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Mordecai James

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Children with:
Dinah Churchman

Hannah James
Mordecai James
  • Married to Gainor Lloyd
  • Married 31 DEC 1767 to Susanna Passmore
  • Married 4 SEP 1736 to Dinah Churchman

    (Thanks go to the Churchman family members, for this information.)

    Mordecai James's first wife was Gainor Lloyd. Gainor was born February 5, 1705 and died on September 3, 1728, only 18 months after she and Mordecai were married. Mordecai and Gainor had only one child, Hannah James. According to the "Dictionary of Quaker Biography", Hannah was born in Goshen, Pennsylvania - and as a result of her mother's death, was raised by her father and his second wife, Dinah Churchman.

    This would be Dinah's second marriage also, her first husband being Mercer Browne, son of William Browne and Anne Mercer. After Mercer Browne's death, Dinah and Mordecai were married, on September 4, 1736. Their residence was four miles south of Oxford and 2 miles northwest of the Churchman Mansion, near the head of the Dam belonging to the Mill of Cate D. Stubbs.

    In 1752, Hannah James (Mordecai and Gainor's daughter), married George Churchman Sr., Dinah Churchman's (Hannah's step-mother's) nephew. See: Notes on George Churchman Sr., for more information.

    Mordecai and Dinah were married for 30 years before she died in 1766. But, Mordecai married a third time to Susanna Passmore, on December 31, 1767.

    In 1778, Hannah (Mordecai and Gainor's daughter) became an elder of the church, and in 1789, fell and received an injury which confined her for three months. After which, she frequently went to meetings (even to the Y. Meeting in Philadelphia). But, she soon died in her 62nd year. Hannah stated, "What a precious thing it is to live in love and peace, and to die in it.

    At Mordecai's death, though we do not know the year, it was stated that, "Mordecai was a man of good understanding, useful in Meetings, and in the neighborhood". He "died in a quiet resigned state of mind after three days of severe illness with Colic".

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