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Howard Lazelle Rose

Howard's mother, Grace Awilda (Howard) Rose, told a story about when Howard was born. She said that as an infant, Howard was premature, "a blue baby", and suffered from Ricketts.

The doctors told her that he was "just too small and frail to survive", and that "she shouldn't get her hopes up". Well, Grace was not about to take that statement laying down, and told them in no uncertain terms; "You might be the doctor, but you don't know what you are talking about! Now, give me my baby; we are going home!" The doctors were reluctant, but didn't argue with her for very long. (That was probably a good thing!)

For the next few hard months, Grace nursed Howard's health; even keeping him warm by using their oven as a makeshift incubator. "I would keep a low heat coming from the oven, and place Howard in a small wooden box on the open oven door". Howard not only survived, but through his mother's love and care, became a strong man with a loving soul.

Here are some words from Grace, that she entered into Howard's Baby Book during his first year of life.

- First Steps - "He waddled over to the vanity dresser and started to fall, so (he) grabbed onto the scarf and pulled my glasses off, and broke the lens out of one side. Almost scared him to death."

- Prayers - "He says his prayer like this . . . O' Jesus, please help my Daddy get a job so he can buy me a new car. OK Jesus, AMEN."

- Church - "Howard went to Sunday School for the first time (on) June 27, 1952, with Uncle Herman and Grandma Howard. He stood in the seat and sang, "I been working on the railroad". Herman made him sit down".

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