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    An + means that you can find more information about this person below. Follow the numbers to the next generation.

    I do not claim that everything in this file to be correct. There is always the chance of error. Please be aware.


First Generation

    1. Jan Joosten VAN METEREN .

    Notes; Reference: WHO IS WHO IN HARDIN COUNTY, compiled and prepared by Hardin County Historical Society.
    Jan and Macyken's name are contained in the list of passengers arriving in the "fox" at New Amsterdam, 12th September, 1662. (Passenger lists 1657-1664, Doc History, New York, Vol. III pp. 52-63, Year Book Hist., Coc. N.Y., 1896.) He removed to Kingston, Ulster County, N.Y. in 1769.

    Jan married MacYken HENDRICKSEN .

    They had the following children:

      + 2 M i. Jooste Jans VAN METEREN was born about 1650.


Second Generation

    2. Jooste Jans VAN METEREN (Jan Joosten) was born about 1650 in Guelderland, Holland.

    Notes: Reference: WHO IS WHO IN HARDIN COUNTY, compiled and perpared by Hardin County Historical Society.
    GENEALOGIES OF KENTUCKY FAMILIES from the register of the Kentucky Historical Society. O-Y (Owens- Young) page 554.
    In the fall of 1662 Jan Joosten Van Meteren settled in Wildwych (now Kingston, Ulster County, New Jersey) and dwelt many years in that vicinity, which included the towns of Hurley, Middletown, and Esoppus. He is not noted in the activities of that community until the seventh of June, 1663, the date when the Minnisink Indians made an attack on the village and its vicinity raiding and burning the settlement of Hurley and Kingston and carrying away women and children in captivity. Among the latter were Jan;s wife and children, Jooste Jans being one of them s well as Catherine DuBois, the wife of Louis DuBois, and their daughter Sarah. whom Jooste Jans Van Metern later married. These were taken to the fastness of Catskill Mountains and remained in captivity for months, but were rescued on the eve of torture by DuBois, and Captain Martin Kreiger's company of Manhattan soldiers; the trainband finally rounded up the Indians and defeated them on September 3, 1663. In connection with this tragic experience the following statements is quoted:" About ten weeks after the captive of the women and children, the Indians decided to celebrate their own escape from pursuit by burning some of their victims and the ones selected were Catherine DuBois, and her baby Sara. A cubical pile of logs was arranged and the mother and child placed thereon: when the Indians were about to apply the torch, Catherine began to sing the 137th Psalm as a death chant. The Indians withheld the fire and gave her respite while they listened; when she had finished they demanded more, and before she finished the last one her husband and the Dutch soldier's from Amsterdam arrivesd and surrounded the savages, killed and captured some, and otherwise inflicted terrible punishment upon them, and released the prisoners. Captain Kreiger's Journal which gives a general account of the expeition of rescue, unfortunately does not mane him, but it is elsewhere stated that it was due to Jooste Jan's three months' association with the Indians, during his captivity, that gave him the knowledge of their habits, trails, plans and war feuds with other tribes, and so impressed him with a desire for their adventurous life.

    Jooste married Sara DU BOIS daughter of Louis DU BOIS and Catherine BLANCHAN on 12 Dec 1682. Sara was born about 1655.

    Notes: Sara Du Bois Van Meteren - deceased abt 1655. Reference: WHO WAS WHO IN HARDIN COUNTY, compiled and prepared by Hardin County Historical Society.

    Reference:TWO CENTURIES IN ELIZABETHTOWN AND HARDIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, Daniel E. McClure, Jr. 1979 Chapter A-11 page 760.
    Louis DuBois, a French Huguenot, went to Germany to escape religious persecution,, there he married Catherine Blanjean (or Blanchon) at Mannhein in the lower Palatinate of Germany. He emigrated to New Amsterdam (N.Y.) in 1660. Sara DuBois married Jooste Jans (John) Van Metern, born in Guelderland, Holland. They were married December 12, 1682 ( see the Van Meter sketch in Who was Who in Hardin County). Their son John Van Meter, emigrated to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. His son was the father (Henry Van Meter) of Captain Jacob Van Meter, whose granddaughter, Elizabeth Van Meter Davis, married John Chisman Tabb, December 10, 1816 in Hardin County. A span of many generations from William the Conqueror.

