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John HoldroydHannah Hopton

James Holroyd\Holdroyd

l i n k s
Children with:
Charity Clifton

Henry Holroyd
James Holroyd\Holdroyd
  • Born: 28 APR 1812, England
  • Married 29 JUL 1878, Fairbank, to Ann Unknown
  • Married 26 JUN 1834, Kirkheaton Church in England, to Charity Clifton
  • Died: ABT. 1899

    James Holdroyd, made the decision to drop the first "d" from the surname, making it Holroyd (with one "d') for his decedents.

    James came to the United States from Enland, in 1849. With him, he brought a family bible. On the front cover of the leatherbound book was a stamp, it read "British and Foreign Bible Society". The pages of the book hold family notes, they are as follows:

    James Holdroyd Book Brighouse 2/9 1835

    James Holdroyd was born April the 28th about six o'clock in the morning 1812

    Charity Holdroyd was bron March the 20th about half past two in the evening 1815

    Henery Holdroyd was born October 17th 1843 about 5 O'clock in the morning

    John Holdroyd was born October 1st about one o'clock in the morning 1848 and died May the 16th 1849 aged 7 months and 16 days

    Hannah Holdroyd mother of James Holdroyd died 6th day of February 1862 aged 76 years

    There are several leaves and ribbons that mark pages within the bible. One of those ribbons marks a handwritten poem that reads;

    Here is the well whose waters flow,
    To quench our thirst of sin.

    Here is the Tree where truth doth grow,
    To lead our lives there in.

    Here is the Judge, that ends the strife
    When man's devices fail.

    Here is the Bread that feeds the life
    Wich (which) death cannot assail.

    The tidings of salvation dear,
    Come to our ears from hence.

    The fortress of our Faith is here,
    and shield of our defence.

    Read not this Book in any case,
    But with a single eye.

    Read not, but first desire God's grace,
    To understand there by.

    Pray still in faith in this respect,
    To frudify there in.

    That knowledge may have this efect (effect),
    To mortify thy sin.

    Then happy thou in all thy life,
    Whatever thee, befall.

    You doubly happy shalt thou be,
    When God by death shall call.

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