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    An + means that more information on this person can be found below. Follow the number to the next generation.

    I do not claim that everything in this file to be correct. There is always the chance of error. Please be aware.


First Generation

    1. Thomas DILLARD,

    He had the following children:

      + 2 M i. George Washington DILLARD was born in 1777. He died in 1843.

Second Generation

    2. George Washington DILLARD (Thomas) was born in 1777 in , , VA. He died in 1843 in Indiana.

    I have a poor copy of this information, some of the data is omitted at the top. This is what it says......
    Development of Warren Co. for more than forty years. He has seen its wild lands transformed into beautiful homes and farms, he watched the building of railroads, the introduction of the telegraph and telephone, has seen the establishment of towns and cities, and in all the work of development and progress he has borne his part. He therefore deserves mention among the honored pioneers who form the advance guard of civilization. A native of the Hoosier State, Mr. Dillard was born in Fayette Co., on the 15th of Apr. 1825, and is of English linage. His grandfather, Thomas Dillard was born in England in the seventeenth century, and when a young man came to America, locating in the Virginian Colony, long before the Revolutionary War. Thus the family was established on American soil. He spent his remaining days in that State, where he died at an extreme old age. George Dillard, the father of our subject, was born in Virginia in the year 1777, and continued his residence there until 1799, when he removed to South Carolina. Two years later he emigrated to the Territory of Indiana, and took up his residence in the wilderness of Franklin county, in 1801. The greater protion of that State was then an undeveloped region, mile after mile of having never been traversed by white man. Amid the rough and rugged surroundings of pioneer life he lived, following the trades of millwright and carpenter which he learned in his early years. He belonged to that class of sterling pioneers who were possessed not of an adventurous spirit but of a desire to establish homes. He was a public-spirited citizen, devoted to the best interests of the community. In politics he was a stanch Whig. A well spent life gained him high regard, and he passed away in 1843, at the age of sixty-six years. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Rachel Kitle, was a native of South Carolina, where her parents were also born, reared and spent their entire lives. The family is of German lineage. Mr. & Mrs. Dillard became the parents of eight children, and the surviving members of the family are Thomas, who is living in Logansport, Indiana; Jacob, makes his home in Warren county; Nancy, wife of Thomas Baldwin, of Albia, Iowa; Jane, wife of John Bennett, of Shelby county, Indiana; George, of this review.
    The last named spent his early life in his native State, and his father�s death, which occurred during his boyhood, the care of his mother devolved upon him. Faithfully did he perform the task, managing her business interests until twenty-seven years of age. On the 22nd of October, 1849, he married, the lady of his choice being Miss Mary Dowell, a native of North Carolina and a daughter of John Dowell, of that State. She died in 1868, leaving nine children, of whom seven are now living, as follows: Nancy Jane, wife of James Chandler, of Pottawattamie county, Iowa; Sarah A., wife of William Roshaw, who is living in the same county; John T., Simeon J., and Jacob F., all residents of Warren county; (Frank M.) ?, wife of William flockner, of Ritzville, Washington; and Hannah, wife of S.L. Kauffman, of South Dakota.

    In 1854 Mr. Dillard cast in his lot with the early settlers of Warren county, locating in Greenfield township, which has been his home from that time up to the present. He became the owner of 120 acres of wild land, and with characteristic energy began its development and improvement. As acre after acre was placed under the plow and crops were planted, the place begag to assume the appearance of a good farm, and has become one of the most valuable and desirable properties in this section of the State. As his financial resources increased, Mr. Dillard added to his farm, until it now comprises 760 acres. Upon it stand large and substantial buildings, including commodious barns which furnish ample shelter for the large number of cattle, horses and hogs which he raises. The latest impoved mechinery in there seen, the fields are tilled and everything about the place indicates the careful supervision of the owner, who through his own efforts has become one of the most prosparous and prominent farmers and stock dealers of Warren County. Mr. Dillard was again married in 1870 when he was united to Prissilla ? ���� the rest is unreadable���

    This information received from Wayne Dillard, 1003 W. 3rd St., Indianola, Iowa. 50125.