    Jooste and Sara had the following children:

      + 3 M i. John VAN METER was born on 14 Oct 1683. He died about 1745.

      4 F ii. Rebekka VAN METER was born about 26 Apr 1686.

      Rebekka married Cornelius ELTING .

      5 F iii. Lysbeth VAN METER was born about 3 Mar 1688/1689.

      6 M iv. Isaac VAN METER was born about 1692.

      7 M v. Hendrix VAN METER Henry was born about 1 Sep 1695. He died in 1759.

      Hendrix married Mary FELTERE.


Third Generation

    3. John VAN METER (Jooste Jans, Jan Joosten) was born on 14 Oct 1683 in Kingston, Ulster, New York. He died 13 Aug 1745 in Opequon, Frederick, Virginia.

    Notes : Reference : WHO IS WHO IN HARDIN CO., Compiled and prepared by Hardin County Historical Society.
    John's will was probated at Winchester, Virginia, September 3, 1745. Margaret was his second wife.

    Genealogical files of Ken Reedy.

    John married (1.) Sarah BODINE, born 1687, died 1709 Somerset, New Jersey.

    John and Sarah had the following children.

      8. F. i. Sara Jansen VAN METER, was born 30 Oct 1706 Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey.

      9. M. ii. Johannes Jansen VAN METER, was born 28 Apr 1708 Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey.

      10. F. iii. Maria Jansen VAN METER, was born 27 Apr 1709.

    John married (2.) Margaret M. MULINAUR/MOLLENAUER . born abt. 1685, died abt. 1746 Frederick, West Virginia.

    They had the following children:

      11. F. i. Rebecca VAN METER was born abt. 1711.

      12. M. ii. Isaac VAN METER born 3 Jun 1713.

      13. F. iii. Elizabeth VAN METER born 1715.

      14 M iv. Henry VAN METER was born in 1717 in Somerset Co., New Jersey.

      15. F. v. Rachel VAN METER born 1719.

      + 16. M. vi. Abraham VAN METER born abt. 1721 Somerville, Somerset, New Jersey.

      + 17. M vii. Jacob VAN METER Sr. was born in Mar 1722/1723. He died on 16 Nov 1798.

      18. F. viii. Magdalina VAN METER born 1725.


Fourth Generation

    16. Abraham VAN METER (John VAN METER, Jooste Jans, Jan Joosten) was born at. 1721 Somerville, Somerset, New Jersey, died 18 Nov 1783 Martinburg, Berkeley, West Virginia.

      From the genealogical files of Ken Reedy.

    Abraham married (1.) Ruth HEDGES abt. 1742, born 1722 Prince George, Maryland, died 1761 Martinsburg, Berkeley, West Virginia.

    They had the following children:

      19. M. i. Jacob VAN METER born 1745.

      20. F. ii. Mary VAN METER born 1745.

      21. F. iii. Rebecca VAN METER born 11 Sept 1735.

      + 22. M. iv. Joseph VAN METER born 1747.

      23. M. v. Isaac VAN METER born abt. 1749.

      24. M. vi. Abraham VAN METER born Dec 1751.

    Abraham married (2.) Martha WHEELER abt. 1756.

    17. Jacob VAN METER Sr. (John VAN METER, Jooste Jans, Jan Joosten) was born in Mar 1722/1723 in Somerset Co., New Jersey. He died on 16 Nov 1798 in Hardin Co., Kentucky.

