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Grace Awilda (Howard) Rose

1926 - 1997

From Grace, to her children.

The kids run to catch the bus,
after several hours of a lot of fuss!

"She woke me up!", the little one peeps.
One of her sisters yells back, "Oh, go to sleep!"

The sounds form the bathroom ring all through the house.
"It's my turn to wear the silky blue blouse!"

Toothpaste smeared all over the sink.
The boys cry, "Mom, she's making the bathroom stink!"

Empty cans of Aqua Net, pantyhose,
and rubber ducks; strung all over the floor.
How on Earth can they get out the door?

The bathroom seems quite the place,
to pick a fight, or fix their face.

The kids are running up and down the stairs;
"Seen the dryer? I have to blow dry my hair!"
"oh my gosh, it's a quarter to eight!"
"I haven't eaten, will I be late?"

The morning continues to go this way;
I pace the floor and start to pray,
"Oh dear Lord, if this is a dream,
Let me wake before I scream!"

But then I stop in one quick motion.
Suddenly I get a very sick notion.

One day they'll be all grown up,
with just photos and echoes to get me by.

"No thanks Lord, I'd rather die!"

"I'll take the fussing and the fighting.
To me, my kids are my life."

"I'd like to take just one more minute,
to thank you Lord, for my life as I live it."

"As I stand before you here today,
and take this time at hand,
I wish to let you know dear Lord,
I think my kids are grand!"

By Grace Awilda (Howard) Rose

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In Memory

The technical facts behind the death of Grace Awilda (Howard) Rose, say that she died from an "Intracranial Hemorrhage" (brain embolism), as a result of being given "Thrombolytic Therapy" (blood thinner), after suffering from a "Mild Myocardial Infarction" (heart attack).

However, family members remember it differently.

On Christmas Eve 1997, Grace was spending the evening with her son Lloyd, who lived with her as not only son, but as friend and constant companion. When Grace started complaining about not feeling well, and having numbness in her arm, Lloyd decided he should get her to the hospital. He had seen heart attack victims before, and these symptoms hit too close for comfort.

By the time they reached the hospital , Grace was in great pain. The doctors though, were convinced that this heart attack was of a mild nature (as heart attacks go), and that simple blood thinners should ease her condition quickly. Lloyd spent the evening with Grace at the hospital, and as she began to feel better, even instructed him to, "return home, feed the dogs, and get her a few things for her stay at the hospital." This was a definite sign that she was feeling better, so together they decided not to worry the rest of the family with such news on Christmas Eve.

When Lloyd returned to the hospital a couple of hours later, he was told that there had been some complications as a result of the medication that his Mother was given, and that she had stopped responding to treatment. In fact, she had taken a turn for the worse. Upon more investigation, they found that the blood thinner had created an embolism on her brain, and Grace fell into a deep coma. Within a very short time it was determined that in order for her to get the extensive care she would need, Grace would need to be air lifted to a more equipped medical facility in New Mexico. Lloyd new that this was necessary, but also that his Mother had never traveled by air because she was afraid to fly. Concerned, and not wanting her to be alone during her first flight, Lloyd decided to fly in the airplane with his Mother, from Colorado to New Mexico.

Upon their arrival in Albuquerque, Lloyd began the difficult task of contacting his 3 sisters and 2 brothers, while his Mother underwent emergency surgery. Grace's Children and Grandchildren gathered in New Mexico over the next couple of days. They all visited her, trying to keep her senses stimulated with their familiar voices by speaking to her, and reading to her from her favorite books. But, in their hearts they knew; Grace's last gift to them, was that of her physical body holding on long enough that they would all have a chance gather, and say good bye.

They all felt it; each of them in their own way. Physically she was there in that hospital bed, but her Spirit was traveling; touching them each in a way that was private, and yet surrounding them all with the arms of a great love.

On the morning of December 29, 1997, Grace was pronounced dead. Her Family however, knew the truth. The spirit of their Mother, Grandmother, and friend, had left its Earthly life when she fell into the coma. They all agreed . . . this act of God was the best Christmas present that Grace could have ever received; to go to sleep, and see God on Christmas Day.

I love you Grandma.

By Brinda Mae (Wade) Kernan

Grace's Obituary
From: 'The Dolores Star'
Thursday, January 8, 1998

*Note* - To protect the privacy of the living, the cities
of residence have been removed from this article.

In Memory - Grace Rose

Services were held Jan. 2 at 10 a.m. at Ertel Memorial Chapel for Grace Rose of Dolores. Burial was in the Cortez Cemetery. Grace Awilda Howard Rose was born Aug. 12, 1926, in Logan, Okla., to Charles David Howard and Etta Mae Howard.

She died in Albuquerque, NM, on Dec. 29, at the age of 71. She was the youngest of 12 children. She married Lazelle Marsh Rose on April 1, 1942, and was his devoted wife until his death on Jan. 18, 1987.

Grace loved her Lord Jesus Christ, and taught her children to be faithful. Her children were her life. She was a poet and loved to write. She had an appreciation for the human spirit and was a positive influence on everyone fortunate enough to know her. She loved nature and everything in it, accepting it as a gift from God. Her hobbies were gardening and walking with her dogs.

She lived in Dolores with her youngest son and constant companion Lloyd Rose. She was preceded in death by her parents, and her husband. Surviving are three daughters, Mary Anne King, OR, Wanda Lee Wade, OR, and Janice Awilda Rose-Bruton, CO., three sons, Howard Lazelle Rose, and Gary Dean Rose, both of OR., and Lloyd Bruce Rose of  CO. Four grandchildren, Carla Jean Kinyon of OR., Brinda M. Kernan of OR., and Daniel and Douglas Rose of OR, and two great grandchildren, Aaron and Adam Kinyon of OR.

We love you Grandma,
Michael and Brin
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