    George married Rachel KITLE . Rachel was born on 6 Jul 1797 in , , SC. She died on 21 Feb 1857.

    Rachel Kitle of German lineage was born in South Carolina. Her parents also born in S. C. reared and spent their entire ives there. Rachel and her husband George Dillard were the parents of 8 children.

    George married (1) Prissilla DOWELL in 1870. Prissilla was born on 11 May 1833 in NC. She died on 10 Aug 1905.

    George and Rachel KITLE had the following children:

      + 3 F i. Sarah DILLARD was born on 13 Feb 1817. She died in 1894.

      4 M ii. Jacob DILLARD was born in 1818 in Fayette or Union, IN. He died on 28 Jan 1899.

      Jacob married Mary MARKS in 1839 in Hancock, IN.

      1860 Warren Co., Iowa Census, Reel M653-341 page 794.
      Jacob Dillard, age 41 M. born Indiana
      Mary, age 40 F. born Virginia
      Tilatha Cuni, age 16 F. born Indiana
      Rachel Ann, age 10 F. born Indiana
      Jacob M., age 3 M. born Iowa
      Elizabeth, age 4/12 F. born Iowa

      + 5 M iii. George Washington DILLARD was born on 15 Apr 1825. He died on 26 Oct 1906.

      6 F iv. Nancy DILLARD .

      Nancy married Thomas BALDWIN .

      7 M v. Thomas DILLARD .

      8 F vi. Jane DILLARD .

      Jane married John BENNETT .

Third Generation

    3. Sarah DILLARD (George Washington, Thomas) was born on 13 Feb 1817 in Indiana. She died in 1894.

Picture of Wm and Sary

    Sarah married William Rice CASE on 13 Jan 1835 in Fayette Co., Indiana. William was born about 1812 in , , Penn.. He died on 10 May 1873 in , Warren, IA.

    DEED - William Case and Sarah bought land in Fayette Co. Indiana, March 12 1852.
    DEED -Sarah A. Case (Dillard) quick claim to Jacob Dillard, after death of William. Warren Co.,Iowa 1876.
    All Children signed except for Susan.
    DEED - William and Sarah Case sold land, Fayette Co. Indiana, 30 Oct. 1858.
    MARRIAGE OF William R. Case and Sary Ann Dillard, January 2nd 1835. Be it remembered that on the second day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred thirty five the following marriage license issued out of the clerks office in the Fayette Circuit Court, towit, State of Indiana, Fayette County. The State of Indiana to any person authorized to solemnize marriage in said County Greetings.- You are hereby authorized to join William R. Case and Sary Ann Dillard both of the said County of Fayette in matrimony as husband and wife according to law.------.

    William and Sarah had the following children:

      9 M i. George Henry CASE was born on 11 Oct 1835. He died on 12 Dec 1912.

      10 F ii. Rachel A. CASE was born on 30 Jan 1837. She died on 12 Oct 1910.

      11 M iii. Thomas H. CASE was born on 2 Apr 1840. He died on 17 May 1890.

      12 F iv. Catherine Arminta CASE was born on 16 Dec 1841 in , , IN. She died on 18 Feb 1842.

      13 F v. Elizabeth Marie CASE was born on 24 Dec 1843. She died on 21 Nov 1845.

      14 F vi. Hannah Adaline CASE was born on 12 Nov 1844 in Indiana. She died on 23 Oct 1876.

      Hannah married John W. JELLISON on 13 Dec 1866 in Center Tws., Warren Co., Iowa.

      15 F vii. Nancy Malisa CASE was born on 17 Apr 1846 in , , IN. She died on 25 Jan 1848.

      16 M viii. Charles L. CASE was born about 1849 in Indiana.

      Charles married Fanny before 1876.

      17 M ix. Benjamin Franklin CASE was born on 27 Jan 1850 in , , IN.

      18 F x. Amanda Elizabeth CASE was born on 21 Feb 1853 in , , IN. She died before 1876.

      Amanda married Samuel CLINE .