    Notes: Reference: 1 Who was Who in Hardin County, Compiled and Prepared by Hardin County Historical Society.
    Jacob Van Meter, Sr. deemed desirable to move farther west, as many of the inhabitants of the valley of Virginia were then doing, and after disposing of much of his property, accompanied John Swan, Sr. (1721-1799) and others in a tour of the southwestern part of Pennsylvania, then claimed as a part of Virginia Territory. They reached the present Carmichaelstown. The place of settlement was on Muddy Creek. Returning to Virginia, they bought back their families and household effects on pack horses, the slaves walking and driving the stock, following the route cut out by Braddock's army Swan and Van Meter located near each other in some bottom land not far from the mouth of Muddy Creek, a tributry of the Monongahela in Cumberland Township. (See Frontier of Penn., Vol. ll Pg. 441)

    Reference:2 TWO CENTURIES IN ELIZABETHTOWN AND HARDIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY. by Daniel E. McClire 1979 Published by: The Hardin County Historical Society.
    Jacob Van Meter Sr. Grew up in Virginia, in the Shanandoah Valley, and became a wealthy land owner and horse breeder. pagge 193 of ref. 2 The inscription placed on his grave by his desscendents reads:
    Jacob Van Meter Sr. 1723-1798 Ensign 12th Virginia Regt. in French and Indian Was Captain, Illinois regiment, Virginia State American Patriot-Soldier Kentucky Pioneer Troops in American Revolution and served on commitee of Observation at Pittsburg. Commanded a Company in George Rogers Clark's expedition to take Northwest Territory. Lead band of 100 persons from Virginia to Kentucky down the Ohio River in 27 flatboats to Severns Valley in 1779-1780. Built one of the first Forts in Kentucky and helped establish the first permanent settlement between Falls of Ohio and Green River at Elizabethtown. Prominent in founding Hardin County. One of the organizers of Severns Valley Baptist Church, 1781, Oldest Church west of Allegheny Mountains. Captain Jacob Van Meter Chapeter D.A.R. named in his honor. His wife Letitia Stroud Van Meter, married in Virginia 1741, moved from the Family Cemetery 1965.
    page 199 Ref.2 Photostat Copy (No. 037083) from National Archives, establishing Jacob Van Meter as serving as a Captain of Militia, Virginia State Troops, in the Revolutionary War, in Clark's Illinois Regiment. AND ... Copy of record in the National Archives pertaining to pension granted to Jacob Van Meter, for services as ensign and captain in the regiment commanded by General Clark. Note pension was at rate of $105. per year...
    Reference: Elizabethtown, City Cemetery, Directory Cemetery Inscriptions, Hardin County, Kentucky.
    Pg. 45 Vol IV Elizabethtown City Cemetery, - Section M.
    Jacob Van Metre, d. Nov. 16, 1798, in the 76 yr. of his age. Moved from his farm 1967 by some of his descendants. Born March 1723 in Somerset Co., N.J. Letitia Stroud Van Meter, his wife, 1725-1799 married in Virginia, 1741. Jacob married Letitia STROUD daughter of James STRODES (STROUD) in 1741. Letitia was born on 30 Aug 1725. She died on 25 Dec 1799.
    Notes Reference : WHO IS WHO IN HARDIN COUNTY, Compiled a nd Prepared by Hardin County Historical Society.
    Jacob Van Matre d. Nov 16, 1798, in the 76 yr of his age. moved from his farn 1967 by some of his descendants Born March 1732 in Somerset Co., N.J.. Letitia Stroud Van Meter, his wife, 1725-1799 married in Virginia, 1741.

    Jacob and Letitia had the following children:

      25. F i. Eleanor VAN METER was born in Oct 1742.

      26. M ii. Abraham VAN METER was born on 13 Jun 1744.

      27. F iii. Rebecca VAN METER was born in Sep 1746.

      Rebecca married (1) Edward RAWLINGS.

      Rebecca married (2) Frank MCKENSIE .

