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Mildred Rosalee Cox - Media
Farmer, Mildred 1937.jpg

Mildred Rosalee Cox/Farmer, b. 12 Aug 1909, d. 7 Sep 1998. This picture was taken in 1937 when Mildred was 28 years old.
Cox, Mildred 1924.jpg

Mildred Cox’s graduation picture in 1924 from Brown Business School in St. Louis. Mildred went to a business school rather than high school.
Cox, George & Mildred.jpg

Mildred and George Cox. This picture was taken about 1917 in St. Louis.
Cox, Mildred 18 mos.jpg

Mildred Cox and her doll, about 1911. She looks to be about 18 months old. She was born on 12 Aug 1909 which would date this picture in about Feb 1911.
Farmer, Mildred's Chorus.jpg

Mildred was a good pianist and loved to sing. She sang with the pictured singing group which was organized at the Northside Baptist Church in Florissant. It was a group of women who sang at charitable events such as nursing homes. She sang in the group for many years, well up into her 80’s.
Cox, Mildred R_Birth.jpg

Mildred Rosalee Cox was born 12 Aug 1909 in St. Louis, Missouri. The family lived on South Compton Avenue at the time. Notice that that Certified Copy of Birth Record stated Mildred’s mother as “Paralee N. Brown” instead of Paralee M. Brown.
Farmer, Mildred tmstn.jpg

Mildred Farmer’s tombstone is located at Laurel Hill Memorial Gardens,
2000 Pennsylvania Avenue
St. Louis County
Missouri  USA
Postal Code: 63133-1314
Phone: (314) 725-7800
Farmer, Mildred Obituary.jpg

Mildred Rosalee Cox/Farmer, b. 12 Aug 1909, d. 7 Sep 1998, age 89 years.
Farmer, Mildred Obituary2

Mildred Rosalee Cox/Farmer, b. 12 Aug 1909, d. 7 Sep 1998, age 89 years.
Farmer, Mildred Death Cert.jpg

Mildred Rosalee Cox/Farmer death certificate, Lincoln County, Missouri. 12 Aug 1909 to 7 Sep 1998.
Cox, Mildred_Elwood.jpg

Mildred and her brother, George Elwood Cox, in about 1920.
Cox, Paralee_Mildred.jpg

Mildred appears to be about 12 months old in this picture. That suggests this picture was taken in about 1910.
Farmer, Mildred w Larry 1934
Farmer, Mildred's Cousins

This picture was taken in 1973. From left to right are Ralph Brown, Helen Mooney, Mildred Farmer, Ruby Finley, Edith Kellick, and Maxine Mooney
Cox, Mildred & Nettie

Mildred Farmer with her aunt Nettie Cox/Story/McDowell. They are pictured in 1967 at the tombstone of James E. Cox and Riney A. Virgin/Cox. They were Mildred's grandparents and Nettie's parents. The cemetery is the Myers Cemetery, near Marble Hill, Bollinger County, Missouri.
Farmer, Basil L 1940 Census

1940 Census, Missouri, St. Louis County, St. Ferdinand Township, Jennings, District 95-320, Sheet 8B, Household 159. 5464 Hodiamont Ave., Jennings, MO
Farmer, Basil 1930 Census.jpg

1930 Census, Missouri, St. Louis (Independent City), Ward 27, Block 5126, Precinct 13, District 584, Sheet 29A, Household 489, 5520 Partridge Avenue. Basil and Mildred were living with Mildred’s aunt and uncle, William and Evelyn Cox when this census was recorded on 18 Apr 1930. Also, Mildred’s brother, George Elwood Cox was also living there.
Cox, Geo C 1920 Census.jpg

1920 Census, Illinois, Marion County, Centralia Township, Centralia City Ward 2, Enumeration District 172, 7 Jan 1920, Sheet 10A, Household 238
Cox, James E 1910 Census.jpg

1910 Census, Missouri, St. Louis City, Ward 16, Enumeration District 458, Sheet 7A, Household 135. Notice the enumerator listed Mildred Rosalee as “Lee M” and erroneously stated her as a “son”. He also listed George as “Clarence G.”, and Paralee as “Malinda”.