      19 M xi. William Dillard CASE was born on 10 Jun 1855 in Indiana.

      + 20 M xii. James C. CASE was born on 14 Apr 1857. He died on 6 Oct 1921.

      21 F xiii. Susan CASE was born about 1862 in Indiana.

Fourth Generation

    5. George Washington DILLARD (George Washington, Thomas) was born on 15 Apr 1825 in Fayette, In. He died on 26 Oct 1906 in Hancock, , IA.

      1860 Warren Co., Iowa Census - Greenfield Township, Reel 651-341 Page 795.
      George Dillard, age 32 M. Farmer born Indiana
      Mary, age 29 F. born N.C.
      Nancy Jane, age 10 F. born Indiana
      Sarah Ann, age 9 F. born Indiana
      John T., age 8 M. born Indiana
      Simon J., age 7 M. born Indiana
      Jacob F., age 4 M. born Iowa
      Florance B., age 2 born Iowa

    George married (2) Mary DOWELL daughter of John DOWELL and Sarah SHORES on 22 Oct 1849 in , , In. Mary was born about 1827 in NC. She died in 1868 in Warren Co., Iowa.

    They had the following children:

      22 F i. Nancy Jane DILLARD .

      Nancy married James CHANDLER .

      23 F ii. Sarah A. DILLARD .

      Sarah married William RESHAW .

      24 M iii. John Thomas DILLARD was born in 1850.

      John married Alice COOK .

      25 M iv. Simeon Jackson DILLARD was born in 1852.

      Simeon married Cynthia COOK .

      + 26 M vi. Jacob Freemont DILLARD was born on 12 Aug 1856. He died on 13 Oct 1895.

      27 F v. Belle DILLARD was born in 1854. (This may be Florance B., on the 1850 Census.)

      Belle married Charles HUFFINE .

      28 F vii. Frances M DILLARD was born in 1858 in Springhill, Warren, IA.

      Frances married William FLOCKNER .

      29 M viii. William DILLARD was born in 1860 in Springhill, Warren, IA.

      William married Pleassca ALLEN .

      30 F ix. Hanna DILLARD was born in 1862 in Springhill, Warren, IA.

      Hanna married Slow KAUFFMAN .

    27. Jacob Freemont DILLARD (George Washington, George Washington, Thomas) was born on 12 Aug 1856 in Springhill, Warren, IA. He died on 13 Oct 1895 in Springhill, Warren, IA.

    Jacob married Elmina Jane CAREY on 15 Sep 1883 in Springhill, Warren, IA. Elmina was born on 17 May 1866 in IO. She died on 30 Mar 1956 in Orofini, Clearwater,ID. She was buried in Craigmont, Lewis, ID.

    They had the following children:

      45 F i. Martha Jane DILLARD was born on 27 Jan 1884 in Norwalk, Warren, IA. She died on 24 May 1967.

      Martha married Roy RUSSEL on 12 Apr 1904.

      46 M ii. Charles William DILLARD was born on 16 Apr 1885 in Norwalk, Warren, IA. He died on 23 Mar 1967.

      Charles married Acelia J. O'CONNOR on 4 Jul 1914.

      47 F iii. Harriet Leon DILLARD was born on 27 Mar 1887 in Norwalk, Warren, IA. She died on 12 Sep 1957.

      Harriet married Charles H. STARK on 21 Feb 1906.

      48 F iv. Mary Belle DILLARD was born on 7 Dec 1888 in Springhill, Warren, IA. She died on 25 Jul 1965 in Boise, Ada, ID. She was buried in Lewiston, Nez, Perce, ID.

      Mary married Earnest CARL on 26 Sep 1908.

      49 M v. Warren Jackson DILLARD was born on 2 Sep 1890 in Springhill, Warren, IA. He died on 17 Jan 1973 in Boise, Ada, ID. He was buried in Lewiston, Nez, Perce, ID.

      Warren married Nellie May DUNWAY on 10 Oct 1912.

      50 F vi. Nellie Esther DILLARD was born on 6 Nov 1894 in Springhill, Warren, IA.

      She died on 5 Nov 1966.

      Nellie married William CLAUSEN on 29 Oct 1913.



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