      28. F iv. Susan VAN METER was born on 2 Jul 1750.

      Susan married John GERRARD Rev. .

      + 29. F v. Elizabeth VAN METER was born about 1752. She died HARDIN CO.,KENTUCKY.

      30. F vi. Rachel VAN METER was born about 1754.

      Rachel married Issac PRITCHARD .

      31. F vii. Mary VAN METER was born on 11 Feb 1757. She died on 29 Jun 1832.

      Mary married David HENTON .

      32. F viii. Margaret VAN METER was born on 27 Dec 1759. She died on 12 Apr 1843.

      33. M ix. Jacob VAN METER Jr. was born on 4 Oct 1762 in Berkley Co, Virginia. He died in 1838 in Hardin Co., Kentucky.


Fifth Generation

    22. Joseph VAN METER (Abraham, John VAN METER, Jooste Jans, Jan Joosten) born 1737 Virginia, died 1779 Tiltonville, Jefferson, Ohio.

      From the genealogical files of Ken Reedy.

    Joseph married Margaret MORGAN abt. 1764, born 1748 Virginia.

    They had the following children:

      34. M. i. Morgan VAN METER born Oct. 1765, died 31 Mar 1813 Highland, Ohio.

      35. M. ii. Peter VAN METER born 30 Nov 1766, died 12 Oct 1827.

      36. M. iii. William VAN METER born abt. 1768, died 1829 Greene, Illinois.

      + 37. M. iv. Abraham VAN METER born abt. 1767, died 1812 Butler, Ohio.

      Abraham married Sarah BELL. abt. 1802.

      38. Joseph VAN METER born 1769.

      39. Isaac VAN METER born abt. 1778, died 16 Dec 1841 Yorktown, Indiana.

    29. Elizabeth VAN METER (Jacob VAN METER, John VAN METER, Jooste Jans, Jan Joosten) was born about 1752. She died HARDIN CO.,KENTUCKY.

    Reference: Two centuries in Elizabethtown and Hardin co., Kentucky Daniel E. McClure, Jr. 1979. pp. 192 - Minutes of a Court held for Yohoghania Co., Virginia March 23 1779, (this prior to the date when that section was established as part of Pennsylvania) granted permission to pass unmolested to the Fallos of the Ohio. On September 18, 1779, Jacob Van Meter and his family had been granted certificates of dismission by the Goshen Baptist Church. Soon twenty-seven house boats were under the direction of Jacob Van Meter, Sr., floating down the Ohio, bringing the families and all their household goods, livetock and anything they could pile on the boats. All of the Van Meter children, with the exception of daughter Eleanor, accompanied their parents, together with their husbands and wives. One babe in arms was in the party, the little daughter of Lieutenant John Swan, Jr., and his wife, Elizabeth Van Meter. Swan was sitting on deck on one of the boats with his little girl in his arms when he was struck by an arrow, fired from the river bank. His wife graabbed his gun and began helping the men ward off the attack. Another tragedy struck the party. Mary Van Meter's husband, David Henton, fell into the river while helping unload the boats and was drowned. Henton's death left his widow with two children, Hester Henton, born january 9, 1775 , who would marry Walter Briscoe, and John C. Henton, born November9, 1778, who would Marry Catherine Keith. Elizabeth Van Meter, born about 1752, died in Hardin county, Ky., married first John Swan, a Revolutionary soldier, who was killed by the Indians soon after their arrival in Kentucky. son of John Swan, Sr. (1722-1799 of Green county, Pa. and Elizabeth Lucas (1722-1805). Elizabeth Van Meter Swan married secod, July 7, 1873 Thomas McNeil and after his death she married Judge John Vertrees. Her children by first marriage were John, Joel, Thomas, born Nov.6, 1777, died Sept. 6, 1845, Hardin county, Ky. married June 5, 1805, Ruth Rawlings; Letitia Swan, married Adrew Fairliegh, Sr. Elizabeth Swan marrried Capt. Solomon Brandenburg. Elizabeth Van Meter's children by her second marriage were Polly McNeil, married John Kennedy and had Robert, Jo hn, Elizabeth Seaton, Louisa Pike, Nancy Taylor, Sarah Jenkins, a nd Mary Kennedy Jenkins; Daniel McNeil, born July 8, 1785, died July 2, 1834, Hardin county, Ky., Married first Eleanor Hackley and had Fra ncis Tull, James, John, and Rebecca Thurston. Daniel McNeil married second Jan. 31, 1866, Mary "Tabb" Van Meter, and had Eleanor Shackleford, Malvina Moore and Jonathan D. McNeil. By her third marriage Elizabeth Van Meter had Charles Vertrees, born Feb. 25, 1797, Hardin county, Ky. died April 12, 1850, Wabash county, Ind., married Mildred Vernon, daughter of Anthony and Fanny Quinn Vernon.
    Reference: Lincoln County, Kentucky Records, 3318 Wimberg Ave. Vol 2 Cook Publications, Evansville, INd. 47712 page 308 p. 223, On the petition of Thomas Allen setting forth that he is bound as surety for Elizabeth Swan, now Elizabeth McNeal, Administratrix estate of John Swan d, and that he is apprehensive of suffering damages thereby, it is ordered that an alias summons issue to Fayette county against Thomas McNeal and the said Elizabeth his wife, to appear at next Court and give counter or other security for their administration.


