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My genealogy file is very large, containing over 18,600 individuals and over 12,000 families.  Primary surnames I research are FARMER, MARTIN, BRANCH, VAWTER, RICHEE, BOOTHE, HIGHFILL, MCMICHAEL, COX, VIRGIN, HAHN, BROWN, MORGAN, MAY, SMITH, SIFFORD, ELLSWORTH, ELSWORTH, SHELBY, MCCAIN, CROW, LATHAM, DOWDY, JENKINS, PROFFER, BLACK, JAMISON, SMALLWOOD, WREN, GRINDSTAFF, DOSS, and HINES.  Primary geographical areas researched are Weakley County, Tennessee, Halifax County, Virginia, Stokes, Guilford, Catawba, and Lincoln Counties in North Carolina, Stoddard, Dunklin, Butler, Bollinger, St. Charles, Boone, and Clinton Counties in Missouri, and Union, Williamson, Johnson, Hamilton, and Marion Counties in Illinois.


Navigation is fairly intuitive.   Here is a quick primer on how to navigate.

1.  The first page you see is the Contents Page.  Underneath the word "Contents" are options to select the Introduction, Heads of Primary Families, Surnames, Index of Individuals, Home Card, Sources. and Contact.

2.  A very important ingredient of genealogy research is source citation.  I have tried very hard to identify my sources.  Clicking on the individual’s name on the family card will take you to the person sheet.  Source citations are found on the person sheet.  Clicking on the superscript numbers will take you to the source citation.

3.  At the bottom of each sheet are navigation “words” such as “Contents, Index, Surnames, Contact, Web Family Card and Back”.  Clicking on any of these words takes you to the appropriate location.

4.  Some Family Cards have photos.  Clicking on the Camera Icon takes you to the pictures.  Some of the pictures of documents may be hard to read.  If you want a copy of the document, there should be enough information for you to find your own copy of the document.  If you can't find it yourself, email to me and I'll send you a copy.

5.  Note:  This genealogy file contains many pictures and documents.  If you use any of the material from this genealogy file please provide proper credit.

6.  To access my genealogy file click on the following URL


My favorite County Genealogy Web Site is MaryCarol’s Weakley County, Tennessee at


I support the preservation of the Martin Family Cemetery in Weakley County, Tennessee.  The story of our attempt to preserve the cemetery can be found at

There you will find links to the Find A Grave website which has genealogical data and pictures of the tombstone memorials.  The Find A Grave URL is


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Oscar & Beulah Farmer Family

Oscar Farmer’s ancestor’s migrated to Weakley County, TN from Halifax County, VA in about 1838.