born on July 24, 1788 in Loudoun County, Virginia and died on November 4, 1855 in Bevier, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Jacob was the son of Isaac A. Bodine and Elizabeth Pullen. He married Jane Wickliffe on March 5, 1812. Jane was the daugther of Robert Wickliffe, Sr. and Sarah Kincheloe. She was born on August 18, 1785 in Prince William County, Virginia and died on November 11, 1861 in Bevier, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. I believe the originals of these pages from the family Bible still do exist, but I don't know who has them. They were last in the hands of Mrs. Emily Wickliffe Walker as late as 1989. It don't think the Bible exists, though. (These may also have been transcribed in The Muhlenberg County Heritage Quarterly, v. 11, no. 3, pages 31-32.) Click on the word BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, or DEATHS to see a copy of the original pages.

Jacob Bodine was born July 24th 1787
Jane Bodine was born August 18th 1785
Sarah J. Wickliffe Bodine was born March 14th 1813
Elizabeth Pullen Bodine was born April 8th 1815
Robert Wickliffe Bodine was born June 19th 1817
Frances Maria Bodine was born May 1st 1819
Isaac Newton Bodine was born June 23rd 1822
Charles Asher Bodine was born 13th May 1824
Margaret Elizabeth Bodine was born April 19th 1828
Robert A. Wickliffe, son of Wm & S.J.W. was born Apr 30, 1838
Charles Asher Wickliffe, son of WM. & S.J.W. Wickliffe was born 25th Apr 1840
Nancy Wickliffe was born 28th March 1862
Jane Wickliffe was born March 18, 1864
Charles Bodine Wickliffe was born Feb 15, 1866
Robert Wickliffe was born Feb 18, 1868

Robert Wickliffe, father of Jane Bodine was born Jan 17 1756, died Feb 24, 1820



Jacob Bodine & Jane, his wife, were married march 5th 1812 A.D.
William B.Wickliffe & S.J.W. Bodine was married 16th Feb 1837
Richard Jones & Frances M. Bodine was married Jan 1st 1839
Mr C.B. Wickliffe & Margaret E. Bodine was married Feb 3, 1861
Robert Wickliffe & Mimmie Morehead was married Mar 23, 1898


Elizabeth Pullen Bodine died Oct 30th 1820
The Master is come and calleth for thee.
Robert A. Wickliffe died May 14th 1839
Sarah J. W. Wickliffe died Feb 27th 1841
Charles A. Wicklliffe died Jan 10th 1843
Isaac Newton Bodine died Oct 22nd 1848
Jacob P. Bodine died Nov 4th 1855
Charles A. Bodine died Nov 15, 1860
Jane Bodine died Nov 11th 1861
Jennie Wickliffe died Feb 25, 1877

Charles B. Wickliffe Sr. July 3, 1905
Margaret E. Wickliffe Dec 17, 1911
Charles B. Wickliffe Jr. July 8, 1941

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