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David Jackson Howard
Helen(Warhurst) Howard

Editors note: It is unknown as to when this story was written, or for which publication it was submitted, but was passed to this researcher by Grace Awilda (Howard) Rose. It is in reference to David Jackson Howard, and his wife Helen Warhurst; their children, and families.

Though this story states that Charley (David Charles Howard), and his wife Etta Mae Turner only had nine children, in fact they had a total of 12; including Grace Awilda.

To protect the privacy of living individuals, their year of birth has been removed from this article

David and Helen Howard
From an Oklahoma Publication
As told by: Hattie (Shenk) Howard

In 1906, David and Helen Howard came by covered wagon to Beaver county, from Garfield County. Upon their arrival, David purchased 260 acres of land, two miles west, and three miles south of Logan, Oklahoma. Two of David's sons, Jim and Chris, and their wives, lived on this land while David and Helen went back to Fairmont to sell their land and machinery. They returned to Beaver County in 1907 and lived here until their deaths, Helen in 1921 and David in 1923. Four of David and Helen's children, Jim, Chris, Bell, and Warren, bought land, and Charley and Ed filed on land in the Logan vicinity.

Charley was married to Etta Turner when he came to Beaver County. He filed on 160 acres, four miles northwest of Logan. Charley and Etta reared nine children. (Editors note - see above) They were, Juanita, Monroe, Chester, Virgil, Herman, Irma, Mabel, Steve, and Helen. Charley and Etta lived in Beaver County until 1928.

Ed Howard married Ida Maryfield. He filed on a quarter (of land) tree miles northwest of Logan. To this union were born eight children; Jack, Velma, Veda, Lila, Stanley, Russel, Burt, and Alva. Ed lived in Logan until his death in 1932.

Jim married Jessie Cole, before he came to Beaver county. He bought a relinquishment of 160 acres, three and one half miles northwest of Logan. Their children were, Beulah, Pearl, Arthur, Bonnie, and Harley. Jim lived in Logan until he moved away in 1930.

Chris married Hattie Shenk. They purchased a quarter (of land), one mile west, and one mile south of Logan. Their children were Irvin, Glen, Freddie, Mary, Margie, Robert, and Orville. Hattie and three of her children, Glen, Irvin, and Margie, are the only ones of David Howard's children and grandchildren, who are still living in the Logan community, except for Alva. Hattie is still living on the original place which she and Chris purchased in 1907.

Glen lives one mile north and one and a half miles west of Logan. Irvin lives one mile north and a half mile west of Logan, and Margie Howard McCune, lives in the Elmwood community. Hattie is the only one of David's children or children-in-law, still living. Chris passed away November 7, 1957.

Bell was married to Norm Simpson, before she came to Beaver county. They purchased a quarter (of land) in the Clear lake vicinity. They had two children, Carrie and Alfred.

Warren married Ruby Griswell. Their children were Leola, Viola, Robert, and Leonard. Ruby's mother gave them eighty acres of land, four miles south and east of Logan.

All of the Howard's were in the farming business. The first crop Chris and Hattie raised, was seven acres of broomcorn. The first payment on Chris and Hattie's land, was made from the profit made on Indian corn.

David Howard was the first man in Beaver County, to raise a crop of wheat. He said that "if this land will grow alfalfa, it will raise wheat". Always before, people had said the seasons were too short for growing wheat.

While much of the time was spent building, breaking out more land, planting and harvesting, there was still time for recreation; which included square danced held in a big hall in the wintertime, and on an outdoor platform in the summertime. There were box suppers, ball games, taffy pulls, ice cream socials, quilting bees, ciphering matches, and spelling bees at the school, every Friday afternoon. There were no churches in "this here neck o'the woods" when it was first being settled, but Sunday school classes were held at the Logan schoolhouse. Until a church was built here, preachers would come and hold revivals that would last as long as two, three, or four weeks at a time.

David and Helen took a train to Fairmont to sell their land; he sent a letter for Chris and Hattie to come to Fairmont by train to drive a team of mules and wagon back to Beaver County. It took them four days to make the trip from Fairmont to Logan. On their return trip, Hattie was nearly burned by a blanket that had been wrapped around her. The blanket had been hung over a gas stove before being placed around her shoulders, and enough fumes had settled on the blanket to cause it to catch fire. Chris started her towards the pond to dunk her, when David grabbed the blanket from around her. Luckily, her clothes did not catch fire. Hattie can still remember those flames rolling around her head!

All of Chris and Hattie's children finished the eighth grade at the rock schoolhouse at Logan, except Orville. He transferred to Victory School to finish grade school, because of lack of scholars at Logan. Hattie Howard also went to school there for one winter, when her family first moved to Logan.

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