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George Trout\Trute

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George Trout\Trute

What's in a name?

In the 1761 Tax List of Caleb Osborn, covering the area known as 'Forks of the Yadkin' (which is Davie County today) is a George Trute; who arrived on the Albany (ship) on September 2, 1749, coming from the Palatinate.

Definition of Palatinate: a historical region now part of Germany: in two parts: Lower Palatinate or Rhine Palatinate (on the Rhine east of Saarland) and the Upper Palatinate (in E Bavaria on the Danube).

At a Rowan (August) Court in 1832, Jacob Trout Sr., aged about 83, made his declaration for a Revolutionary War pension, citing service as a Private in 1781, under Captain Douglas Haden, and Colonel William Lofton's - North Carolina Regiment. The application states further; that prior to his service, Jacob Trout Sr. was "drafted as a soldier, and his parents being old and infirm, " hired a substitute for a term of twelve months. This comment places Jacob Trout Sr. with his parents, in Rowan County, c1780.

The only Trout on the 1776 Rowan Tax List, is George Trout (from Captain Lyon's District, which is the Davie County area). This is the only individual who could be Jacob Trout Sr.'s father.

It is very possible that the George Trute, who arrived from the Palatinate in 1749, is our George Trout, father of Jacob Trout Sr., having Anglicized the German Surname of Trute, to that of the more Americanized, Trout. More detail in verifying this will be tackled at a later time.

Family recollections say, that George Trout had at least four sons before 1774, but we do not their names. Jacob Trout Sr., child of George Trout, may have been the 5th born son, he was born in 1749, the same year that George Trute arrived from the Palatinate.

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