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James Anderson

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Children with:
Allice Patterson

Mary Allice (Allice) Anderson
Jessie Mabel (Mabel) Anderson
James Heanderson Anderson
Archibald William Anderson
Archibald Patterson Anderson
Allice Patterson Anderson
James Anderson
  • Married 26 AUG 1858, Toronto, Canada, to Allice Patterson

    Holroyd family notes state that the family group of James Anderson and his wife Allice Patterson, was broken up at some point. No reason was given.

    The children, Mary Allice Anderson, Jessie Mabel Anderson, James Heanderson Anderson, and Archibald William Anderson, were taken in by their Grandparents (Anderson) for a short time. After the death of their Grandmother (Anderson), the boys - James and Archibald, were allowed to stay with their Grandfather (Anderson), but the girls - Allice and Mabel, were sent to live with their Aunt Jeanie (Patterson) White.

    New information derived from the Anderson family bible, indicates a possible reason as to why the family group was divided. Apparently, there were a total of 6 children born to James Anderson and Allice Patterson, and not four as Holroyd family notes had stated. According to the family bible, their first born son was Archibald Patterson Anderson, who died shortly after birth. Their next four children born were Mary Allice, James Heanderson, Archibald William, and Mary Allice. Their fifth child, Allice Patterson Anderson, was born on the 22nd of February, 1873. The children's mother, Allice Patterson, died the day that Allice Patterson Anderson was born; presumably from complications during childbirth. The infant, Allice Patterson Anderson, died only 2 months later, on the 23rd of April 1873. I am speculating that after the death of his wife and child, James Anderson needed help taking care of himself and his children, and that this is the reason that the children went to stay with their Grandparets (Anderson), and were eventually devided between their Grandfather (Anderson) and Aunt (Patterson) White.

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