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Chester Charles (Chet) Howard

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Children with:
Floy Margaret Thornton

Monroe Madison (Monk) Howard
Walter Augustus Howard
Virgil Vernard Howard
Helen Josephine Howard
Zelpha Molene Howard
Grace Awilda Howard
Juanita Marie Howard
Herman Harold Howard
Irma Mae Howard
Mable Lorene Howard
Steven Duane Howard

Floy Nadine Howard
Lora Mae Howard
Laura Marie Howard
James Chester (Jimmy) Howard
Glen Elroy Howard
Chester Charles (Chet) Howard
  • Born: 26 DEC 1911, Logan, Oklahoma
  • Married 5 AUG 1937, Oklahoma, to Floy Margaret Thornton

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    NOTE: It is unknown as to when this story was written, but was passed to this researcher by Grace Awilda (Howard) Rose. It is in reference to Chester Charles Howard, and his childhood. His Mother, Father, sister Juanita, and brother Monroe, are mentioned.

    Events in Beaver County
    As told by: Chester Howard

    Juanita was two years old when Monroe was born. While their Mother was busy, Monroe became unhappy and Juanita was unable to quiet him. When Mother came to his rescue, he was about to quit crying. Juanita was pouring sand in his mouth to stop him.

    Rabbit round ups were quite exciting. There were so many rabbits that crops were being eaten. All the neighbors would get together, surround a section of land, and the rabbits were driven into a corner and killed. Most were used for food.

    When Chester was about eight years old, he decided to wash a lantern globe. The globe broke, cutting his wrist. An artery was cut, and blood began squirting across the room. His Dad tied a cloth around his wrist to stop the flow of blood, until he could get him to Fallett, Texas to Dr. Markley. He was given ether to breath while surgery was performed. A large slice was cut in his wrist to pull the artery together and tie it. He still has a scar, and no pulse can be found in his left wrist. He says that he can still smell the ether.

    While riding in the back of a buggy, with his sister behind it, he and a cousin were holding the neck yoke. Another cousin, who was riding the Lister, decided to put the Lister in the ground. Chester's middle finger caught in the ring of the neck yolk, pulling him out of the buggy and injuring his finger. He's has never been able to straighten it. No doctor was seen, as it wasn't considered a bad injury.

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