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John Jr-2 ChurchmanMargaret BrownMordecai JamesDinah Churchman

George Sr. ChurchmanHannah James

Mordecai Churchman

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Children with:
Sarah West

Edward Churchman
Micajah Churchman
Margaret Churchman
Gainor Churchman
George Jr. Churchman
Joseph Churchman
Hannah Jr-1 Churchman
John (Junior) Churchman
Hannah Jr-2 Churchman

Mary Churchman
Margaret Churchman
Charles W. Churchman
Hannah Churchman
Mordecai Churchman
  • Born: BET. 12 - 13 MAR 1755, East Nottingham, Cecil County, Maryland
  • Married 2 JUN 1790 to Sarah West
  • Died: MAR 1830

    (Thanks go to the Churchman family members, for this information.)

    Mordecai became connected with a bank in the city of Philadelphia. He was Cashier. He discharged this responsible position with ability and satisfaction to all.

    According to "Descendants of Sarah Lloyd and Gainor Lloyd": Sarah West Churchman died April 6, 1851 at her home in Germantown in her 84th year. Few women have left a more fragrant memory than the Mrs. Sarah Churchman, whose death occurred at Germantown on Sunday last. Steadfast in her attachment to the Society of Friends of which she was a consistent and exemplary member. She had unfeigned Charity towards all who possess the Spirit and Manifest the temper of the Saviour. She was a faithful and loving wife, an affectionate and devoted mother, prompt and centering in offices of neighborly kindness, full of sympathy for the sick, the depressed and the poor and forgetful of herself in her forwardness to minister to the food of others. It is not surprising that her death should have sundered many tender ties and filled many hearts with sorrow. In the various changes of her life (and they were not few), she evinced the faith and patience of a Child of God, and in her final change, she felt the sustaining power of His Grace. In the ripeness of a good old age, she has left us, but the memory of her Christian deportment will long remain.

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