    Elizabeth married (1) Thomas MCNEIL on 7 Jul 1773.

    Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children:

      + 40. F i. Rebecca E. MCNEIL was born about 1785. She died in 1808.

      41. F ii. Polly MCNEIL was born about 1782.

      Polly married John KENNEDY .

      42. M iii. Daniel MCNEIL was born on 8 Jul 1785. He died on 2 Jul 1834 in Hardin Co., Kentucky.

      Daniel married (1) Eleanor HACKLEY .

      Daniel married (2) Mary C. TABB .

    Elizabeth married (2) John SWAN Jr. son of John SWAN Sr. and Elizabeth LUCAS. John was born in Green County, Pa.. He died in Kentucky By Indians.

    They had the following children:

      43. F iv. Letitia SWAN was born in 1778. She died on 10 Oct 1845.

      Letitia married Andrew FAIRLEIGH Sr. on 10 Dec 1795 in Hardin Co., Kentucky.

      44. F v. Elizabeth SWAN .

      Elizabeth married Robert KENNEDY on 31 Mar 1801 in Hardin County, Kentucky.

    Elizabeth married (3) John VERTREES . John was born in Holland.

    They had the following children:

      45. M vi. Charles VERTREES was born on 25 Feb 1797, died 1850.

      This Vertrees information was given to me by Sharon Bail, if you wish to learn more, contact her at -

      Charles married Jane BALLARD born 1801, died 1865.

      They had the following children:

        Sarah VERTREES born 1825, died 1862.

        Sarah married George M. Myers, born 1815, died 1890.

      Charles married (2) Millie VERNON .


Sixth Generation

    37. Abraham VAN METER (Joseph, Abraham, John VAN METER, Jooste Jans, Jan Joosten) born abt. 1767 Ohio Co., West Virginia, died 1812 Butler,Ohio.

      From the genealogical files of Ken Reedy.

    Abraham married Sarah BELL abt. 1802, born abt. 1770.

    They had the following childrem.

      46. M i. Joseph VAN METRE born 25 Aig 1803.

    40. Rebecca E. MCNEIL (Elizabeth VAN METER, Jacob VAN METER, John VAN METER, Jooste Jans, Jan Joosten) was born about 1785 in Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky. She died in 1808 in Ohio, Kentucky.

