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George Sr. Churchman

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Children with:
Hannah James

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Micajah Churchman
Margaret Churchman
Gainor Churchman
George Jr. Churchman
Joseph Churchman
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John (Junior) Churchman
Mordecai Churchman
Hannah Jr-2 Churchman
George Sr. Churchman
  • Born: 28 AUG 1730, Nottingham, Chester County, PA
  • Married 28 MAY 1752 to Hannah James
  • Died: 18 NOV 1814, West Nottingham, PA

    (Thanks go to the Churchman family members, for this information.)

    George, his son John, and several others in his family, were surveyors. The name George Churchman is found on many aged documents.

    From: "The Dictionary of Quaker Biography"
    In 1750 George succeeded his father as clerk of Nottingham Missouri Meeting, for 20 years. He was a pioneer in promotion of schools for Friends (Quakers), including Westtown School. In 1762 he opened a school in East Nottingham, Pennsylvania. It lasted 10 years. In 1780 George opened a second school in East Nottingham, but it was short-lived.

    George was tall and well-proportioned, with an athletic physique. He enjoyed innocent pleasantries. He educated his children himself, in "higher branches". He also enjoyed narrating early traditions of Nottingham. His home was a place of entertainment for Friends.

    From "History of Chester County, PA." (page 304):
    About 1790 George Churchman, a prominent member of the Society of Friends, founded a boarding school in East Nottingham for the advanced education of your women, with a view to their qualifications as teachers. Suitable buildings were erected, and the school conducted for a few terms. But, it was overshadowed by the Westtown Boarding School, and finally closed. The place was long known as the "Institution".

    Geore's wife Hannah, according to "Dictionary of Quaker Biography", was born in Goshen, Pa. and was the daughter of Mordecai James and Gaynor Lloyd.

    See: Notes on Mordecai James, for more information.

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