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Franklyn Lowery Delaney : WWII - LCI 220 - The Log

The image below, from Franklyn Lowery Delaney's collection, shows the January 28, 1944, issue of The Log, which was a publication of Lawley Shipyards. This particular issue (Volume II, No. 7) features the LCI 220 that had been built by Lawley. This was a promotional piece for how well built Lawley's ships were, and the document features the heading "she's Lawley Built" above a picture of the LCI 220, temporarily beached at Gela, Sicily, and an artist's rendition of the battle that had taken place. The caption below the picture and drawing states, "Broached to, on the beach at Salerno, the 220 came through and is ready to strike again - where needed!" Unfortunately, The Log's editors got the location wrong. We see the word "Salerno" crossed out by Frank Delaney, and in his own handwriting "Gela, Sicily" is substituted for "Salerno."

The text below the picture and drawing reads as follows: "This is the LCI (L) 220 the morning after the Hell that was the Salerno Battle (again with the words "Salerno Battle" crossed out and the correct location - "Gela, Sicily" - substituted in Frank's handwriting]. She's your ship - she's Lawley Built. Her Commanding Officer and four crew members were awarded the Navy's 'Silver Star' for their valor. Hundreds more 220s are needed. To the Navy's, 'They must be ready' - Lawley answers ...'THEY WILL BE READY!' "

Franklyn Lowery Delaney was one of the men on the LCI 220 awarded the Navy's Silver Star, as mentioned in Lawley's publication.

Image and Story of LCI 220 at Gela, Italy - Featured in "The Log" - A Publication of Lawley Shipyard - January 28, 1944