    Notes; Reference: Kathryn Horner Widder, (501)443-3098, 1660 Markham Road , Fayetteville, Arkansas 72801 H-1 Duncan, Holman-Tong, pg 5 H-2 Hardin co., Ky. Marriages W-2 Ky. Marriage Records W-3 Duncan, Holman-TOng Pg. 17 Occupation: Homemaker
    Ref. Hardin County , Kentucky, Marriages, 1793-1809 by Mary Josephine Jones. Ancestorical Trails Historical Society Pg. 12 Holman James and Rebecca McNeil 18 Sept 1805. Surety Thomas Swan. Girl is daughter of Elizabeth Vertrees. 18 Sept 1805, B. Ogden A4, A22.
    Reference : Marriage Bond, of Hardin Co., Kentucky, 1792-1812, Compiled by Mary Harrel Stancliff page 32, Holman, James and Rebecca McxNeel, daughter of Elizabeth Bertrees. Surety Thomas Swan, Bond dated September 18,1805, married September 18, 1805, by B. Ogden.

    Rebecca married James B. HOLMAN son of John HOLMAN I and Elizabeth BURTON on 18 Sep 1805. James was born on 22 Aug 1780 in Powell's Valley. He died on 19 Nov 1876 in Paris, Lamar, Texas.

    James and Rebecca had the following children:

      47. F i. Elizabeth HOLMAN was born on 3 Aug 1806 in Hardin Co. Kentucky. She died on 3 Jan 1836 in Sevier Co., Ark..

      Elizabeth married Ezekial KINSWORTHY in 1826 in Hempstead Co., Ark..

      + 48. M ii. Burton James HOLMAN was born on 10 Dec 1807. He died on 1 Jan 1861.


Seventh Generation

    37. Joseph Bell VAN METRE (Abraham, Joseph, Abraham, John VAN METER, Jooste Jans, Jan Joosten) born 25 Aug 1803 Butler Co., Ohio, died 1883 Woodward Lamar Co., Texas, buried the Woodward Cemetery.

      From the genealogical files of Ken Reedy.

    Joseph married Nancy LOVE. born abt. 1800.

    They had the following children:

      + 49. M. i. Abraham Jennings VAN METRE born 12 Nov 1822.

      Abraham married Malinda CLAMPETT 8 Dec. 1843 Arkansas.

      50. M. ii. Jacob VAN METRE born abt. 1824 Wayne, Indiana.

      51. F. iii. Sarah VAN METRE born abt. 1836 Wayne, Indiana.

    48. Burton James HOLMAN (Rebecca E. MCNEIL, Elizabeth VAN METER, Jacob VAN METER, John VAN METER, Jooste Jans, Jan Joosten) was born on 10 Dec 1807 in Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky. He died on 1 Jan 1861 in Hempstead Co, Arkansas.

    Burton married Ann Gibson CAMPBELL daughter of John CAMPBELL and Isabella GIBSON about 1826 in Hempstead Co. Ark.. Ann was born on 22 Jan 1806 in Lee Co., Virginia. She died on 1 Jan 1870 in Franklin Co., Arkansas.

    They had the following children:

      + 52. M i. Frances Marshall HOLMAN was born on 8 May 1833. He died on 8 Aug 1916.

      53. F ii. Ellen HOLMAN was born in 1831 in Sevier Co., Ark. She died on 26 Mar 1902 in Franklin Co., Ark..

      54. M iii. John Campbell HOLMAN was born on 26 Jul 1836 in Hempstead, Ark.. He died on 6 Jun 1898 in Donald Twnshp, Franklin, Ark.

      John married Lilly E. MEYERS on 7 Jan 1872 in Franklin Co., Ark..

      55. M iv. William HOLMAN was born in 1837 in Ark.. He died before 1900.

      William married Nancy C. WRIGHT on 16 Dec 1860 in Sevier, Co. Ark..

      56. F v. Isabella HOLMAN was born in 1839 in Jackson, Sevier, Ark..

      Isabella married William NORMAN about 1857 in Sevier Co. Ark..

