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Family Scrapbook

Harry Wilson Holroyd

Mildred (Wright) Holroyd
Harry Wilson Holroyd, was born in this house in
Oelwein, Iowa, on the 18th of December, 1900.

Harry W. Holroyd - 1900

Harry W. Holroyd
When Harry was a young boy, his family moved to
Corvallis, Oregon. This was their first home there.

Left to Right - Harry / Imojean/ Alice / Henry / Irma / Robert
As an adult, Harry worked as an Assistant Post Master.

Harry was known to his Grandchildren as 'HiButch'. His daughter Marian, related that this nickname was derived from family visits when her oldest son Ron was a toddler.

Harry would greet their family with individual salutations of, "Hi!". But, when it came to greeting Grandson Ron, the salutation was "Hi! - - Butch!" Ron, being young, would repeat the greeting back to his Grandfather, "Hi! Butch!"

Harry's salutation, would forever become a permanent family nickname to the rest of his Grandchildren.
In Memory
Harry Wilson Holroyd
1900 - 1995

Milred (Wright) Holroyd
1900 - 1988

Before Harry passed away, he wrote his own obituary
and asked that it be given to his family.

My Obituary
By Harry W. Holroyd

Grieve not for me, for I am but away,
we're going to meet another day.

For now I am footloose, fancy free,
to spend a day beside the sea.

Perhaps a distant peak I'll seek,
and pitch my camp beside a creek,
and cast a line upon the brook,
and hope a wily trout to hook.

I may drop by to set a spell,
to here the family news you tell.

To sip a cup of Christmas cheer,
and wish you well for all the year.

I've memories fond, clear and true,
of happy years spent with you.

The good book says we'll meet again,
we're not quite sure just where or when.

Should I say more, or just Amen?

With love - Dad

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