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Casper Sain/Zurn

l i n k s
Children with:
Rosanna Mauck

Ester Sain
Daniel Sain
John Sain
George Sain
Elizabeth Sain
Joseph Sain
Jost Sain
Wiley Sain
Frederick Sain
Catherine Sain
Casper Sain/Zurn
  • Married to Rosanna Mauck

    (Thanks go to Francis McElroy, for this information.)

    A Casper Zurn, arrived in Philadelphia in the year 1749, on the ship 'Dragon'. He was of German decent.

    What's in a name?

    The surname of Casper and his family, on the records of the Heidelberg Evangelical Lutheran (Old Dutchmans Creek) Church, are written in old world German. These documents have been translated by a historian to read the surname for Casper and his family, as 'Zurn'.

    However, a professional genealogical researcher states that, "The last name of Casper, on the marriage bond of his daughter Elizabeth - to Jacob Trout (being written in German), is very difficult to decipher. However, Elizabeth's name on this document, clearly reads 'Elizabeth Zien'. On census records however, all of the children of Casper, are listed with the last name of 'Sain'.

    It is most likely, that upon settling in America, the surname of 'Sain', had been chosen and Anglicized from the original German surname; be it 'Zurn', 'Zien', or any other such spelling, this Casper Zurn, and our Casper Sain (father of Elizabeth Sain), have to be one in the same.

    In light of this information, the surname of Casper, and his decedents, will be referred to as 'Sain' for this Family Tree project. It has become known in the Davie County area as, "a prominent (German) family name for this family". All were members of the Heidelberg Lutheran Church, in Rowan, North Carolina.

    More detail in finding the exact surname that came from Germany, will be tackled upon tracing ancestors of Casper.

    This Anglicizing of surnames was very common. Some German surname examples are;
    Kuhn, to Coon
    Marz, to March
    Schwartz, to Black
    Kahl, to Call

    See: Notes on Jacob Trout Sr., for more information.

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