      57. M vi. Zachry Taylor HOLMAN was born in 1847 in Franklin Co., Ark..

      Zachry married Ellen about 1868 in Franklin Co., Ark..


Eighth Generation

    46. Abraham Jennings VAN METRE, (Joseph, Abraham, Joseph, Abraham, John VAN METER, Jooste Jans, Jan Joosten) born 12 Nov 1822 Indiana, died abt. 1900 San Luis Obispo, California.

      From the genealogical files of Ken Reedy.

    Abraham married Malinda CLAMPETT 8 Dec 1843 Arkansas, born 1819 Alabama, died 1868 San Diego, California.

    Abraham and Malinda had the following children:

      58. F. i. Mary Jane VAN METRE born 16 Dec 1846 near Little Rock, Arkansas.

      59. F. ii. Sarah Logan VAN METRE born 15 Dec 1848 near Little Rock, Arkansas.
      60. M. iii. Isaac Sobispo VAN METRE born 29 Dec 1844 Nope, Hempstead, Arkansas, died 10 Jan 1934 Vina, California.

Picture of Permellia Jane Hickey and Isaac Sobispo Van Metre

      Isaac married Permelia Jane HICKEY 20 Nov 1870, b. 6 Aug 1852 Titus, Texas, died 16 Jan 1937 Creston, California.

      61. M. iv. Joseph VAN METRE born 11 Nov 1850 Arkansas.

    52. Frances Marshall HOLMAN (Burton James, Rebecca E. McNeil, Elizabeth Van Meter, Jacob Van Meter, John Van Meter, Jooste Jans, Jan Hoosten) born 8 May 1833 Columbus, Hemstead, Arkansas, died 8 Aug 1916 Mena, Polk Co., Arkansas.

    Francis married Eliza Johnson TOLLETT daughter of David TOLLETT and Juliet BROWN born 2 Nov 1835 Mine Creek, Hempstead, Arkansas, died 1 Apr 1910 Mena, Polk Co., Arkansas.

    Francis and Eliza had the following children:

      61. F. i. Ann Taylor HOLMAN born 4 Dec 1868 Seiver Co., Arkansas, died 21 Sept 1860 Enterprise, Oklahoma.

      Ann married James Hugh STOCKTON son of James Marshall STOCKTON and Cahterine BARTON . born 20 Dec 1862 Jackson Co., Alabama, died 22 Oct 1928 near Gary, Canadian, Oklahoma.

      62. F. ii. Corah Elfeda HOLMAN born 15 Sept 1857.

      Corah married James Lafayette HORNER 19 Dec 1877.

      63. F. iii. Mary Octavia HOLMAN born 1859 Sevier Co., Arkansas.

      Mary married Robert STEPHENS

      64. M. iv. John Burton HOLMAN born 1863.

      John married Willie BRISCOE

      65. M. v. William Henry HOLMAN born 8 Nov 1865 Seiver Co., Oklahoma, died 14 Jan 1901 Webbers Falls, Indian Ter., Oklahoma. .

      66. M. vi. James David HOLMAN born 14 Mar 1871 Webb City, Franklin, Arkansas, died 24 Sept 1946 Caddo, Bryan, Oklahoma.

      James married Laura Ann MORRIS 25 Dec 1895.

      67. F. vii. Talitha Barton HOLMAN born Oct 1874 Franklin Co., Arkansas, died 2 Aug 1965 San Francisco, California.

      Talitha married Mark CLIFFORD 24 Sept 1908.

      68. F. viii. Julia Susanna HOLMAN born 1879 Franklin Co,. Arkansas, died 5 Jun 1897.

      Julia married James Kay PATTERSON


    I find it very interesting that both of these lines, one descending to Hickey, my mothers side of the family. And, one descending to Stockton, my husbands side of the family. Bobbi Stockton

I do not put anyone on line who was born after 1900.

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