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Janice Awilda (Rose) Bruton

My Birthday Present
As told by: Lloyd B. Rose

When I was 3 years old, and still the baby of the family, my Mother told me that she was going to have another baby. When Mom would tell me about this years later, she told me that I was not very happy about the idea of another baby taking my place. In fact, I was very jealous and didn't like the idea at all!

Until that is, Mom brought the new baby home from the hospital. She sat me down, and told me that Janice Awilda had been born on November 16th; the same day as my birthday! She told me that I would have to take care of Janice, and look out for her; not only because she was my little sister, but because she was my special birthday present. After that, I was okay with the idea of being the 'big brother'. I did my best to look out for Janice, and I was always sure to tell 'everyone' that she was my birthday present.

As we grew up together, I tried to include Janice in as much as possible, and made sure that if I was going to get into trouble for something, that most times Janice was included in it with me. That way, we would get punished together too. After all, what else is a big brother for?

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